Bring Instagram Conversations Into Help Scout

Customer-centric businesses know that it’s better to prioritize a few support channels and deliver a fantastic experience rather than open too many channels and leave customers without responses. We’ve always advised brands to approach social media support thoughtfully, balancing the needs of their customers with the readiness of their teams. 

But ready or not, if your business has social media accounts, it’s likely that customers are writing in. For some industries, social support is an expectation, not an afterthought. Monitoring multiple systems can work at first, but it breaks down at scale: Conversations slip through the cracks, teams waste time switching systems, and tracking is impossible.

That’s why we're excited to introduce Help Scout's Instagram channel integration, which allows teams to manage and respond to Instagram direct messages from their Help Scout inbox. In just a few minutes, you can connect your business’s Instagram account to Help Scout and bring more customer conversations into one place.

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Why your team will ❤️ Instagram x Help Scout 

Available on all current Help Scout plans, here are a few reasons your team will love using our new integration. 

No more switching platforms. You’ll no longer need to go to your Instagram account and check your direct messages to ensure you’ve followed up with all your customers. The Instagram integration allows your team to respond to and manage Instagram direct messages from your Help Scout inbox. 

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Automatically tag conversations for better organization. Create workflows to automatically tag conversations the same way you would for emails, chats, and Facebook Messenger conversations. In addition, an Instagram tag will be automatically applied to conversations coming through this integration, making it easier to track, filter, and report. 

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Customer information ready at your fingertips. Customer details like name, profile picture, and previous Instagram conversations will appear in the sidebar of the conversation — giving you essential historical context and customer information. 

Get a holistic overview of support activity. With all your support conversations in one place, you’ll get a better understanding of how many customers your team has talked to and what channels they’re coming through.

Why your customers will ❤️ Instagram x Help Scout 

Different channel, same great experience. With all the tools Help Scout provides, customers writing in through Instagram will get the same great support they do on other channels. With better social media support on Instagram (and Facebook Messenger), customers will feel confident your team is responsive and on top of it. 

Customers get an answer where they asked the question. Some conversations need to be moved off social for privacy, but if it’s the type of question that can be answered quickly, customers aren’t forced to switch channels and email your support team. 

Connect Instagram with Help Scout today

Ready to consolidate your support channels? The Instagram integration is available on all current plans. If you’re new to Help Scout, start a 15-day free trial and see how much easier the Inbox makes it to manage all your support conversations. Check out our pricing page for more information. 

For current customers, you can connect your company’s Instagram account in just a few steps. Check out our Instagram Setup Guide to get started! 

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