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Customer Story: Panorama Education

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Favorite features

Panorama is a data analytics platform that's on a mission to improve student outcomes by helping educators collect and act on social emotional learning data. "I get really excited working with folks who believe in the power of feedback and what that can do to improve schools," says Kristin Battaglini.

"The Jira integration is still relatively new to us, but one of the things that was most exciting for me was that when you close a ticket in Jira that's linked, the conversation pops back up as active (in Help Scout), and it allows us to know, 'Okay, it's time to reach back out to this person and share that this feedback that you gave a couple weeks ago, we actually took it and acted on it.'"

"I think it's important as a feedback company for us to really internalize that and embody that in our interactions, and this integration has helped us to do that."

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