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Welcome to all Experience This! podcast listeners. Here you will find all the links, articles, images, and other resources relating to the Conversation Corner segments featuring Help Scout’s Mat Patterson. As each episode is published, this page will update with the latest content.

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Episode 161 from April 19th, 2022

Mat and Joey talk about their best self-service experiences and discuss what makes for a good self-service interaction. Listen to the episode.

Episode 160 from April 12th, 2022

Mat chats with Dan about the best kitchen bin he’s ever owned, and why a good tool can be worth paying more for than one that “does exactly the same thing.” Listen to the episode.

Episode 159 from April 5th, 2022

Mat asks Joey to list the greatest allies a CX leader should have. Joey thinks everyone in the company should consider customer experience, but goes on to explore the different CX impacts made by specific roles including your CMO and HR head. Listen to the episode.

Episode 158 from March 29th, 2022

Mat asks Dan whether a low-cost product can still deliver high quality customer experiences. Dan says customer experience is not just for luxury brands and mentions Wendy’s and Hampton Inn. Mat mentions a tiny tweak that made a drink container vastly better to use. Listen to the episode.

Episode 157 from March 22nd, 2022

Mat asks Joey if “good” customer experience can ever lead to negative consequences. What makes people happy in the moment is not necessarily in their best interests in the long term. Listen to the episode.

Episode 156 from March 15th, 2022

Mat asks Dan what business he has had the longest customer relationship with, and how they have earned that loyalty.

Dan has had a decades long relationship with Charles Schwab and particularly appreciated their practical focus on his financial concerns during COVID. Listen to the episode.

Episode 155 from March 8th, 2022

In this episode, Mat asked Dan if there was any animated gif that would be appropriate for a funeral home’s customer service to send to their customers. Dan suggested this classic, and explains why. Listen to the episode.

It’s all about knowing your customer, what matters to them, and the voice and tone appropriate for your specific combination of company, industry and customer base. Here are some articles to help you strike the right balance.

Episode 154 from March 1st, 2022

In this episode Mat and Joey discussed their favorite customer service related movie scene. Listen to the episode.

Joey’s Pick: Pretty Woman (1990)

Julia Roberts’ character is patronized by sales staff who think she cannot afford their goods. Later, she returns to show how big a mistake they made.

Mat’s Pick: Office Space (1999)

Jennifer Aniston plays a waitress whose boss is unhappy she isn’t wearing enough “pieces of flair”, even though she is meeting the written standard. He condescendingly fails to clearly define what he really wants from his low paid staff.

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