The next evolution
of the Help Scout Brand

A revamp of Help Scout’s brand foundation and visual identity.

Brand Foundation

Help Scout’s vision, mission, and company values.

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Brand Messaging

Our product positioning and content philosophy.

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Brand Identity

Logo, mark, and usage guidelines for the Help Scout brand.

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Brand System

The brand direction and visual toolkit of Help Scout.

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Brand Resources

Logo & Mark

The Help Scout logo is the most immediate representation of our company, culture, and brand. The full logo is the default for most applications, while the mark can be used as shorthand when brand context has already been established or when space is limited.


Color Palette

The Help Scout palette includes a full spectrum of color ramps, neutrals, and tints & shades of our signature brand color, Cobalt. The complete set of swatches are used to create accessible UI & site pages as well as expressive editorial content & visuals.

Help Scout Has a New Look
Inside Help Scout
Help Scout Has a New Look
Evolving Brand Design at Help Scout
Inside Help Scout
Evolving Brand Design at Help Scout
Meet Help Scout's New Conversation Editor
Inside Help Scout
Meet Help Scout's New Conversation Editor
Introducing AI Assist for Better, Faster Responses
Inside Help Scout
Introducing AI Assist for Better, Faster Responses

Strong brands deliver better customer support with Help Scout

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