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Turning Customer Conversations into Actionable Product Insights


As a support professional, you deal in feelings. Happy customers, confused customers, even the “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” customers. Every one of those customers represents useful information about your company and your products — how customers see you, the language they use to describe your products, and the expectations they have of you.

For product teams who are typically more distant from customers, getting access to those individual stories in a digestible, actionable format can be time-consuming and difficult. Well-prepared customer service teams can bridge that divide, turning feelings and anecdotes into usable insights.

Join Mary Jantsch, Customer Experience Consultant at Tuff, Jake Bartlett, Senior Support Engineer at Atlassian StatusPage, and Mat Patterson, Customer Service Evangelist at Help Scout, as they discuss the best ways to track, collect, and deliver customer feedback to improve product decisions.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to effect product changes through customer support
  • Pairing quantitative and qualitative metrics to tell a full customer story
  • Which tools and systems can enable a better information transfer
  • How support team members can act as detectives for product teams

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