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Customer Story: Mixmax

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Favorite features

Whether you're looking to make your emails stand out or track how people are engaging with those emails, Mixmax has you covered.

The team's mission is to do the impossible with email, with powerful analytics, automations and enhancements — integrating with Gmail, Google Inbox and Salesforce. Above all, the team believes that everything you can do on the web should be possible in any email — to maximize your productivity.


And, Mixmax’s goal of productivity as a mission statement is apparent throughout their entire customer journey — specifically in customer support. With 10 users on Help Scout, the team looked to Help Scout’s reporting and found data points that helped them make critical decisions about staffing.

“We have customers around the world — and our Customer Success team was working around the clock to answer support questions,” said Jen Skene, Director of Operations at Mixmax.

It became difficult to keep everyone on the team up to date with new features and processes, and we started to wonder if we really needed continuous coverage. That's when we looked to Help Scout's reporting.

Productivity reports

“We looked at the productivity report to see the time of day when most new conversations come in. It showed us we didn’t need to have a team working around the clock."


Adjusting office hours

“We focused on building a strong team with more limited hours, and started using Office Hours to set our customers’ expectations on when they’ll receive a reply. We solved both staffing and scheduling challenges using the productivity report and Office Hours. I continue to use the reports each week to get key insights about how quickly our team is responding, so I can adjust the schedule accordingly."


Mixmax’s favorite features

  • Saved Replies: Quickly add answers to frequently asked questions to your customer conversations.

  • Office Hours: Add your hours of operation for each day your business is open & answering customer requests.

  • Tags: Categorize conversations, monitor trends and trigger Workflows.

  • Reporting API: Access all metrics and reports for your company via Reporting API endpoints.

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