Live chat software, but more helpful.

Say farewell to overwhelming chat volume, staffing nightmares, and frustrated customers abandoned in chat windows. Ready to make your website more helpful?

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Happy customers, fewer chats

Beacon puts your help content front and center so your customers stay on track. ​​Every self-service answer is one less chat for your team.

  • Lead with instant answers

    You can recommend articles based on the page customers are viewing, so they don't even have to search.

  • Self-help is fun now

    Browsing articles is easy, and customers never have to leave the page.

  • Easy Escalation

    When customers can’t find an answer, help from a real person is just a couple clicks away.

"Beacon allows our customers to chat or email in, but most importantly provides them direct access to Docs because we want to offer them self-help before reaching out."
— Ashley, Customer Support Specialist at TeamSnap

Don't leave customers hanging

Great experiences happen when you set the right expectations. That's why Beacon never shows a live chat window unless someone is available to help.

  • A chatbot that helps

    Help Bot won't waste your customer's time. It's only there to connect you with a real person.

  • Give customers a choice

    When chat is available, customers can reach out using the channel that works best for them.

Flexibility to meet your goals

Customize the user experience to meet your goals with Beacon modes. Guide customers toward a self-service path, encourage visitors to chat or email, or display both options side-by-side.

Beacon: Self Service
Beacon: Neutral
Beacon: Ask First