Black Lives Matter

“It may well be that we will have to repent in this generation. Not merely for the vitriolic words and the violent actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence and indifference of the good people who sit around and say, ‘Wait on time.’”

— Martin Luther King Jr.

Many members of our Help Scout community are angry, grieving, and heartbroken over the horrific murder of George Floyd last week. It’s the latest in a very long line of disproportionate police violence against black people in our country — a list that includes Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, David McAtee, and countless others.

This is violent injustice. This is murder. This is a life taken away from a mother, a brother, a sister, a daughter, and a community, by a police force and a system that has a history of taking black lives for no reason. This is devastating. We see and support our black teammates, customers, and community. You matter.

Merely not being racist is insufficient. We must commit to being actively anti-racist — to listen, to learn, and to act.

We choose to use our voices to fight against systemic oppression, reforming local, state, and federal policy. It will take dedication from all of us, but as Dr. King said, there is no option to “wait on time.” I’m learning how to use my voice and my privilege to amplify what’s going on, and I call on other leaders to do the same. If you don’t know where to start, learn. If you can donate, donate. Do something. Stand in solidarity with the black community so we can aim the energy of this moment toward lasting, meaningful change.

I want to acknowledge my black teammates Morgan Smith-Lenyard, Anjuan Simmons, and Chanita Simms, for speaking up, for showing compassion when they don’t have to, and for carrying a disproportionate amount of the emotional burden to help educate myself and others at Help Scout.

Finally, if you are part of an anti-racist organization fighting for justice, we’d like to help. Through our Help Scout for Good initiative, we’ll give you a free account and anything you need to get up and running quickly so you can serve your volunteers, donors, and communities. We’d love the opportunity to stand with you.

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