Quarterly Release Notes, October 2023: AI Assist, Log in with Google, and More

Welcome to Help Scout’s release notes! This quarter we introduced AI assist, additional Beacon configurations, made it possible to sign in with Google, and more. Read on to learn about what’s new in Help Scout!

Meet your new personal editor—AI assist. 

With the click of a button, AI assist can make text longer or shorter, change the tone, and fix spelling and grammar errors. Plus, it can translate your text into over a dozen languages. AI assist is available on all Help Scout plans and can be used in your inbox conversations and Messages text. Read more about AI assist here

AI assist is available in the new editor experience. If you aren't using the new editor, opt in using the “Try the new editor” link in the upper right-hand corner of your next reply.

AI Assist

New ways to adjust the position of your Beacon 

Previously, you had two visual placement options for Beacon on any page of your website or app: bottom left or bottom right. 

Now, with our JavaScript API, you can position a Beacon anywhere on your screen. We have the details on how to configure it here, and you can test the new Beacon placement method in this sandbox.

Beacon position updated

Log in faster using Google

Tired of typing in your username and password every time you log in to Help Scout? If the email address you use in Help Scout is linked to a Google account, you can now log in using the “Sign in with Google” button. 

You’ll be asked to verify your Help Scout account the first time you try this. Give it a try today.

Google Sign-in Screen

Messenger has moved to the Inbox Settings page

In the past, connecting your Messenger account to Help Scout was done through the Manage > Apps directory listing. Now, you can enable, authorize, and assign your Facebook Pages to a Help Scout mailbox directly in your Inbox Settings page.

Facebook Messenger - Inbox

Coming soon: Updated Shopify integration

We're making it easier for ecommerce brands to access Shopify data and take actions directly in Help Scout.

Updates to our Shopify integration include detailed order information directly in the sidebar of a conversation. And with Shopify actions, you'll be able to refund and cancel an order directly in Help Scout.

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