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How OnePageCRM Reduced Their Team's Workload by 50%

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The first step to providing a thoughtful customer response is having the full context of customer relationships right at your fingertips. For OnePageCRM, having the customer database next to support conversations is the key to leveraging unique, complicated customer details to provide a simple but tailor-made solution.

"I live in Help Scout", says Carmel, passionate Customer Success Team Leader at One Page CRM.

Whether its responding to a question on the website or working directly in the help desk, Help Scout ensures each response is consistent and delivers an exceptional experience—it provides a high-level overview of all customer support communications in one place. When the Marketing team is sending email campaigns from a customized email address or the payments team is sending out reminders, all replies go to Help Scout—each area has a separate mailbox.

We integrate with CRM and chat software to get all contextual information on our customers in a single location.

"Before Help Scout, we were on a complicated help desk solution. It was difficult to navigate and access the features that we actually needed, and it was time consuming," said Carmel. "Now, it’s easy to communicate with our customers. Mailboxes are easy to monitor. And we’ve reduced our workload by 50%, making our team twice as productive."

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Olark + Help Scout integration

"The integration with Olark makes sure we always have the full context on a customer as we respond to conversations. All the chat history is available right within the Help Scout interface."

the help scout and olark integration

Reporting for key insights

"Reporting gives us data to make smarter, more informed decisions. With Conversation Reports, we can get a useful overview of the most popular types of queries received. It gives us a breakdown of the tagged conversations and saved replies used for a particular timeframe."

reports in help scout

"The team report is our go-to resource to manage staffing: We can see how many conversations each rep answers per day, week, or for a specific custom date. We can also see the different times of day it’s busier than others. We easily identified the volume of conversations received for a particular time zone and it quickly highlighted the need to recruit an extra support person to help with the overflow during those business hours."

company reports in help scout

OnePageCRM’s favorite features

  • Tags: Categorize conversations, monitor trends and trigger Workflows.

  • Office Hours: Add your hours of operation for each day your business is open & answering customer requests.

  • Conversation Reports: An easy way to see when your team is busiest and adjust schedules accordingly.

  • Saved Replies: Populate your replies in two clicks, and gain back problem-solving time.

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