Quarterly Release Notes, October 2022: Light Users, Microsurveys, and More

Quarterly Release Notes, October 2022: Light Users, Microsurveys, and More

Welcome to Help Scout’s release notes! This quarter we’ve introduced a new user role, added more ways to capture customer sentiment and feedback, made improvements to our Mailbox, and more. Let’s get to it!

Collaborate better with light users

When it comes to helping customers, the more teams you have onboard, the better! This quarter we introduced light users, a new user role with limited permissions and capabilities within the Help Scout platform. You can learn more about those capabilities here

Bringing in light users from different teams is an easy and affordable way to:

  • Provide faster and more accurate support by bringing in subject matter experts to customer conversations. Tag teammates from across your business like finance, product, and engineering to jump into your support queue and bring insightful context to the conversation.

  • Collaborate in one platform and eliminate the risk of losing context by switching between systems. Light users can see all of the relevant context, including the customers’ outreach, their profile information, the conversation so far, and more, so they can provide the most accurate and relevant information. 

  • Build customer knowledge across your company by expanding access to your support queue. With access to customer conversations, light users can gain valuable insights. They can get closer to customers by viewing and following conversations, accessing reports, and tracking customer satisfaction ratings

Light Users - October 2022 release notes

Capture customer sentiment with microsurveys

Some customers can be very open about how they feel about the products or services you provide them. Others, not so much. That’s where microsurveys come in. Powered by Messages, you can now create the following survey types:

  • Multiple Choice

  • 👍 or 👎

  • Faces: 😄 or 😐 or 🙁

Microsurveys are a great way to capture feedback at key moments in the customer journey. Try using them the next time you launch a new feature or to get a feel for whether your docs are causing people to 😄 or 🙁. Pro-tip: Light users can also build out microsurveys, so let your marketing and product teams know that there’s a new way for them to get closer to customers.

Microsurveys - October 2022 release notes

Get feedback on the go with mobile conversation ratings 

You can now get immediate feedback on your customer conversations with mobile conversation ratings. Available in the conversation thread on the Help Scout mobile app, conversation ratings help agents understand a customer’s sentiment about their interaction.

With conversation ratings, Help Scout users can quickly see when a conversation has been rated by their customer and read any comments left with the rating. If you get a positive rating, get ready for a celebration!

Mobile Conversation Ratings 1 - October 2022 release notes
Mobile Conversation Ratings 2 - October 2022 release notes

Have more control over Mailbox webhooks

In September we launched improved functionality to make webhooks even more useful. Now your team can select which mailboxes send webhook events to your external services for further processing.

This update is a direct result of talking with all of you to learn what would be most helpful! Until today, our system would send webhook events for every mailbox but with this improvement, you have more control over the volume of processing overhead for any custom scripts or CRM services you may be using.

Coming soon: NPS surveys

You asked, we answered. NPS surveys are coming to Help Scout! With this new feature, your team will be able to use the industry standard NPS survey format to better capture customer sentiment. Use this data to identify promoters and detractors and act on these insights to help at-risk customers or influence happy customers to participate in case studies, expand into other areas of your offering, or simply share your gratitude. 

Stay tuned for all the details soon in the Inside Help Scout portion of the blog. 

NPS surveys - October 2022 release notes

Research asks

Every time we share release notes, we ask for your help in making Help Scout better. If you fit any of the below criteria please reach out to research@helpscout.com and our product team will be in touch! 

  • You're a current customer interested in trying out an early version of a new mailbox experience we're working on, and giving us your feedback.

  • You have feedback on how to improve the Docs article writing and management experience. (If so, schedule a time to chat here!)

Cool tips

Did you know that you can now embed a Beacon into your Docs site in one click? Previously, Beacons had to be embedded as custom code on your site but it's now a lot easier to implement thanks to the Docs + Beacon integration that recently went live. It's a really simple and easy way for your customers to contact you from your Docs site.

Disha Mungra
Disha Mungra

Did you know light users have full access to messages? This is a game changer for so many reasons! Getting tech help to make changes to your website can be time-consuming but your marketing team can get a message out on your site in minutes. Maybe your product team want to capture sentiment about a new feature. They can set up a microsurvey and access results as a light user. 

Alison Groves
Alison Groves

Our Beacon widget brings a ton of value to your customers with its help doc and chat capabilities. But here's a tip if you're ready to super-charge your usage with Beacon’s Javascript API! We have a nifty sandbox environment where you can easily test out different types of customization. Check it out over at Beacon Developer Tools.

Paola Maciel
Paola Maciel

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