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Approachable reports at your fingertips

Help Scout’s intuitive, out-of-the-box reports will do all the heavy lifting for you. Don’t sweat it!

Discover your team’s busiest hours, your customers’ favorite topics, and which saved replies are saving the most time.

Help Scout - Conversations Report

Conversations Report

Track customer satisfaction ratings to give your team high-fives and quickly turn customer frowns upside down.

Help Scout - Happiness Report

Happiness Report

Find out how long your customers wait for a first reply, what types of conversations are eating up the most time, and more.

Help Scout - Productivity Report

Productivity Report

See which articles are the most popular, which search terms lead to nowhere, and how often customers are finding what they need.

Help Scout - Docs Report

Docs Report

Everything a manager needs in one place. See any individual’s key performance metrics, like number of conversations per day.

Help Scout - User Report

User Report

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Take your data
with you

Export reporting data to CSV/XLS, use the API endpoints, or leverage FiveTran to integrate with the business intelligence tool of your choice.

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Save time and reps with Views

Sort your data with advanced filters and save custom Views for quick access later.

Conversation Report

Get started with Help Scout

Try a customer service platform that outshines the others, and celebrate your wins every day. Your team will discover new strength in minutes.

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