Integrate Fivetran with Help Scout

Access all of your Help Scout data in a data warehouse

While Help Scout has powerful built-in reporting capabilities, sometimes you’ll want something more customized.

You may want to combine Help Scout metrics with data from other services, for example, or maybe you want to calculate metrics specific to your business, or you might just want to set up performance dashboards in your company’s Business Intelligence (BI) tool.

We've partnered with Fivetran to make it easy to sync your Help Scout to a data warehouse. From there you can perform advanced analytics on it using SQL or connect it to a Business Intelligence (BI) tool to automatically track your mailbox metrics over time.

Fivetran supports most data warehouses including BigQuery, Redshift, and Snowflake. In addition to getting your Help Scout data into the data warehouse, you can also use Fivetran to get data from other services like Hubspot and Salesforce which you can then combine with your Help Scout data for advanced analytics.

Fivetran - Help Scout - Fivetran integration

With Fivetran, you can:

  • Automatically sync your Help Scout data into a data warehouse

  • Centralize all of your company's data in a single location

  • Perform advanced analytics using SQL or Business Intelligence tools

Reporting on your company’s Help Scout metrics

Let’s imagine you’re interested in understanding resolution times for your Help Scout mailboxes in depth.

Help Scout’s built-in Productivity Reports can show you the average resolution time each day:

Fivetran - Help Scout Productivity Reports

But let’s say you want to get this chart into a BI tool or take it a step further and answer questions such as:

What percentage of conversations are resolved within 24 hours?

How does resolution time impact the behavior of the customers — for example, is there a correlation between how long it takes your team to respond and how likely it is that the customers convert from a free trial to a paid plan?

With Fivetran’s new Help Scout connector, answering these questions and setting up dashboards in your BI tool has just become much easier.

Getting Started

If you already have a data warehouse, you can connect Help Scout to it using Fivetran. If you don’t have a data warehouse yet, Fivetran can help set one up for you.

Also, if you ever have any questions about working with Help Scout data that aren’t answered in the Docs, you can reach out to our support team and we’ll be happy to assist.

Help Scout’s partnership with Fivetran is one way we’re making advanced analytics easier for our customers. Bringing together data from your many systems to gain a deeper understanding of your company’s performance is instrumental to the success of today’s businesses. With the help of Fivetran, we’re helping you gain control of your data and ultimately grow your company.

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