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customer serviceA Customer Service Advice Column for Actual Humans

Get answers to your most challenging career or leadership questions in Help Scout's new customer service advice column by Mat Patterson.

customer serviceHow to Build a Strong Customer Service Culture

Discover strategies that executives, support leaders, and support agents can use to build and maintain a strong company customer service culture.

productCustomer Story: LanguaTalk

Learn how LanguaTalk, a marketplace for online language tutoring, uses Help Scout to get customers clear and prompt answers to their questions.

growth10 Simple Ways to Wow Your Customers Every Day

Learning how to wow your customers can have a huge impact. Here are 10 ways your company can knock people’s socks off every day.

customer serviceThe 9 Best Customer Service Software for Small Businesses

If it's time for your team to adopt customer service software, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to make the right choice.

growthWhat Is Customer Happiness + 11 Ways to Inspire It

Customer happiness contributes to your bottom line and other key business metrics, plus it feels good. This blog post explains how to do it well.

growth6 User Adoption Strategies for Growing SaaS Businesses

Six user adoption strategies that SaaS companies can use to convert trial users into paying customers and improve long-term customer retention.

productGood to Grow: Help Scout Celebrates its 10th Year

Help Scout’s first 10 years have been incredibly fun and rewarding, but in many ways it feels like we’re just getting started. We’re grateful to the 12,000+ businesses that make our work so enjoyable. Here’s to the next 10!

productCustomer Story: Upstream Tech

Before adopting Help Scout, Upstream Tech's support was difficult to manage and evaluate. Help Scout has helped them deliver high-touch, exceptional support.

customer serviceThe Taming of the Queue: 14 Support Queue Management Tips

Understanding and managing the power of the support queue is critical to a sustainable customer service organization. Consider these 14 tips.

growth6 Customer Experience Books Every Founder Should Read

This list of must-read customer experience books contains some classics, plus a few you might not see in the traditional best CX books lists.

customer serviceHow to Hire for Customer Service: A Step-by-Step Guide

Making the right hires for your support team is critical for the long-term strength of your organization. Learn how to hire for customer service.

growth5 Effective Customer Loyalty Programs for Small Businesses

All you need to know about the benefits of customer loyalty programs for your small business, plus examples of 5 types of loyalty programs to consider.

growthCX Fitness: Conducting a Customer Experience Analysis

Consider these four questions and one call to action to conduct a customer experience analysis and get your company's CX into shape.

productMarch 2021 Release Notes: Beacon Identify Changes, Messages Editor Updates, and More!

Release Notes is our bimonthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

growthCreating a Customer Success Journey Map in 6 Steps

A 6-step guide to creating a customer success journey map, plus how to use it to help customers achieve long-term success with your product.

growth6 Customer Centricity Examples To Use In Your Business

Keeping customers your #1 focus isn’t always easy. These 6 companies offer real-life customer centricity examples that will show you the way.

productBehind The Scenes: How a Help Scout Article Is Made

Watch this five-minute video for a behind-the-scenes look at how a Help Scout article goes from an idea in Asana to a published piece.

productCustomer Story: GrowSurf

Yun found that Help Scout allowed for the creation of tailored support experiences within the GrowSurf web app itself, leading to optimized support experiences.

productCustomer Story: Zapier

“The simplicity of Help Scout makes the work so much easier. It's not complicated by thousands of plugins or tabs — it's just you and the customer solving a problem.”

productCustomer Story: Basecamp

“We chose Help Scout because their support is really great. It's in line with our values and how we want support to be for our customers.”

productCustomer Story: GrabCad

See how GrabCad uses Help Scout to create a memorable customer experience and build long-term relationships with nearly 4 million designers, engineers, and manufacturers.

growthA Comprehensive Guide to Customer Satisfaction Score

Customer satisfaction score (CSAT) is an excellent baseline metric for customer experience. Learn why it’s important and how to use it effectively.

productCustomer Story: Springboard

Since becoming a Help Scout customer, Springboard has scaled its support solution without compromising a human and personalized customer experience.

productCustomer Story: Influitive

“Having the ability to know exactly how we're performing and having it laid out in a straightforward, visual way makes things really simple for us.”

growthHow To Use NPS to Measure Your Customer Experience

Learn more about Net Promoter Score and discover 7 best practices you can employ to use NPS as a tool for measuring your customer experience.

productCustomer Story: Mixmax

Since becoming a Help Scout customer, Mixmax has scaled its support solution without compromising a human and personalized customer experience.

productCustomer Story: Panorama Education

Using the Help Scout and Jira integration helps Panorama Education's Client Success, Product, and Engineering teams stay on the same page.

productCustomer Story: Tattly

Tattly insists on delighting customers and uses Help Scout to make providing memorable support as easy and fun as it should be.

growth7 Foundational Customer Experience Best Practices

A better customer experience leads to more loyal customers and more referrals. Here are the seven CX best practices you need to get there.

productCustomer Story: Threadless

Since becoming a Help Scout customer, Threadless has scaled its support solution without compromising a human and personalized customer experience.

productCustomer Story: OnePageCRM

Since becoming a Help Scout customer, OnePageCRM has scaled its support solution without compromising a human and personalized customer experience.

customer serviceB2B Customer Service: What It Is and How To Do It Well

B2B customer service offers a number of complexities that B2C customer service doesn’t. Learn what B2B customer service is and 6 ways to excel at it.

growth7 Key Customer Experience Metrics, From Basic to Advanced

Discover 7 basic, next-level, and intriguing customer experience metrics that will help you measure and improve CX at your company.

growthCustomer Onboarding: Steps, Examples, and Best Practices

A detailed guide to creating a customer onboarding process, with best practices and examples to help customers achieve success with your product.

customer serviceGPT-3 and AI in Customer Support

GPT-3 has been making news recently, so it’s worth taking a look to understand what it is and how it might help with customer support.

growthCreating a Customer Experience Team: 4 Questions to Ask

Answer these four questions to create a customer experience team that's poised to deliver great experiences for every customer, every time.

growthA Founder’s Guide to Collecting and Utilizing User Feedback

An introductory guide on how to collect user feedback: the tools to use, the questions to ask, and how to use feedback to build your product.

growth9 Key Aspects of a Stellar Customer Success Strategy

Learn about the nine critical components of an effective customer success strategy and how you can implement them for your own business.

growthWhere to Start When Building a Customer Success Team

Customer success teams are the best way to ensure an excellent customer experience. Here's how and why you should build one for your company.

customer serviceCustomer Service Training: 21+ Tips, Activities, and Courses

Use these customer service training activities, tips, and courses to continually improve your support quality, consistency, and speed.

growthHow to Create a Customer Feedback Loop That Works

Learn about the stages of creating a customer feedback loop and discover how you can use customer feedback to improve your business.

growthThe Role of Customer Stickiness in Building Enduring Loyalty

Learn what customer stickiness is and how SaaS businesses can both improve stickiness and transform it into enduring customer loyalty.

growthCustomer Satisfaction: What It Is and 6 Ways to Boost It

Customer satisfaction is the pulse beneath most key business metrics. Learn why it’s important, how to measure it, and six ways to improve it.

customer serviceCustomer Support Job Description: Examples and Best Practices

Learn how to write a customer support job description that attracts your ideal applicants, and review some excellent real-world examples.

growth7 Proven SaaS Customer Success Best Practices

Discover 7 best practices for customer success teams. Use them to reduce churn, improve revenue retention, and help your SaaS company grow.

growth8 Key SaaS Customer Success Metrics & How to Measure Them

Measure and improve your customers' ability to be successful with your product by tracking these 8 key SaaS customer success metrics.

customer serviceCustomer Service Trends Not to Care About in 2021

The biggest customer service trends in 2021 won't be a surprising new technology or a huge growth in adoption of some long-predicted tool like AI.

customer serviceHow to Get Started Delivering Proactive Customer Service

Learn what proactive customer service is and why it's important. Learn the steps to take to deliver the proactive support your customers want.

customer service101 Inspirational Customer Service Quotes

Delight and motivate your team with Help Scout's hand-picked collection of inspirational customer service quotes from industry thought leaders.

growthHow a Great Customer Experience Can Grow Your Bottom Line

Customer experience is a key brand differentiator for SaaS and ecommerce businesses. Here’s how to create a CX strategy and profit from it.

growthCustomer Success: What It Means, Why It Matters, and More

Business success today demands that companies focus on helping customers succeed. Here’s everything you need to know about customer success.

growthCustomer Perception and How to Manage It Effectively

The way customers perceive your company is key to revenue growth. Learn more about customer perception and how to manage it in this detailed guide.

productNovember 2020 Release Notes: Advanced Permissions, Message Reports, and More!

Release Notes is our bimonthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

growthHow to Improve Customer Loyalty With Customer Effort Score

Use Customer Effort Score to see where you’re making things difficult for customers. Learn how to measure it to improve your customer’s experience.

productHelp Scout Product Live

Get an inside look at what Help Scout is building.