Make Sure Every Customer Finds an Answer With Docs + Beacon

Make Sure Every Customer Finds an Answer With Docs + Beacon

At Help Scout, our mission is to provide you with the tools your team needs to deliver world-class customer support and build better customer relationships. Our complete and intuitive product suite enables teams to easily work together towards happier customers, with two of our products, Docs and Beacon, playing a key role in providing an exceptional experience.

Docs, our knowledge base tool, allows you to provide self-service options to your customers, enabling you to reduce overall support volume by at least 20%. 

Beacon, our help widget, puts multiple support options at your customer's fingertips. Offer live chat or email by enabling Beacon on any page on your website or in your app. If you haven't tried it yet, learn more about what Beacon can do for your business.

Separately, Docs and Beacon provide tremendous value in your team’s toolbelt.

Now, there is a powerful way to use these tools together to provide easier support and gain insights on your customers. 

Introducing: Help Scout’s Docs + Beacon integration.

Docs and Beacon, better together

Today we’re excited to roll out this simple, yet powerful Docs + Beacon integration to all Help Scout users. This integration makes it easy for your customers to transition from searching for answers themselves on your Docs sites to accessing other support options you provide through Beacon.

So why leverage Docs + Beacon?

FeatureContact formBeacon

Send inquiry directly to Mailbox

Custom fields


Required fields


Out of the box style customization




Capture previous activity on Docs article


Provide Seamless Support

With Docs + Beacon, customers can easily reach out via email or chat directly from any page in your Docs site. That way, if customers aren’t finding the answers they need themselves, they have another option to reach you in one seamless experience. 

Easy to implement

For veteran Help Scout users, you’re now able to offer live chat directly on your Docs site by replacing the existing contact forms with Beacon, which enables custom and required fields, results in less spam and reCAPTCHA issues, and offers more avenues to give and receive support securely for you and your customers. For users that have been using contact forms, the Help Scout team will be replacing those contact forms with Beacon for you. If you’re an existing user that wasn’t using the contact form, enable Beacon on your Docs site(s) to start using today. And for new Help Scout users — nothing will change for you! This integration is available to use, just activate Beacon once you launch your first Docs site(s).

Adding Beacon to your Docs site is as simple as one, quick click. 

To start using Beacon on your Docs site:

  1. On your dashboard toolbar, head to Manage > Docs

  2. Select the Docs site you’d like to add Beacon to. This will bring up your Docs site settings.

  3. Click Beacon > and use the nifty toggle to 'Enable Beacon'.

Could it get any easier? 

Enable beacon toggle button

Gather self-service insights

Docs report provides a wealth of knowledge for you and your team, but Docs + Beacon gives you even more actionable insights. Beacon history tracks which web pages and Docs articles customers are reading before asking questions. By enabling Beacon on your Docs site you can track trends, identify gaps in your self-service content and improve your documentation, helping you support your customers better.  

Beacon visitor activity

The value in a deeper connection between Docs and Beacon can be seen in providing you with better context on your customers, and added flexibility in how you communicate with them. Beacon’s 'previous activity’ feature will help provide an understanding of the path your customers took before contacting you, so you can provide more precise answers. The ability to offer chat, at your discretion, will allow tighter communication with customers looking for instant answers.

Seán Halpin – Senior Product Designer
Seán Halpin – Senior Product Designer

Connecting customers to answers

As we continue to make improvements to Help Scout, we are committed to bringing all of your customer data closer together to help you have a clearer picture of your whole customer journey.

Docs + Beacon does just that — it gives you the information you need to better connect your customers with quality answers every time, while gathering insightful data along the way. Docs + Beacon is now available and included in all Help Scout plans.

Ready to start seeing the impact of Docs + Beacon? Learn more about the power of this integration

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