Bring your whole company closer to your customers

Your support team is the backbone of your customer experience, but they can’t do it alone. Bring all the specialized knowledge in your organization into the queue with light users.

Bring answers in, share insights out

Customers write in looking for information held in teams across your organization. With light users, your support team can tag colleagues into customer conversations without switching systems or losing any context.

Provide faster, more accurate answers

Your support queue is a wealth of customer information. Give teams across your organization visibility into feedback, reports, satisfaction ratings, and more. With increased visibility, everyone in your company gets closer to your customers.

Gain actionable customer insight

Bring in marketing and product to create proactive Messages to reach your customers. Add in account management to identify opportunities for upgrades. Or tag in marketing on successful customer relationships to feature in case studies.

Uncover new growth opportunities
Illustration: two colleagues working side-by-side on their laptops

What light users can do

With light users, support won’t be flying solo in the queue. Now, everyone can get involved in customer conversations.

  • View, follow, and mention teammates in conversations
  • Leave internal notes on conversations
  • View customer profiles
  • View, edit, and export reporting data
  • Create and send Messages in-app or on your website
  • View Docs content

…and more!

Get every team in Help Scout

Product & Engineering

Product & Engineering

Gather customer feedback through conversations and satisfaction ratings, learn about bugs affecting customers, and provide technical support.



Help resolve billing-related questions and disputes, or gain insight into customer thoughts on pricing and contracts.



Identify opportunities to engage and nurture prospects who ask your support team questions during their sales process or trial experience.

Account Management

Account Management

Pursue upsell opportunities, track churn risks, and get ahead of issues with customers you have a relationship with.



Get a high level view into the support queue, track performance and trends, and understand the heartbeat of your company.



Create in-app messages to engage customers or launch new features, identify co-marketing opportunities, or find customers for case studies.

What are Light Users?

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