Live Event

Creating Customer Flow


Great customer service is about more than answering incoming support email, or being responsive on live chat. Rather than wait for your customers to reach out for help, you can guide them along the right path and remove obstacles from their way proactively, allowing them to build momentum and reach their goal more quickly.

Combining comprehensive self-service options with responsive customer support and thoughtful messaging, you can create an outstanding customer experience that meets the needs of all your different types of customers.

Join Help Scout’s CEO Nick Francis and Wildbit’s Justine Jordan for a live discussion of customer messaging and how it can smooth your customer’s path to success.

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of customer flow to growing your business
  • Techniques for reducing friction in your customer’s journey
  • How Help Scout built Messages to enable customer flow
  • Practical ways to balance self-service, customer support and thoughtful outreach

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