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Taking Customer Service Beyond Satisfaction

Antonio King, Michael Labrecque-Jessen, and Mat Patterson discuss creating customer connections that go beyond good enough.

Antonio King
Antonio King


Michael Labrecque-Jessen
Michael Labrecque-Jessen


Mathew Patterson
Mathew Patterson

Help Scout

Research shows that, like Mick Jagger, customers often can’t get no satisfaction from the companies they deal with. But even if they could, satisfaction isn’t enough to inspire loyalty or create true customer advocates for your business.

What do people really mean when they say they “love” a company? Is love a reasonable measure of business success, and if so, how? What role do customer service teams have to play in deepening connections with their customers? And were the Beatles right to say love can’t be bought?

Join Antonio King, Director of Experience at Shinesty, Michael Labrecque-Jessen, Support Specialist at Trello, and Mat Patterson, Customer Service Evangelist at Help Scout, for a live chat on creating customer connections that go beyond “good enough”.

What you’ll learn:

  • The difference between a satisfied customer and a true fan
  • The limits of love - how to create helpful boundaries
  • What support teams can do to create better connections with customers
  • The greatest love songs relating to customer service

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