• "Ask your customers to be part of the solution, and don't view them as part of the problem."
Alan Weiss, Author "Million Dollar Consulting"
  • "I always have people sit down and write a list of every customer they have and where they came from ... and the first thing I think every entrepreneur should do is not look at something new, but go and do three times the effort in that arena that brought you that business in the first place."
Barbara Corcoran, Business Expert
  • "We take most of the money that we could have spent on paid advertising and instead put it back into the customer experience. Then we let the customers be our marketing."
Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos
  • "In real life, the most practical advice for leaders is not to treat pawns like pawns, nor princes like princes, but all persons like persons."
James MacGregor Burns, Leadership Scholar
  • "Virtually nothing else is as important as how one is made to feel in any business transaction. Hospitality exists when you believe the other person is on your side."
Danny Meyer, Restaurateur and Author
  • "To keep a customer demands as much skill as to win one."
American Proverb
  • "The magic formula that successful businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests and employees like people."
Tom Peters, Speaker and Author
  • "Today’s consumers do not buy just products or services — more and more, their purchase decisions revolve around buying into an idea and an experience."
  • "What is necessary is to listen to your customers: understand their needs, expectations and jobs to be done, and design an experience that meets those needs. The same goes for your employees."
Annette Franz, Founder CX Journey
  • "Great service organizations tend to do three things well in their relationship with culture. They have deep clarity about the organizational culture they must cultivate in order to compete and win. They are effective in signaling the norms and values that embody that culture. And they work hard to ensure cultural consistency, alignment between the desired culture and organizational strategy, structure, and operations."
Frances Frei, Author "Uncommon Service"
  • "Upgrade your user, not your product. Value is less about the stuff and more about the stuff the stuff enables. Don't build better cameras — build better photographers."
Kathy Sierra, Author and Educator
  • "'Fabulous Customer Service' sounds user-centered but it’s often just a company-centered focus masquerading as user-centered. The role of customer service is to support and enable users to not just feel better, but to be better."
Kathy Sierra, Author and Educator
  • "I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
Maya Angelou
  • "Well done is better than well said."
Benjamin Franklin
  • "Customers who love you won't be able to stop raving about you. But you have to earn the right to their story first."
Jeanne Bliss, Customer Service Expert
  • "Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment."
Benjamin Franklin
  • "You can buy a person's time; you can buy their physical presence at a given place; you can even buy a measured number of their skilled muscular motions per hour. But you cannot buy enthusiasm ... You cannot buy loyalty ... You cannot buy the devotion of hearts, minds, or souls. You must earn these."
Clarence Francis, Former Chair of the Board General Foods Corporation
  • "There is extraordinary chemistry that exists in long-term relationships."
Conrad Levinson, Author Guerilla Marketing series of books
  • "Don't dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer."
Denis Waitley, Author and Motivational Speaker
  • "The single most important thing is to make people happy. If you are making people happy, as a side effect, they will be happy to open up their wallets and pay you."
Derek Sivers, Founder CD Baby
  • "Customer service is the new marketing."
Derek Sivers, Founder CD Baby
  • "To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity."
Don Alden Adams, President Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania
  • "I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen."
Ernest Hemingway, Author and Journalist
  • "To listen closely and reply well is the highest perfection we are able to attain in the art of conversation."
Francois de La Rochefoucauld, Essayist
  • "Never take a person's dignity: it is worth everything to them, and nothing to you."
Fran Barron, Pioneer in Psychology
  • "I attract a crowd, not because I'm an extrovert or I'm over the top or I'm oozing with charisma. It's because I care."
Gary Vaynerchuk, Author "The Thank You Economy"
  • "Sometimes one can become lost in a big company and lose sight of how what one does truly helps or impacts the end customer. If you are one of those, think of a fire brigade, a line of people passing buckets of water from one to the other from a source of water to the site of the fire. An individual in the brigade may not be able to see the end result, i.e., the water being thrown on the fire to put it out, but the contribution of the individual is indispensable to the final outcome."
Grant Bright, Former Project Lead IBM
  • "Don't find fault. Find a remedy."
Henry Ford, Founder Ford Motor Company
  • "Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them."
Henry Ford, Founder Ford Motor Company
  • "We are superior to the competition because we hire employees who work in an environment of belonging and purpose. We foster a climate where the employee can deliver what the customer wants. You cannot deliver what the customer wants by controlling the employee."
Horst Schulze, Former Ritz Carlton President
  • "Employees who are controlled cannot respond caringly; you need superior knowledge and real leadership, not management. Because of this we specifically developed a selection process for leaders; we don't hire managers."
Horst Schulze, Former Ritz Carlton President
  • "Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement."
James Cash Penney, Founder J.C. Penney Stores
  • "Every great business is built on friendship."
James Cash Penney, Founder J.C. Penney Stores
  • "You cannot improve one thing by 1000% but you can improve 1000 little things by 1%."
Jan Carlzon, Former CEO of SAS
  • "Repeat business or behavior can be bribed. Loyalty has to be earned."
Janet Robinson, Former President and CEO of The New York Times Company
  • "Trust: The reputation of a thousand years may be undermined by the conduct of one hour."
Japanese Proverb
  • "We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job to make the customer experience a little bit better."
Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon
  • "A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well."
Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon
  • "Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless."
Jeffrey Gitomer, Author and Professional Speaker
  • "Biggest question: Isn't it really 'customer helping' rather than customer service? And wouldn't you deliver better service if you thought of it that way?"
Jeffrey Gitomer, Author and Professional Speaker
  • "Memorable customer service can only take place in a human-to-human situation."
Jeffrey Gitomer, Author and Professional Speaker
  • "You don't earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day-by-day."
Jeffrey Gitomer, Author and Professional Speaker
  • "Go beyond merely communicating to 'connecting' with people."
Jerry Bruckner, Author The Success Formula for Personal Growth
  • "There are many who subscribe to the convention that service is a business cost, but our data demonstrates that superior service is an investment that can help drive business growth. Investing in quality talent, and ensuring they have the skills, training and tools that enable them to empathize and actively listen to customers are central to providing consistently excellent service experiences."
Jim Bush, EVP American Express
  • "A rose on time is more valuable than a $1,000 gift that's too late."
Jim Rohn, Author, Motivational Speaker
  • "The most important adage and the only adage is, the customer comes first, whatever the business, the customer comes first."
Kerry Stokes, Chair of the Seven Network
  • "A lot of people have fancy things to say about customer service, but it's just a day-in, day-out, ongoing, never-ending, persevering, compassionate kind of activity."
Christopher McCormick, CEO of L.L. Bean
  • "We don't want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want."
Laura Ashley, Fashion Designer
  • "Your ability to communicate is an important tool in your pursuit of your goals, whether it is with your family, your co-workers or your clients and customers."
Les Brown, Author and Motivational Speaker
  • "Do right. Do your best. Treat others as you want to be treated."
Lou Holtz, Football Coach
  • "Words of comfort, skillfully administered, are the oldest therapy known to man."
Lous Nizer, Lawyer
  • "A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so."
Mahatma Gandhi
  • "Thank your customer for complaining and mean it. Most will never bother to complain. They'll just walk away."
Marilyn Suttle, Success Coach
  • "How you think about your customers influences how you respond to them."
Marilyn Suttle, Success Coach
  • "Be kind and merciful. Let no one ever come to you without coming away better and happier."
Mother Teresa
  • "The best job goes to the person who can get it done without passing the buck or coming back with excuses."
Napoleon Hill, Author "Think and Grow Rich"
  • "Great teams need great leaders — leaders who inspire, motivate, instil pride, loyalty and a sense of fun at work."
Natalie Calvert, Customer Service and Sales Strategist
  • "Nordstrom's Rules for Employees: Rule # 1: Use your good judgment in all situations. There are no additional rules."
Nordstrom Employee Rules
  • "How you think about a problem is more important than the problem itself — so always think positively."
Norman Vincent Peale, Author The Power of Positive Thinking
  • "Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again."
Og Mandino, Author The Greatest Salesman in the World
  • "It is not your customer's job to remember you, it is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don't have the chance to forget you."
Patricia Fripp, Professional Keynote Speaker
  • "When you make a mistake, there are only three things you should ever do about it: admit it, learn from it, and don't repeat it."
Bear Bryant, Former College Football Player and Coach
  • "The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said."
Peter Drucker, Best Selling Author
  • "Never underestimate the power of the human element. Whether it's assisting a guest with a special request or a friendly greeting from staff members in the hallway, the people aspect plays a key role in guest satisfaction and loyalty."
Ramez Faza, Sr. Account Manager at J.D. Power and Associates
  • "Until you understand your customers — deeply and genuinely — you cannot truly serve them."
Rasheed Ogunlaru, Author of Soul Trader
  • "If you work just for money, you'll never make it, but if you love what you're doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours."
Ray Kroc, Founder McDonald's
  • "The inherent preferences of organizations are clarity, certainty and perfection. The inherent nature of human relationships involves ambiguity, uncertainty, and imperfection. How one honors, balances, and integrates the needs of both is the real trick of feedback."
Richard Pascale and Anthony Athos, Authors The Art of Japanese Management
  • "Ritz Carlton Hotel has a policy that any employee can spend up to $2000 a day (without requiring any authorization from management) to solve the need or concern of any of their customers. On his way to Hawaii to deliver an important presentation, a businessman realized he had accidentally left his portable computer at a Ritz Carlton in Atlanta. His presentation was stored on the computer. He placed a frantic call to the hotel and was routed to housekeeping. They had found his computer. Please send by Federal Express, he requested. I absolutely need it tomorrow morning for my presentation. Imagine his surprise when Mary from housekeeping showed up in Hawaii early the next morning to hand deliver his computer. Mary was quoted as saying 'This was too important to trust FedEx with, so I decided to deliver it myself!'"
Ritz Carlton Company Policy
  • "Good customer service costs less than bad customer service."
Sally Gronow, Customer Manager Welsh Water
  • "Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it's amazing what they can accomplish."
Sam Walton, Founder Walmart and Sam's club
  • "Your best customers leave quite an impression. Do the same, and they won't leave at all."
SAP Advertising
  • "When a customer complains, he is doing you a special favor; he is giving you another chance to serve him to his satisfaction. You will appreciate the importance of this opportunity when you consider that the customer's alternative option was to desert you for a competitor."
Seymour Fine, Author The Marketing of Ideas and Social Issues
  • "There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer."
Shep Hyken, Author and Customer Service Speaker
  • "A customer service apology is stronger with a personal touch."
Shep Hyken, Author and Customer Service Speaker
  • "Treat your employees the way you want your customers treated."
Shep Hyken, Author and Customer Service Speaker
  • "I have learned to imagine an invisible sign around each person’s neck that says, 'Make me feel important!'"
Mary Kay Ash, Founder, Mary Kay Cosmetics
  • "Follow the customer; if they change, we change."
Sir Terry Leahy, Former CEO Tesco
  • "Rule 1: The customer is always right. Rule 2: If the customer is ever wrong, read Rule 1."
Stew Leonard's Grocery Store Customer Policy
  • "Be helpful — even if there's no immediate profit in it."
Susan Ward, Small Business Expert and Writer
  • "Solve it. Solve it quickly, solve it right or wrong. If you solve it wrong, it will come back and slap you in the face, and then you can solve it right. Lying dead in the water and doing nothing is a comfortable alternative because it is without risk, but it is an absolutely fatal way to manage a business."
Thomas Watson, Jr. Former President of IBM and US Ambassador to the Soviet Union
  • "Always strive to provide service above and beyond what the average salesperson would give. It will help you build long-term relationships, trust, and referral business."
Tom Hopkins, Author How to Master the Art of Selling Anything
  • "The magic formula that successful businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests and employees like people."
Tom Peters, Best Selling Author
  • "Formula for success: under promise and over deliver."
Tom Peters, Best Selling Author
  • "All business success rests on something labeled a sale, which at least momentarily weds company and customer."
Tom Peters, Best Selling Author
  • "If we don't take care of our customers, someone else will."
  • "A smile is a curve that sets things straight."
  • "Treat others the way they want to be treated. (Sometimes called the 'Platinum Rule')"
  • "Respect cannot be learned, chased or acquired — it can only be earned."
  • "You never get a second chance to make a first impression."
Will Rogers, Actor
  • "You must never actually cheat the customer, even if you can. You must make her happy and satisfied, so she will come back."
Alexander Turney Stewart, Business Magnate
  • "So I think instead of focusing on the competition, focus on the customer."
Scott D. Cook, Foudner of Intuit
  • "Be dramatically willing to focus on the customer at all costs, even at the cost of obsoleting your own stuff."
Scott D. Cook, Foudner of Intuit
  • "When you can show concern about what matters to your customer, that's Business to Customer Loyalty, and you can bet on it, you've just acquired a customer for life."
Albert Schindler, Freelance Writer
  • "No amount of advertising can repair the damage done by failing to properly address a customer's concern."
Albert Schindler, Writer
  • "While automation can be expedient, the resulting impersonal tone and risk of poor information are formidable — most importantly, merchants are missing an opportune moment to connect with current and prospective customers."
Annual Mystery Shopping Study by The E-tailing Group, 2010
  • "Customer service is not a department; it's everyone's job."
  • "Deep down, we believe that the problem put simply, is THEM. They, of course, believe WE are the problem."
  • "We will ensure that associates continue to possess unsurpassed product knowledge and maintain their dedication to customer service and respect for their colleagues and for the communities in which they work and live."
Arthur Blank, Co-Founder The Home Depot
  • "Firms need to ensure that their ability to provide effective customer service keeps pace with their growth. If you're marketing your firm to new customers, you better be able to provide them service when they do business with you."
Arthur Levitt, Former Chairman of the SEC
  • "In our way of working, we attach a great deal of importance to humility and honesty; With respect for human values, we promise to serve our customers with integrity."
Azim Premji, Business Tycon
  • "People now expect the same — if not better — level of service from online storefronts and service channels as they do from a visit to a retail store or a phone conversation with an agent."
"Email Customer Service in North American Small and Medium Businesses" by BenchmarkPortal
  • "The handful of companies that respond promptly and accurately to customer emails increase trust in their brand, bolster customer satisfaction, and boost sales both online and offline."
Call Center Industry Report, BenchmarkPortal
  • "Service, in short, is not what you do, but who you are. It is a way of living that you need to bring to everything you do, if you are to bring it to your customer interactions."
Betsy Sanders, Author Fabled Service
  • "Show me a company with high customer loyalty and low employee engagement — I dare you."
William Cusick, Author All Customers are Irrational
  • "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning."
Bill Gates, Co-founder Microsoft
  • "Bill Gates' Success Factors for Microsoft 1. Long-term Approach 2. Passion for Products and Technology 3. Teamwork 4. Results 5. Customer Feedback 6. Individual Excellence"
Bill Gates, Co-founder Microsoft
  • "Customer service training must be seen not as a one hour seminar event, but as a process that continues daily."
Bill Quiseng, Customer Service Writer and Speaker
  • "If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will."
Bob Hooey, Motivational Speaker
  • "All customers are not created equal. Chances are, 80 percent of repeat business will come from 20 percent of your customers."
Bob Stone, Author The Ethics Challenge
  • "Smart businesses should come to realize that the customer service bar is lower — and that today, it's easier than ever to differentiate your company from the pack with (crazy as it seems) actual quality customer service."
Brad Tuttle, Writer Time Magazine
  • "Customers today want the very most and the very best for the very least amount of money, and on the best terms. Only the individuals and companies that provide absolutely excellent products and services at absolutely excellent prices will survive."
Brian Tracy, Author and Motivational Speaker
  • "Your company's most valuable asset is how it is known to customers."
Brian Tracy, Author and Motivational Speaker
  • "In the sales profession, the real work begins after the sale is made."
Brian Tracy, Author and Motivational Speaker
  • "Offer your customers a long-term relationship, then do everything possible to build and maintain it."
Brian Tracy, Author and Motivational Speaker
  • "I won't complain. I just won't come back."
Brown & Williamson Tobacco Ad
  • "No enterprise can exist for itself alone. It ministers to some great need, it performs some great service, not for itself, but for others; or failing therein, it ceases to be profitable and ceases to exist."
Calvin Coolidge
  • "A competitive edge = excellent customer service."
Catherine Pulsifer, Author Wings of Wisdom
  • "Giving excellent service is a must today. All successful businesses pay attention to customer service. And without your customers you have no business. The higher the level of satisfaction a customer has is one of the determining factors in the success of any business."
Catherine Pulsifer, Author Wings of Wisdom
  • "Customer service is of the utmost importance to survive in relation to global competition that companies are facing today."
Catherine Pulsifer, Author Wings of Wisdom
  • "Customers long to interact with — even relate to — employees who act like there is still a light on inside."
Chip Bell, Founder Chip Bell Group
  • "Customers who are merely satisfied remain your customers only as long as everything goes their way."
Chip Bell, Founder Chip Bell Group
  • "Dealing with people is probably the biggest problem you face, especially if you are in business. Yes, and that is also true if you are a housewife, architect or engineer."
Dale Carnegie, Best Selling Author
  • "When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion."
Dale Carnegie, Best Selling Author
  • "You can close more business in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you."
Dale Carnegie, Best Selling Author
  • "The rise of the citizen review site is a sobering development. No longer are you on top of the mountain, blasting your marketing message down to the masses through your megaphone. All of a sudden, the masses are conversing with one another. If your service or product isn't any good, they'll out you."
David Pogue, New York Times Technology Columnist
  • "It's much harder to provide a great customer service than I would have ever realised. It's much more art than science in some of these other areas and not just about the facts but about how you are conveying them."
David Yu, CEO Betfair
  • "If anybody ever called our number, it would be picked up in less than two rings with a friendly voice answering, 'CD Baby.' From 7 am to 10 pm, there was always somebody to pick up a call in two rings. No voice mail system; no routing to different departments. We treated our customers like our best friends. You don't route your best friend's call to an automated system!"
Derek Sivers, Founder CD Baby
  • "Don Keough's (CEO Coca-Cola) 11 Rules on "HOW TO LOSE": 1. Stop taking risks 2. Be content 3. Never deviate from what the founder did 4. Be inflexible 5. Rely totally on research and experts 6. Concentrate on competitors instead of your customers 7. Put yourself — not the customer — first 8. Solve administrative concerns first 9. Let others do your thinking for example, headquarters 10. Rely on T-G-E: "That's Good Enough" and T-N-M-J: "That's Not My Job!" 11. Rationalize slow growth"
Donald Keough, Former CEO Coca-Cola Company
  • "Customers don't expect you to be perfect. They DO expect you to fix things when they go wrong."
Don Porter, V.P British Airways
  • "In the world of Internet Customer Service, it's important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away."
Doug Warner, Internet Enthusiast
  • "Nothing is ever lost by courtesy. It is the cheapest of pleasures, costs nothing, and conveys much. It pleases him who gives and receives and thus, like mercy, is twice blessed."
Erastus Wiman, Former President Great Northwestern Telegraph Company of Canada
  • "The question is, then, do we try to make things easy on ourselves or do we try to make things easy on our customers, whoever they may be? "
Erwin Frand, Author The Art of Product Development
  • "If you wonder what getting and keeping the right employees has to do with getting and keeping the right customers, the answer is everything."
Fred Reichheld, Creator of Net Promoter System
  • "The value is going to get created in providing technology-enabled solutions for customers. And if it is the customer that matters most, instead of the technology, then I want to invest in customer obsessed companies, not technology obsessed companies."
Fred Wilson, Venture Capitalist and Blogger
  • "Customers are a great way to finance a business for many reasons. First, customer financing is typically non dilutive. They want something from you other than equity in your business. Customers also help you fit your product to the market. And customers will help debug and improve the quality of the product."
Fred Wilson, Venture Capitalist and Blogger
  • "People want this level of engagement from the companies with which they do business — even the best of what formerly passed for good customer service is no longer enough. You have to be no less than a customer concierge, doing everything you can to make every one of your customers feel acknowledged, appreciated, and heard. You have to make them feel special, just like when your great-grandmother walked into Butcher Bob's shop or bought her new hat, and you need to make people who aren't your customers wish they were. Social media gives businesses the tools to do that for the first time in a scalable way."
Gary Vaynerchuk, Author "The Thank You Economy"
  • "It's very logical: There is proven ROI in doing whatever you can to turn your customers into advocates for your brand or business. The way to create advocates is to offer superior customer service."
Gary Vaynerchuk, Author "The Thank You Economy"
  • "We're living in what I like to call the 'Thank You Economy,' because only the companies that can figure out how to mind their manners in a very old-fashioned way — and do it authentically — are going to have a prayer of competing."
Gary Vaynerchuk, Author "The Thank You Economy"
  • "Anyone working for a big company might be skeptical that a large business, or even a strictly online business, can form the same kind of friendly, loyal relationship with customers as a local retailer. I'm saying it's already been done because I lived it."
Gary Vaynerchuk, Author "The Thank You Economy"
  • "Eighty-five per cent of the crowd is going to fall in love with me — they're going to feel it, wow. But fifteen per cent are going to think, 'This guy is obnoxious.' I spend enormous time with them — every negative review of 'Crush It!' on Amazon has a response from me — and I can probably bring back ten of the fifteen."
Gary Vaynerchuk, Author "The Thank You Economy"
  • "I am wired like a CEO and care a great deal about the bottom line, but I care about my customers even more than that. That's always been my competitive advantage."
Gary Vaynerchuk, Author "The Thank You Economy"
  • "Don't try to tell the customer what he wants. If you want to be smart, be smart in the shower. Then get out, go to work and serve the customer!"
Eugene Buckley, CEO Sikorsky Aircraft
  • "Remember that, in the end, the customer doesn't know, or care, if you are small or large as an organization — she or he only focuses on the garment hanging on the rail in the store."
Giorgio Armani, Fashion Designer
  • "Even if you can deceive people about a product through misleading statements, sooner or later the product will speak for itself."
Hajime Karatsu, Author Tqc Wisdon of Japan
  • "There's a place in the world for any business that takes care of its customers — after the sale."
Harvey Mackay, Best-Selling Author
  • "You don't need a big close, as many sales reps believe. You risk losing your customer when you save all the good stuff for the end. Keep the customer actively involved throughout your presentation, and watch your results improve."
Harvey Mackay, Best-Selling Author
  • "It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money ... It is the customer who pays the wages."
Henry Ford, Founder Ford Motor Company
  • "Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction, you must improve."
Horst Schulze, Former Ritz Carlton President
  • "Our mission statement about treating people with respect and dignity is not just words but a creed we live by every day. You can't expect your employees to exceed the expectations of your customers if you don't exceed the employees' expectations of management."
Howard Schultz, CEO Starbucks Coffee
  • "Customers don't always know what they want. The decline in coffee-drinking was due to the fact that most of the coffee people bought was stale and they weren't enjoying it. Once they tasted ours and experienced what we call 'the third place' ... a gathering place between home and work where they were treated with respect ... they found we were filling a need they didn't know they had."
Howard Schultz, CEO Starbucks Coffee
  • "If you're not serving the customer, your job is to be serving someone who is."
Jan Carlzon, Former CEO of SAS
  • "If anything goes wrong, the customer doesn't care whose fault it is. He's the one who's going to suffer anyway."
Jan Carlzon, Former CEO of SAS
  • "Friends and colleagues' endorsements, discussed in real life or through Twitter and Facebook updates, are more likely to drive sales than even a positive user review posted on a site like Yelp or Amazon (but those matter, too)."
Jason Mittelstaedt, CMO RightNow Technologies
  • "You must earn the right to continued relationships with customers."
Jeanne Bliss, Author Chief Customer Officer
  • "If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful."
Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon
  • "If we can keep our competitors focused on us while we stay focused on the customer, ultimately we'll turn out all right."
Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon
  • "The best customer service is if the customer doesn't need to call you, doesn't need to talk to you. It just works."
Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon
  • "If you make customers unhappy in the real world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends."
Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon
  • "If you're competitor-focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering."
Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon
  • "In the old world, you devoted 30% of your time to building a great service and 70% of your time to shouting about it. In the new world, that inverts"
Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon
  • "We've had three big ideas at Amazon that we've stuck with for 18 years, and they're the reason we're successful: Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient."
Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon
  • "We have a training program that allows our reps to shadow every department within the company. This instills a big picture view of the company's process and gives that rep the knowledge they need to think though problems. This benefits our customers because they are interacting with reps that have a wide range of knowledge."
Mary Lynne Young, Customer Account Manager at Advantage Label
  • "Customers will want to talk to you if they believe you can solve their problems."
Jeffrey Gitomer, Author and Professional Speaker
  • "The biggest reason that positive endings don't happen is because employees are trained on policies and rules rather than principles."
Jeffrey Gitomer, Author and Professional Speaker
  • "You'll never have a product or price advantage again. They can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer service culture can't be copied."
Jerry Fritz, Director of Management Institute University of Wisconsin
  • "The customer experience is the next competitive battleground."
Jerry Gregoire, CIO Dell Computers
  • "We have entered the era of the customer. Today, providing customers with outstanding customer service is essential to building loyal customers and a long lasting brand."
Jerry Gregoire, CIO Dell Computers
  • "Social media, and other cutting edge communications, have a place in any company's customer strategy, but the front-line of every company's service organization remains the telephone, and the customer service agent."
Jerry Gregoire, CIO Dell Computers
  • "Getting service right is more than just a nice to do; it's a must do. American consumers are willing to spend more with companies that provide outstanding service — ultimately, great service can drive sales and customer loyalty."
Jim Bush, EVP American Express
  • "More business is lost every year through neglect than through any other cause."
Rose Kennedy, Philanthropist
  • "One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising."
Jim Rohn, Author, Motivational Speaker
  • "This may seem simple, but you need to give customers what they want, not what you think they want. And, if you do this, people will keep coming back."
John Ilhan, Founder Crazy John's Mobile Phone Retail Chain
  • "For us, our most important stakeholder is not our stockholders, it is our customers. We're in business to serve the needs and desires of our core customer base."
John Mackey, co-CEO Whole Foods Market
  • "You are allowed to do this — don't worry about the rules, don't worry about getting into trouble, your job is to take care of the customer. Your job is to make the person leave happy."
John Pepper, Founder Boloco
  • "The more you engage with customers, the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing."
John Russell, VP Harley Davidson
  • "When you serve the customer better, there's always a return on your investment."
Kara Parlin, Content Strategist
  • "Although your customers won't love you if you give bad service, your competitors will."
Kate Zabriskie, Founder Business Training Works
  • "The customer's perception is your reality."
Kate Zabriskie, Founder Business Training Works
  • "Getting in your last words may help you win the battle. However, even if you do win the battle, there is a good chance you will lose the war."
Kelley Robertson, Founder The Robertson Training Group
  • "When customers share their story, they're not just sharing pain points. They're actually teaching you how to make your product, service, and business better. Your customer service organization should be designed to efficiently communicate those issues."
Kristin Smaby, Author "Being Human is Good Business"
  • "In an era when companies see online support as a way to shield themselves from 'costly' interactions with their customers, it's time to consider an entirely different approach: building humancentric customer service through great people and clever technology. So, get to know your customers. Humanize them. Humanize yourself. It's worth it."
Kristin Smaby, Author "Being Human is Good Business"
  • "Sell practical, tested merchandise at reasonable profit, treat your customers like human beings - and they will always come back."
Leon Leonwood Bean, Founder L.L. Bean
  • "The nature of competition is such that any number of people invariably have their eyes on the same prize you do. Recognize your assets and employ them to the best of your ability."
Larry Bird, Former NBA Player and Coach
  • "Stellar service should be non-negotiable and merchants shouldn't hide behind self-service tools and technology when it comes to knowing their products and taking care of their customers."
Lauren Freedman, President The E-tailing Group
  • "Always keep in mind the old retail adage: Customers remember the service a lot longer than they remember the price."
Lauren Freedman, President The E-tailing Group
  • "My customer service pet peeve is a customer service rep who is not empowered to solve a problem."
Lauren Freedman, President The E-Tailing Group
  • "Whether it's a bored demeanor, a dismissive look or just plain rude behavior, sloppy customer service spells disaster faster than just about any other business transgression."
Lauren Simonds, Managing Editor of Small Business Computing
  • "Customer service is just a day-in, day-out ongoing, never-ending, unremitting, persevering, compassionate, type of activity."
Leon Gorman, Former CEO L.L. Bean
  • "It's not what you say, but how you say it!"
Mae West, Actress and Singer
  • "When you're busy, avoid taking the quickest action. Instead make the extra effort to truly serve the customer."
Marilyn Suttle, Success Coach
  • "Make your product easier to buy than your competition, or you will find your customers buying from them, not you."
Mark Cuban, Business Magnate
  • "It is so much easier to be nice, to be respectful, to put yourself in your customers' shoes and try to understand how you might help them before they ask for help, than it is to try to mend a broken customer relationship."
Mark Cuban, Business Magnate
  • "If the shopper feels like it was poor service, then it was poor service. We are in the customer perception business."
Mark Perrault, Co-Founder Rally Stores
  • "Goodwill is the only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy."
Marshall Field, Founder Marshald Field and Company
  • "I think it's very important that whatever you're trying to make or sell or teach has to be basically good. A bad product and you know what? You won't be here in ten years."
Martha Stewart, Founder Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
  • "Whether you are big or small, you cannot give good customer service if your employees don't feel good about coming to work."
Martin Oliver, Managing Director Kwik-Fit Financial Service
  • "Imagine a company that puts its shareholders first — only to discover that it has alienated its customers!"
Memo to CEOs, Fast Magazine
  • "A perfect product that you deliver late is a defective product."
Micah Solomon, Author of High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service
  • "There are three groups of people who determine whether or not customers do business with you: People with whom customers interact at your company, people whom customers know in real life, and people whom customers know and trust online. A poor experience with any of these pivotal players could result in a big boost in business — for your competition."
Micah Solomon, Author of High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service
  • "Offload the transactional. Don't fritter away employee hours on activities that customers can do better themselves. This isn't to say there's no role for a human-to-human service interaction or contact. But the interaction should be at the choice of the customer, not because your systems are sloppy or incomplete."
Micah Solomon, Author of High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service
  • "Understand customer self-determination. Give up old notions of control and replace them with a transparent model that allows, wherever possible, your customer to be in the driver's seat. Embrace crowdsourcing: You can't control product ratings, product discussions, or much else, except by providing the most extraordinary customer experience possible and letting your customers, and your critics, hash out their discussions of it in public."
Micah Solomon, Author of High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service
  • "Speed and efficiency are of the utmost importance: in how quickly you respond to a customer, ship to a customer, and offer up choices of product or service to a customer. Emulate Amazon.com here: You'd better have a real-time indication of what is and isn't in stock; ship immediately, and, perhaps most of all, have a no-hassle return policy."
Micah Solomon, Author of High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service
  • "If you make yourself easy to reach around the clock, you let customers know you value their business, input, and loyalty. Customers won't need to write negative comments on Twitter or on their blogs if they can use e-mail, the phone, or a feedback form on your website and know that it will be answered — immediately and with empathy."
Micah Solomon, Author of High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service
  • "Define your standards using a three-part summary statement format: 1. Why the service is of value (why we're doing this in the first place). 2. The emotional response we're aiming to have the customer feel. 3. The expected way to accomplish the service."
Micah Solomon, Author of High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service
  • "The interesting thing is when we design and architect a server, we don't design it for Windows or Linux, we design it for both. We don't really care, as long as we're selling the one the customer wants."
Michael Dell, Founder of Dell
  • "Our business is about technology, yes. But it's also about operations and customer relationships."
Michael Dell, Founder of Dell
  • "Here is a simple but powerful rule: Always give people more than what they expect to get."
Nelson Boswell, Author of Inner Peace
  • "Customers want quality, value, speed, convenience, choice and to be appreciated."
Patricia Fripp, Professional Keynote Speaker
  • "Make your customers comfortable and they will give you their lives."
Paul Orfalea, Founder Kinko's
  • "Everyone in an organisation should be involved with customer service; not only are they feeling the customer but they are getting a feeling for what's not working."
Penny Handscomb, Chief People Officer at Mind Candy
  • "Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it."
Peter Drucker, Best-Selling Author
  • "The single most important thing to remember about any enterprise is that there are no results inside its walls. The result of a business is a satisfied customer."
Peter Drucker, Best Selling Author
  • "The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself."
Peter Drucker, Best-Selling Author
  • "The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer."
Peter Drucker, Best-Selling Author
  • "Customer conversion is dependent on the right customer conversation."
Rasheed Ogunlaru, Author of Soul Trader
  • "The definition of salesmanship is the gentle art of letting the customer have it your way."
Ray Kroc, Founder McDonald's
  • "I don't do business with those who don't make a profit because they can't give the best service."
Richard Bach, Novelist
  • "Setting customer expectations at a level that is aligned with consistently deliverable levels of customer service requires that your whole staff, from product development to marketing, works in harmony with your brand image."
Richard Branson, Founder Virgin Group
  • "Merely satisfying customers will not be enough to earn their loyalty. Instead, they must experience exceptional service worthy of their repeat business and referral. Understand the factors that drive this customer revolution."
Rick Tate, Speaker on Service Quality
  • "Whatever your business is, talk to your customers and provide them with what they want. It makes sense."
Robert Bowman, CEO Major League Baseball Advanced Media
  • "Spend a lot of time talking to customers face to face. You'd be amazed how many companies DON'T listen to their customers."
Ross Perot, Founder EDS
  • "Business is not just doing deals; business is having great products, doing great engineering, and providing tremendous service to customers."
Ross Perot, Founder EDS
  • "The first step in exceeding your customer's expectations is to know those expectations."
Roy H. Williams, Author Wizard of Ads Triology
  • "You've got to look for a gap, where competitors in a market have grown lazy and lost contact with the readers or the viewers."
Rupert Murdoch, Media Mogul
  • "There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down simply by spending his money somewhere else."
Sam Walton, Founder Walmart and Sam's club
  • "Each Wal-Mart store should reflect the values of its customers and support the vision they hold for their community."
Sam Walton, Founder Walmart and Sam's club
  • "We let folks know we're interested in them and that they're vital to us. 'Cause they are."
Sam Walton, Founder Walmart and Sam's club
  • "It's rare for people to genuinely try to understand what others are trying to say."
Scott Berkun, Author Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds
  • "Traditional corporations, particularly large-scale service and manufacturing businesses are organized for efficiency. Or consistency. But not joy. ... If you fear special requests, if you staff with cogs, if you have to put it all in a manual, then the chances of amazing someone are really quite low. These organizations have people who will try to patch problems over after the fact, instead of motivated people eager to delight on the spot. The alternative, it seems, is to organize for joy. These are the companies that give their people the freedom (and yes, the expectation) that they will create, connect and surprise. These are the organizations that embrace someone who makes a difference, as opposed to searching for a clause in the employee handbook that was violated."
Seth Godin, Best Selling Author
  • "Most of your competition spend their days looking forward to those rare moments when everything goes right. Imagine how much leverage you have if you spend your time maximizing those common moments when it doesn't."
Seth Godin, Best Selling Author
  • "The only purpose of customer service is to change feelings."
Seth Godin, Best Selling Author
  • "Permission marketing turns strangers into friends and friends into loyal customers. It's not just about entertainment — it's about education. Permission marketing is curriculum marketing."
Seth Godin, Best Selling Author
  • "The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers."
Shiv Sing, Head of Global Brand & Marketing Transformation, Visa
  • "Good service is good business."
Siebel advertisment
  • "How much do you as a consumer value a positive experience with a brand or its customer service department? How willing are you to share that with your friends? How inclined are you to let that person know that your interaction with them was positive?"
Simon Mainwaring, Branding Consultant
  • "When a positive exchange between a brand and customers becomes quantifiable metrics, it encourages brands to provide better service, customer service to do a better job, and consumers to actively show their gratitude."
Simon Mainwaring, Branding Consultant
  • "In fact, I believe the first companies that make an effort to develop an authentic, transparent, and meaningful social contract with their fans and customers will turn out to be the ones that are the most successful in the future. While brands that refuse to make the effort will lose stature and customer loyalty."
Simon Mainwaring, Branding Consultant
  • "Consumers are statistics. Customers are people."
Stanley Marcus, Former Chairman of the Board of Neiman Marcus
  • "If we keep doing what we're doing, we're going to keep getting what we're getting."
Stephen Covey, Author "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"
  • "Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves"
Steve Jobs, Co-founder Apple
  • "A lot of companies have chosen to downsize, and maybe that was the right thing for them. We chose a different path. Our belief was that if we kept putting great products in front of customers, they would continue to open their wallets."
Steve Jobs, Co-founder Apple
  • "Your customers don't care about you. They don't care about your product or service. They care about themselves, their dreams, their goals. Now, they will care much more if you help them reach their goals, and to do that, you must understand their goals, as well as their needs and deepest desires."
Steve Jobs, Co-founder Apple
  • "You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new."
Steve Jobs, Co-founder Apple
  • "Our DNA is as a consumer company - for that individual customer who's voting thumbs up or thumbs down. That's who we think about. And we think that our job is to take responsibility for the complete user experience. And if it's not up to par, it's our fault, plain and simply."
Steve Jobs, Co-founder Apple
  • "This is what customers pay us for - to sweat all these details so it's easy and pleasant for them to use our computers. We're supposed to be really good at this. That doesn't mean we don't listen to customers, but it's hard for them to tell you what they want when they've never seen anything remotely like it."
Steve Jobs, Co-founder Apple
  • " While it's important to follow your company policies faithfully and treat everyone equally, flexibility is key. If you can learn to adapt your style to different types of customers, or at least be aware that these differences exist, your customers will feel like you are working with them. And be nice — that's just common sense."
Sunday Steinkirchner, Forbes Contributor
  • "Go with The Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. All customers want to be treated like $1,000,000, whether they are spending $1,000,000 or not. Little extras, like free shipping or discounts on future purchases, can help your customers feel special and taken care of, making them more likely to remember you, and subsequently return or refer their friends. Remember: your customers aren't just buying your products or services, they're buying an experience."
Sunday Steinkirchner, Forbes Contributor
  • "Be available. When you are working with your customer, be available for the entire transaction. This will help them to trust you when they are working with you for the first time, and it will also help down the road."
Sunday Steinkirchner, Forbes Contributor
  • "Don't make promises unless you will keep them. Not plan to keep them. Will keep them. Reliability is one of the keys to any good relationship, and good customer service is no exception."
Susan Ward, Small Business Expert and Writer
  • "Train your staff (if you have any) to be always helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. Most importantly, give every member of your staff enough information and power to make those small customer-pleasing decisions, so he never has to say, "I don't know, but so-and-so will be back at...""
Susan Ward, Small Business Expert and Writer
  • "Listen to your customers. Can the sales pitches and the product babble. Let your customer talk and show him that you are listening by making the appropriate responses, such as suggesting how to solve the problem."
Susan Ward, Small Business Expert and Writer
  • "Deal with complaints. If you give the complaint your attention, you may be able to please this one person this one time - and position your business to reap the benefits of good customer service."
Susan Ward, Small Business Expert and Writer
  • "Throw in something extra. Whether it's a coupon for a future discount, additional information on how to use the product, or a genuine smile, people love to get more than they thought they were getting. And don't think that a gesture has to be large to be effective."
Susan Ward, Small Business Expert and Writer
  • "The irony of good customer service is that over time it will bring in more new customers than promotions and price slashing ever did!"
Susan Ward, Small Business Expert and Writer
  • "Lower prices are not service; they're just lower prices."
Susan Ward, Small Business Expert and Writer
  • "People don't want to communicate with an organization or a computer. They want to talk to a real live responsive responsible person who will listen and help them get satisfaction."
Theo Michelson, Agent State Farm Insurance
  • "If you don't genuinely like your customers, chances are they won't buy."
Thomas Watson, Jr., Former President of IBM and US Ambassador to the Soviet Union
  • "Excellent firms don't believe in excellence — only in constant improvement and constant change."
Tom Peters, Best-Selling Author
  • "Customers perceive service in their own unique, idiosyncratic, emotional, irrational, end-of-the-day, and totally human terms. Perception is all there is! "
Tom Peters, Best-Selling Author
  • "Develop a respect and reverence for the principle of variation: the idea that the message ain't in the mean, the mode or the median — it's in the differences that occur throughout a population."
Tom Peters, Best-Selling Author
  • " It's relatively simple. If we're not getting more, better, faster than they are getting more, better, faster, then we're getting less, no better or more worse."
Tom Peters, Best-Selling Author
  • "Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game."
Tony Alessandra, Author and Motivational Speaker
  • "Zappos uses call center technology to track average call time per agent. But the goal isn't to reduce this average — it's more important that we make an emotional connection with the customer, rather than just quickly getting them off the phone."
Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos
  • "70-75% of purchases came from returning customers. They order about 2.5x more than single customers."
Derek Carder, Loyalty Manager Zappos
  • "Common sense is of paramount importance in business and customer service."
  • "The length of your business future is directly related to the strength of your business skills."
  • "Customer: A person who indirectly pays for all your vacations, hobbies, and golf games and gives you the opportunity to better yourself."
  • "Don't wait for someone else to make all the calls."
  • "To every rule there is an exception, and vice versa."
  • "When handling a "customers" complaint, remember: If you can't fix it, don't drop it."
  • "People will respond in a manner consistent with the way they are being treated."
  • "People may doubt what you say, but they always believe what you do."
  • "Profit in business comes from repeat customers; customers that boast about your product and service, and that bring friends with them."
W. Edwards Deming, Statistician Author and Lecturer
  • "Give the public everything you can give them, keep the place as clean as you can keep it, keep it friendly."
Walt Disney, Founder Disney
  • "Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use."
Wendell Johnson, Psychologist, Author and Actor
  • "The longer you wait, the harder it is to produce outstanding customer service."
William H. Davidow,Former SVP Intel Corporation and Author Overconnected
  • "Service standards keep rising. As competitors render better and better service, customers become more demanding. Their expectations grow. When every company's service is shoddy, doing a few things well can earn you a reputation as the customer's savior. But when a competitor emerges from the pack as a service leader, you have to do a lot of things right. Suddenly achieving service leadership costs more and takes longer. It may even be impossible if the competition has too much of a head start. The longer you wait, the harder it is to produce outstanding service."
William H. Davidow, Former SVP Intel Corporation and Author
  • "If only companies thought of each customer as a stream of future income rather than single transactions. Their net present value rises and lowers based on the customer's experience during and after each transaction."
Yao Jin, Assistant Professor Miami University
  • "Statistics suggest that when customers complain, business owners and managers ought to get excited about it. The complaining customer represents a huge opportunity for more business."
Zig Ziglar, Author and Motivational Speaker
  • "The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is not training them and keeping them."
Zig Ziglar, Author and Motivational Speaker
  • "What comes out of your mouth is determined by what goes into your mind."
Zig Ziglar, Author and Motivational Speaker
  • "Customer service is not only an opportunity to make your customers happy, but also your pipeline to valuable product feedback and insights. A strong two-way communication channel can be the lifeblood to ensuring customer satisfaction, honing your vision, and accelerating your product development."
Kyle Wong, Forbes Contributor and Co-founder Pixlee
  • "What's important at the grocery store is just as important in engines or medical systems. If the customer isn't satisfied, if the stuff is getting stale, if the shelf isn't right, or if the offerings aren't right, it's the same thing. You manage it like a small organization. You don't get hung up on zeros."
Jack Welch, Former Chairman and CEO of General Electric
  • "But the customer is the final, final filter. What survives the whole process is what people wear. I'm not interested in making clothes that end up in some dusty museum."
Marc Jacobs, Fashion Designer
  • "If you can't turn yourself into your customer, you probably shouldn't be in the ad writing bsuiness at all."
Leo Burnett, Advertising Executive
  • "The sole purpose of business is service. The sole purpose of advertising is explaining the service which business renders."
Leo Burnett, Advertising Executive
  • "There's no such thing as 'hard sell' and 'soft sell.' There's only 'smart sell' and 'stupid sell.'"
Leo Burnett, Advertising Executive
  • "We want consumers to say, 'That's a hell of a product' instead of, 'That's a hell of an ad.'"
Leo Burnett, Advertising Executive
  • "Anyone who thinks that people can be fooled or pushed around has an inaccurate and pretty low estimate of people - and he won't do very well in advertising."
Leo Burnett, Advertising Executive
  • "It takes great salesmanship to convince a customer to buy something from you that isn't built or isn't finished."
Fred Wilson, Venture Capitalist and Blogger
  • "It doesn't matter much where your company sits in its industry ecosystem, nor how vertically or horizontally integrated it is — what matters is its relative 'share of customer value' in the final product or solution, and its cost of producing that value."
Gary Hamel, Management Expert and Author
  • "Companies are starting to measure how effective their customer service is and trying to understand what they can do to improve the customer service process."
Sanjay Kumar, Former Chariman and CEO of Computer Associates
  • "So if you're a customer today, the same person who came in to demonstrate the technology for you and helped you architect the solution before you bought it is likely going to be leading the team to help you do the implementation."
Sanjay Kumar, Former Chariman and CEO of Computer Associates
  • "Companies cannot really see beyond their current customer base. They explicitly or implicitly do things to protect their current customers. And the last person to want real change is your customer. This is why most new ideas come from small companies that have nothing to lose."
Nicholas Negroponte, Founder MIT Media Lab and The One Laptop per Child Association
  • "It's not about market share. If you have a successful company, you will get your market share. But to get a successful company, what do you have to have? The same metrics of success that your customer does."
Gordon Bethune, Former CEO of Continental Airlines
  • "If employees need to stay late in order to curry favor with the boss, what motivation do they have to get work done during normal business hours? After all, they can put in the requisite 'face time' whether they are surfing the Internet or analyzing customer data."
Robert Pozen, Former chairman of MFS Investment Management
  • "The business models in enterprise have changed pretty dramatically. A huge problem with enterprise software traditionally has been usually you sell to the customer and then they adopt the technology. The great thing about 'freemium' and the new way enterprise software is being sold is you get to try it first and then buy it."
Aaron Levie, Co-founder and CEO of Box
  • "Even if someone is already in your market space, ask yourself whether you can approach it from a different angle and thereby secure your own customer base."
Benjamin Cohen, Journalist. Know for his dispute with Apple over the domain itunes.co.uk
  • "We are reinventing ourselves as a company. Compaq is taking ownership of its customer relationships and accountability of our customer's needs."
Eckhard Pfeiffer, Former CEO Cof Compaq
  • "If a customer walks out without shoes, you really want to find out why. 'It didn't fit' is not good enough."
Thomas G. Stemberg, Co-founder Staples
  • "Forget 'branding' and 'positioning.' Once you understand customer behavior, everything else falls into place."
Thomas G. Stemberg, Co-founder Staples
  • "One of the people who most influenced me was Ben Shapiro, a marketing professor at the business school. He used to rant and rave and pound his fist: 'It's all about the customers!' And he was right. He was also right that, at that time, retailing was devoid of really talented people; he urged me to go in that direction."
Thomas G. Stemberg, Co-founder Staples
  • "As far as the customer is concerned, the interface is the product."
Jeff Raskin, Started the Macintosh Project for Apple
  • "In the South, we tell stories. We tell stories if you're in a sales position, if you're in a retail position, you lure your customer by telling a story. You just do."
Tate Taylor, Actor, Film Producer and Screenwriter
  • "I am not pushy. You want it, you buy it. Most people hit the customer over the head. But if you're too self-important, it's kind of repellent."
Judith Leiber, Designer
  • "One of the things which make any company successful, in particular the Home Depot, was that we understood and catered to the customer. If it didn't sell, it didn't make a difference what we thought or our research told us. They told us if it was successful by buying it or not."
Bernard Marcus, Co-Founder of Home Depot
  • "What I tell founders is not to sweat the business model too much at first. The most important task at first is to build something people want. If you don't do that, it won't matter how clever your business model is."
Paul Graham, Venture Capitalist and Co-founder of Y Combinator
  • "You should take extraordinary measures not just to acquire users, but also to make them happy. Your first users should feel that signing up with you was one of the best choices they ever made. And you in turn should be racking your brains to think of new ways to delight them."
Paul Graham, Venture Capitalist and Co-founder of Y Combinator
  • "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently."
Warren Buffett, Business Magnate
  • "Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it's not going to get the business."
Warren Buffett, Business Magnate
  • "Giving builds loyal customers and turns those customers into supporters ... You can find passion and profit and meaning all at once, right now."
Blake Mycoskie, Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of Toms Shoes
  • "When you're buying a pair of Toms, if you don't feel like you're part of a community, then I've failed."
Blake Mycoskie, Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of Toms Shoes
  • "Giving feels good, but it's also good for the bottom line. Charity is a viable growth strategy for a lot of companies. Our customers get excited to be a part of what we're doing. If you ask anyone wearing Toms how they first heard about us, most won't mention an advertisement; they'll say a friend told them our story."
Blake Mycoskie, Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of Toms Shoes
  • "Customers don't just buy a product — they switch from something else. And customers don't just leave a product — they switch to something else"
Jason Fried, Co-founder Basecamp
  • "A brand not responding on Twitter is like hanging up the phone on customers. With millions watching."
Dave Kerpen, Co-founder of Likeable Media