Grow Your Support Team

Whether you’re building a customer support team from scratch or scaling up your service department, hiring the right people is critical. Identify the perfect mix of customer service skills, personality, aptitude and attitude to find and hire the perfect customer service staff.

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Rolling Out Weekend Support

Use these indicators and tips to help you understand when you might want to extend to 7-day support coverage and how to roll it out effectively.

Nykki Yeager 11 min read


The 5 People You Meet In Support

Providing the best customer service starts with the people you hire. These five personality types are essential on every customer support team.

Mathew Patterson 5 min read


Hiring for Support? Make the Most of Your Interviews.

You only get one chance to conduct a great interview. Follow these tips to ask more creative, revealing questions.

Cassie Marketos 7 min read


The Personality that Succeeds in Customer Support

To succeed in support takes a special set of skills including listening, showing understanding, action taking, empathy and a little creativity.

Gregory Ciotti 10 min read


How to Quickly Scale Your Customer Service | Help Scout webinars

Looking to scale your support team after overnight success? Check out our webinar with Kickstarter and Lovepop!

58 min read


How to Write a Magnetic Job Description for Customer Support

Customer support job descriptions require you to identify the kind of person who will be right for this unique kind of work.

Gregory Ciotti 9 min read


How to Set Up Your Customer Support Department from Scratch

From hiring a team to setting up tools and processes, these are are the building blocks of a great customer support department.

Mathew Patterson 15 min read


Scaling Customer Service on a Growing Team

You've got great customer service, but how do ensure quality as your company grows? Growth brings challenges you need to prepare for.

Mathew Patterson 8 min read


The 27 Best Customer Service Books

The top 27 customer service books about providing better customer service and creating a customer-centered culture in your company.

Mathew Patterson 11 min read


How to Hire for Chat and Email Writing Skills

Can you hire people who are great email writers *and* live chat writers? E-Write’s Leslie O’Flahavan shares her tips for spotting great writers of email and chat support.

Leslie O'Flahavan 11 min read


What to Call Your Customer Service and Support Teams

What should you call your support or service team? What names are others using? Does the name even matter, and if it does, how do you make a decision? Here's how to think about names.

Mathew Patterson 5 min read


3 Strategies for Scaling Up to 24-Hour Customer Service

Offering 24-hour customer service is a fantastic customer benefit. Here are three approaches for successfully expanding your support to 24/7 coverage.

Craig Stoss 8 min read