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customer serviceThe 9 Best Customer Service Software Platforms for 2022

If it's time for your team to adopt customer service software, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to make the right choice.

customer serviceHow to Hire for Customer Service: A Step-by-Step Guide

Making the right hires for your support team is critical for the long-term strength of your organization. Learn how to hire for customer service.

customer serviceTips for Finding Your Perfect Customer Service Career Path

Learn how to build a great, personalized career in customer service, see some example career paths, and discover the skills you need to thrive.

customer service21 Key Customer Service Skills (and How to Develop Them)

Learn what customer service is and why it's important, plus discover the 21 customer service skills every support professional needs to thrive.

customer serviceCustomer Support: Definition, Importance, and 8 Essential Tips

Learn what modern customer support is, why it's important, and how it's changed, plus discover 8 essential tips for delivering great customer support.

customer serviceHow to Build a Thriving Support Team and Department from Scratch

Follow these 7 foundational steps to build a brand new support department or maximize the success of your existing customer support team.

customer service12 Key Customer Service Metrics + 4 Real Example Reports

Discover 12 meaningful customer service metrics, learn how to choose the right measurements for your team, and view four example customer service reports.

customer serviceLive Chat Support 101: Definition, Benefits, and Best Practices

Discover the benefits of live chat and learn how to effectively deliver live chat support to create better customer experiences.

customer service10 Response Templates for Tricky Customer Service Emails
customer serviceKnowledge Base 101: Definition, Benefits, Examples, and Tips

Learn what a knowledge base is and discover how to plan, create, and deliver effective help center content to create better customer experiences.

customer serviceHow to Write Support Emails Your Customers Will Love

Learn how to write a better email to get faster at answering support emails and, more importantly, send responses your customers will love.

customer service47 Pro Tips on How to Talk to Customers

Have more successful conversations and improve your customer support with 47 of Help Scout's all-time best tips on how to talk to customers.

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