At first glance, the concept of “human-centered customer support” might appear somewhat redundant. Of course people are at the center of customer support. People are buying products; other people are supporting them. Why even make note of it?

But consider all the times you’ve received dehumanizing service from a company that prioritizes nickel-and-diming their customers over delivering a positive customer experience. Maybe it was the airline that gouged you when you had to change your travel plans due to a family emergency, the cable company that rescheduled three times and still no-showed in the four-hour window you took off from work to meet them, the retailer that failed to ship your partner’s birthday gift on time and took another week to respond to your calls and emails.

Did you feel valued as a customer, not to mention as a living, breathing human being with needs, and plans, and a budget, and a full life that’s already complex enough, thank you very much?

Clearly not every company that offers customer support centers humans in their delivery of it. That’s why we partnered with our friends at HubSpot to publish this guide: to offer a blueprint for centering humanity in our customer service programs.

Emily Triplett Lentz

Emily Triplett Lentz

Emily is the blog editor and content strategy lead at Help Scout. You can find her on Twitter.