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6 Important Live Chat Tips for Email Support Pros

Delivering quality live chat support requires a specific set of skills. Build on the email support experience you already have with these 6 live chat tips.

8 Live Chat Best Practices and Common Mistakes

If you're finding that live chat is your most challenging support channel, consider adopting these best practices (and avoiding these common mistakes).

The 9 Big Benefits of Live Chat for Customer Service Teams

Learn how adding live chat as a customer service channel can help you improve the customer experience, increase agent productivity, and much more.

How to Communicate with Customers During a System Outage

Follow these tips and use this customizable outage notification template to delight customers with exceptional service even when your system is down.

8 Best Practices for Writing Effective Knowledge Base Articles

Follow these eight best practices to create knowledge base articles that are informative, engaging, appropriate, and unquestionably clear.

Inside Help Scout: How We Implement Whole Company Support

Discover why Whole Company Support matters and how Help Scout has built a customer-centric culture where everyone works directly with customers.

8 Common Customer Service Phrases You Should Avoid Using

Avoid bombarding your customers with these common clichés and learn what to say instead.

7 Shared Mailbox Best Practices You Can Put Into Action

If your team operates from a shared mailbox, you’ll appreciate these 7 shared mailbox best practices to streamline your communications.

Guide: How to Create Human-Centered Customer Support Programs

We partnered with HubSpot to bring you the ultimate guide to human-centered customer support.

Terrifying Tales of Spooky Support

The relentless customer with suspiciously sharp teeth, and the disturbing silence of an empty inbox. Three support stories to scare any customer service professional this Halloween.

How to Handle Customer Support During Company-Wide Events

When your company is enjoying some downtime during a retreat or holiday, how should you manage customer support?

Should I Let My Staff Complain About Customers?

Practical, research backed advice on how and when to manage situations where your team are complaining about your customers.

Inside Help Scout: How We Triage Our Support Queue

How Help Scout’s support team delivers high-quality service for the trickiest cases using a new triage process.

Does Your E-Commerce Business Need a Help Desk?

5 questions to help you determine whether help desk software is right for your e-commerce business.

9 Principles For Starting a Successful Side Hustle

Discover the uniting principles that helped these 12 customer support pros launch and run their side projects.

Rolling Out Weekend Support

Use these indicators and tips to help you understand when you might want to extend to 7-day support coverage and how to roll it out effectively.

The 3-Part Approach to Creating Customer Loyalty

Customer service teams have an opportunity to move beyond reactively fixing problems and become drivers of retention and expansion. Here’s the three-part plan!

5 Boring Customer Service Stories

Great customer service isn’t all about wow moments or heroic interventions. Here are 5 dull tales of excellent service delivered with flash through well-built systems.

Humanize Your Support With Data

Giving support teams easy access to relevant contextual data creates better, more human customer service. Here’s how to make it happen.

A Playbook for Difficult Customer Support Scenarios

Prepare your team for their toughest customer service challenges by planning in advance and responding consistently to these 4 common support scenarios.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes in SMB Online Service

Close to 80% of businesses think they deliver superior service, but only 8% of customers agreed. Discover the five leading causes of inferior service from small to medium businesses.

How to Turn Off a Support Channel Gracefully

Practical guidance on when to consider turning off a particular support channel, and how to do it with the least impact on your customers and your team.

Why Analytical Reading Is a Must-Have Skill

Today’s support professionals need a specific type of reading skill to comprehend customers’ (often confusing and emotional) incoming emails in the high-pressure, high-production customer service environment.

Making an impact in the big game

What if we treated exceptional customer service performers like we do our sports stars? From the team at Help Scout, it’s Super Queue Sunday!

Career Paths for Customer Service Agents at Help Scout

There are multiple paths for career growth for customer service and support staff at Help Scout. Explore the options and understand the responsibilities involved.

12 Step Guide to Choosing the Best Help Desk Software in 2019

Choosing help desk software can feel like a daunting task. This guide will help you pick the right one for your company.

How To Write a Good Internal Note

Make better use of the private or internal notes feature of your help desk more effectively by following these guidelines for effective, helpful notes.

5 Reasons Why Investing in Software for Help Desk Increases Your ROI for Customer Support

Learn why investing in software for help desk increases your ROI for customer support.

Support Teams and Technical Writers: A Powerful Partnership

Reliable, well-maintained documentation is vital to good service, but it is a huge job. Here’s how support teams can help technical writers produce better knowledge bases.

How Savvy Customer Support Teams Schedule for Live Chat

Building your live chat schedule can be challenging. Live chat customers expect fast help, but your staff have other work to handle too. Here’s how to make it all work.

Practice self-care this Thanksgiving

It can be a tough time of year for customer-facing professionals. And turkeys. Don’t miss these top tips for practicing self-care during the hectic holiday season.

3 Strategies for Scaling Up to 24-Hour Customer Service

Offering 24-hour customer service is a fantastic customer benefit. Here are three approaches for successfully expanding your support to 24/7 coverage.

Customer Support Operations

Understand the role of Customer Support Operations in scaling up a customer service team, and learn the responsibilities and skills required to succeed in the role.

The Art of Troubleshooting for Customer Support Professionals

Increase your support speed and build a more resilient and effective team by teaching the skill and art of troubleshooting for customer service professionals.

Deliver Consistently High-Quality Service With Peer Feedback

How to usefully and consistently measure support quality, and how to use the information you gather to improve the quality of your training and the service you provide.

Help Your New Hires Rock: 30/60/90-Day Reviews for Support

How to structure reviews at the first 30, 60, and 90 days of an employee’s tenure to provide them useful feedback and the opportunity to tell you what is going well and where they need help.

What to Call Your Customer Service and Support Teams

What should you call your support or service team? What names are others using? Does the name even matter, and if it does, how do you make a decision? Here's how to think about names.

The Living Customer Service Queue

It’s alive! Customer service professionals envisioned their support queues as living creatures, and now they’ve come to life as fun illustrations.

Interaction Reviews: Quality Assurance for Support Teams

A 7-step guide to creating a consistent, effective quality review process that will help your team raise the bar on your customer service interactions.

How to Hire for Chat and Email Writing Skills

Can you hire people who are great email writers *and* live chat writers? E-Write’s Leslie O’Flahavan shares her tips for spotting great writers of email and chat support.

The Right Way to Consolidate Your Customer Support Tools

A guide to thoughtfully reducing the number of separate tools your company uses to create and manage the customer service experience, and why it matters.

AI, Curiosity, and the Future of Human Customer Service

When AI can answer (some) customer questions, what is the role of humans in support? The answer is bringing human curiosity back into service.

A Customer Support Leader’s Guide to One-on-Ones

Effective one-on-one meetings are a powerful tool for building strong, effective support teams. Here’s how to do it right.

How Cards Against Humanity Maintains Personality While Scaling Support

Cards Against Humanity is a small company with a strong personality and a lot of passionate customers. Discover how their support team scales up while maintaining quality and a clear voice.

How to Scale Live Chat Support

Yes, it is possible to add high-quality chat support to your service offering using your existing team.

Smooth Moves: Migrating a Customer Query Between Support Channels

How to smoothly move a conversation from one channel to another without upsetting your customer.

4 Ways to Determine What Your Customer Really Needs

Take the right steps to reach solutions that solve your customers’ core problems.

5 Ancient Roman Lessons for Conquering Support

How did the Roman Empire expand so effectively without collapsing? Sarah Chambers shares 5 ancient lessons to help you scale up your service.

Prioritizing Incoming Support

Answering your oldest support queries first makes sense, but it doesn‘t always lead to the best customer experiences. Is fairness the best goal for support?

Turn Support Hunches into Usable Data for Product Teams

Support teams are a treasure trove of customer stories. Here’s how small teams can make those stories actionable for the rest of the company.

How Mailchimp Bridges the Gap Between Support and Product

As teams grow, the gap between product and customer widens. Find out how Mailchimp’s Support Product Analysts bridge that gap.

Group Effort

One support pro discovers that developing your own professional support network can really pay off.

The Future of Self-Service

How will our customers help themselves in 2018 and beyond? A review of the near future of customer self-service technologies and trends.

Chance Meeting

After meeting a high-maintenance customer face-to-face, one support pro changes his tone - and tune.

A Strength Found

Reading a classic business book was a lightbulb moment for an unhappy marketer.

Social Support

A close call teaches one support pro the dangers of offering support on social channels!

10 Knowledge Base Examples That Get It Right

A knowledge base can be your customer’s self service guide through your product, but not if your help content is mediocre.

Schedule a Snapshot of Your Help Scout Stats

Centralize and streamline communication across teams with Help Scout's Slack integration.

Self-Service Is About More Than Saving Money

Allowing customers to self-serve can reduce costs significantly, but effective self-service goes further. By engaging customers and empowering staff, companies can deliver better service experiences.

Helping Hand

A little bit of goodwill goes a long way for one nonprofit, thanks to Andra at Zapier.

Dream Job

Pat always wanted to work in customer support, and after a few years of dabbling in web development, he found his dream job at GitHub.

3 Ways to Help Your Team Create a Better Self-Service Experience

There is one counterintuitive key to achieving the self-service dream: people. Jeff Toister shares 3 ways to create effective self-service experiences.

Michael Jordan Support

There are few things more satisfying than when you craft the perfect response to a customer, and they truly appreciate it.

Difficult Call

It only took one moment of real connection for this support pro to reframe difficult customer conversations forever.

Customer Service and Support Reporting Examples

If you’re creating new customer service reports or updating existing ones, these example reports will improve the way you present your impact on the business.

Create reports that drive real business results

Support and community are about relationships and connection, but that does not mean we should only represent our work with qualitative, human-centered metrics.

Streamline Customer Team Communication With Help Scout Notes

Notes provide helpful background information on customers without breaking the flow of the discussion.

Customizing Customer Emails With Saved Replies

Saved Replies allows you to keep common answers to frequently asked questions so that you can pop them into your customer conversations.

Why Basecamp’s Support Team Tags With Intent

Chase and Basecamp have a pretty low key reporting approach, here he gives an example of the 'why' of tagging emails.

Seasonal Support Stories

Support professionals share encouraging true tales of seasonal support success.

Never miss a conversation with Help Scout’s Slack integration

Centralize and streamline communication across teams with Help Scout's Slack integration.

How MeUndies Are Providing Excellent Support

MeUndies, an ecommerce underwear retailer, explain how they prepare for battle with seasonal support queues.

6 Tips for Mastering Customer Service During the Holiday Rush

Be proactive and make a plan before the holiday rush hits, and you’ll be ready to provide great customer service, no matter what challenges come your way.

24/7 Support Using Help Scout’s Mobile App

Keep up with your customers, or you want to start providing 24/7 support coverage, it’s important to have a mobile version of your help desk.

Thrive Through Busy Times by Studying Your Support History

Customer service consultant Adrian Swinscoe outlines a 7-step plan for quick, low-effort improvements that will help customer service teams thrive through busy periods.

Why Support Teams Must Stake a Claim to Revenue

Customer support isn’t a cost center, it’s a vital bridge between the initial sale and creating long-term value for your customers. Simon Ouderkirk from Automattic challenges customer support teams to fight for the revenue they generate.

The Real Recipe for Customer Service

True customer focus requires the involvement of the whole team, not just support. Support-driven growth is the path to greater customer experiences.

How SaaS Companies Can Structure Customer Facing Teams for Support and Success

Chris Bowler helps you think through how to organize SaaS support and success teams.

Being a Customer-Centric Company Is About Action, Not Buzzwords

Customer-centric companies focus every part of the business on their customers. Help Scout’s founders explain how they think about customer service in their different roles.

6 Steps to Creating a Customer-Focused Culture

Having highly skilled customer service staff is not enough to succeed. Here's how to build a company wide culture of service.

Help Document Design for Non-Designers

Simple design principles to make your help documentation clearer, more scannable and more effective.

How Campaign Monitor Redesigned Their Knowledge Base

When you're managing a knowledge base, writing great content is only part of the job. Producing a successful knowledge base means acquiring a whole set of new skills.

7 Tips for Creating a Knowledge Base

Support Driven experts share their hard earned knowledge base advice for those building out a new KB, and for those who want to take their knowledge base to the next level.

Revamp Your Knowledge Base Architecture

Redesign your knowledge base and create a better customer experience.

8 Tips for How to Approach Cross-Cultural Customer Support

How can you best support customers whose first language isn’t English?

How to Create a Customer-Centric Company that People Love

Creating a customer-centric company is a top priority for businesses looking to thrive in today's customer-first world.

6 Ways to Get More Mileage out of Your Help Content

As you add value to your product, continue adding value to your help docs. These tips will ensure your customer support content is helpful and useful.

Outsourcing Support the Right Way

Have you dismissed outsourcing for customer support? Learn how outsourcing could help you take your service to new heights.

Design Your Knowledge Base Like A Product

Create better help docs that enable your customers to get answers 24/7 even when your support team is offline.

Empower Your Customers With Self-Service, Chat and Help Desk Support

Stop being the gatekeeper to your clients’ success. Use self-service, chat and your help desk to help your customers succeed.

8 Best Practices for Designing a Helpful Contact Page

Your contact us page is the first place customers go for answers on your website. See contact us page examples from top companies for ideas on how to design yours right.

Why Your Customer Service Sucks

Is it that people who work in customer service are lazy? That they just don’t care? Or have repeated telephone cord near-strangulations damaged some critical part of their brain? Perhaps.

Speed Up Support with Simple Automations

Automate your customer support processes to gain insights and save time. Here’s how.

How to Apologize: 5 Elements of a Successful ‘I’m Sorry’

The ability to apologize effectively is a customer service superpower, and you don’t even need to be bitten by a radioactive animal to develop it.

5 Habits to Rethink When You Become a Support Manager

When you’re promoted to customer service manager, you’ll need to rethink some of the habits that made you a great support representative.

You Don’t Need a Help Desk

“You can provide great customer service without a help desk.”

How Customer Support Teams Can Maximize Seasonal Downtime

Every industry is subject to seasonal downtime — use it to set yourself up for success before your team gets swamped again.

Take It or Leave It: What Help Desk Data Should You Migrate?

Switching help desks can be a real pain, but it’s also an opportunity to improve your support team’s processes, get rid of clutter, and create new habits that make your life easier.

The Challenge With Chat

“Live chat customer service is hard to do well, but with the right execution, it can bring big benefits to your business.”

How to Organize With Tags

Help desk tags let you categorize conversations, monitor trends, and trigger automated actions. But what are the questions to ask before you designate your tags?

The Future of Customer Support

Industry leaders weigh in on emerging trends in the customer support industry, including self-service, chatbots, and the role of humans in 2017 and beyond.

Mastering Conversations in Help Scout

Tips for mastering conversations in Help Scout's help desk.

5 Customer Service Tips for Early-Stage Startups

How to offer great customer service when your startup is still small

Growing a Successful and Rewarding Career in Customer Support

Believe it or not, there are exciting career paths in customer service and customer support that pay well and develop a variety of skill sets no other industry can offer.

How to Eliminate High-Effort Customer Experiences

Go beyond satisfied customers and create real customer loyalty by finding and eliminating high-effort experiences.

Old-School Customer Service: The Butcher Shop

What do small-town, brick-and-mortar businesses have to teach modern customer success and support teams?

Support 101: How to Have Difficult Conversations

Communicating bad news to customers can be complicated, but following a few basic guidelines will ensure you say it right the first time and every time.

4 Easy and Effective Ways to Invest in Your Customers

Fostering an environment where customers feel loyal to you and your business is a wise investment in the future of your company.

Writing the Perfect Customer Service Résumé Is Easier Than You Think

“Learn what customer service managers look for in a résumé and how to make yours stand out.”

How to Break Up With Abusive Customers

When an abusive customer is making life miserable for your support team, it’s time to let them go. Here’s the playbook.

Messaging Is So Hot Right Now

“How do messaging applications fit in with your email, live chat or other support channels? Should it replace or augment your support options?”

Company Support

One customer support pro finds that it's not enough to discover what you love doing - you have to find a company that loves what you do too.

Your Customers Don’t Love You As Much As You Do

You may hold a high opinion of your company, but on average most of your customers think you’re just OK.

The ROI of Thanking Your Customers

The ROI of thanking your customers is tantamount to the ROI of word-of-mouth. Here’s proof … and what to do about it.

The ‘I’ in customer service ROI

“Investing in ROI for customer service covers more than salaries and tools. Mat talks about the importance of leadership in ROI.”

What's In A Name?

A tiny change to a phrase can make all the difference in helping your customer's comprehension.

Step-By-Step Guide to Measuring Customer Service ROI

A practical approach to developing smaller, more measurable customer service ROI figures.

Why ROI Matters for Customer Service

Part one of a two-part series on customer service ROI, why you need it, and a detailed breakdown on how to measure it.

What My Mechanic Taught Me About Customer Service

4 customer service lessons from a pro who treats people right, and keeps them coming back for decades.

Customer Support Trends 2017

​​The 5 most common predictions for customer support in 2017, from social support through to AI and chatbots, with helpful resources.

Customer Health

When you take the time to learn the background behind a customer's question, you learn that compassion and empathy make the biggest difference.

School of Support: Taking the Right Tone

Communicating tone online is hard, especially in customer support. Follow a few best practices and you'll say it right the first time and every time.

Scaling Customer Service on a Growing Team

You've got great customer service, but how do ensure quality as your company grows? Growth brings challenges you need to prepare for.

Save Time With Saved Replies

Use saved replies to reduce repeat tasks by creating templates you can use for common customer support queries.

How You Can Improve Security

What's the balance between being helpful and being secure? We discuss ways to close the customer service security hole.

Time Saving Search Tips

Search is the quickest way to find customers, conversations and knowledge base articles in your help desk account.

Surprising Friendship

When you go the extra mile for a customer, often you end up gaining more than just their loyalty - you can also make a new friend.

How 3 Nonprofits Approach Customer Service

Customer service at nonprofits is often a function rather than a department, so success depends on keeping their tools and processes as simple as possible.

The 5 People You Meet In Support

Providing the best customer service starts with the people you hire. These five personality types are essential on every customer support team.

Make Your Help Content Accessible In-App

Making your help content available inside your app helps customers keep problem solving momentum. Here’s how to set it up without hours of development time.

How to Become a Data-Driven Support Pro

Using data in customer support doesn't have to be scary. Learn how to be data-driven and leverage analytics and reports in customer support.

Make notes more powerful with workflows

Using your help desk automation to make notes more efficient for your customer support team.

Using Trello as a Shared Support Brain

How to keep track of support issues and updates in Trello.

The 29 Best Tools and Resources for Customer Support Professionals

A comprehensive list of customer service tools and resources for support professionals to build on their knowledge and connect with others in the field.

Streamlining Customer Conversations

Organize your customer conversations based on their status or group and move them to those buckets based on what needs to be done.

Strangers on a Train

It isn't so much that I was able to help this customer, but that we were able to work together in tandem to solve his problem.

The New Definition of Customer Support

The definition of customer support has changed over time, but today providing good customer support benefits both customers and the companies that provide it.

Categorizing Your Knowledge Base and Integrating with Onboarding

Keep your knowledge base updated while reducing busy work by organizing how-to articles into high level categories.

Building Your Customer Support Funnel

Learn the 4 stages of the customer support funnel, and you can use it to retain customers.

Scheduling Reminders for Ongoing Conversations

Don’t let ongoing customer conversations get lost in your help desk. Use tags and workflows to set reminders to follow up.

Honest Mistake

Everyone makes mistakes, but when you can help your customer fix one of their own, it can make your day too.

Aligning Sales and Support for Long-Term Growth

When sales and customer service work together, they succeed by giving the customer a better experience.

Integrate for Efficiency

Improve the efficiency of your help desk by integrating your help desk with other apps and services.

Best Part of the Day

With every interaction in customer support, you have the opportunity to be the best part of that person's day.

Switching Help Desks Doesn't Have to be a Nightmare

Switching to a new help desk can be tricky, but it’s a chance to organize your support department and step up your customer service game.

Talking Customer Success with Ryan Engley

What is customer success and how does it drive business growth? Ryan Engley of Unbounce shares his thoughts on the value of creating successful customers.

Use Tags to Delight Your Customers

You can use tags to organize support conversations to discover easy wins in the product that will delight your customers.

Optimizing Your Help Desk Setup

If you’re implementing a new help desk, or optimizing your existing setup, follow this checklist to ensure it goes smoothly for your customers and your team.

Nobody Wants to Provide Poor Customer Service

Complex software solutions, misconceptions about customer support and lack of engagement are causing your team to provide poor customer service.

Stop Defending Customer Support

Careers in customer service and support offer better salaries and carry more clout than ever before. Learn how to grow your career by elevating the profession itself.

What’s Your Support Stack?

No help desk can truly be a one-size-fits-all solution. Take an inside look at the tools these 5 support teams use to do their jobs.

Real Talk

Sometimes telling a customer what you can and cannot do without trying to sweeten your answer is exactly what they want.

4 Ways to Find Meaningful Opportunities in Customer Support

To spot high-upside opportunities in customer service, be sure to use these 4 practical frameworks.

The Surprisingly Simple Way to Improve Employee Retention in Customer Support

Customer support is fighting a negative public perception, and high turnover rates, but there is a solution and it takes less work than you think.

How to Set Up Your Customer Support Department from Scratch

From hiring a team to setting up tools and processes, these are are the building blocks of a great customer support department.

9 Tips to Improve Your Customer Support Game

Tips on providing better customer support from experienced customer support professionals

Create Value With the Support Data You Already Have

Show your company the value of customer support using data you already have.

Support, Sales, and Marketing Need to Work in Harmony

Three ways to get your support, sales, and marketing teams working together effectively.

How to Talk to Your Angriest Customers

Being able to assess and address customer complaints is key to providing great customer service.

Supporting Customers in a Foreign Language

7 tips for providing multilingual customer support

7 Ways to Show Customers You Care

Customer appreciation can be somewhat of a lost art, but smart businesses know that caring gestures turn customers into loyal advocates.

7 Times Excellent Customer Service Was Delivered Over Email

Can excellent customer service really be delivered over email? These 7 examples say yes!

16 Tips from World-Class Customer Service Teams

The best customer service tips can only come from world-class teams. Here are 15 tips for delighting your customers.

The 27 Best Customer Service Books

The top 27 customer service books about providing better customer service and creating a customer-centered culture in your company.

Track Requests to Keep Customers Coming Back

Telling customers to “keep an eye out” for updates puts the onus on them—not cool. Instead, be proactive and follow up after you’ve fixed a bug they reported or built a feature they wanted.

How Top Customer Service Teams Measure Performance

Customer service metrics are easy to measure, but what exactly should you track and how should you report on it?

Solving Problems Outside Your Domain

Sometimes, due to forces beyond your control, you have to solve customer problems that your product or site didn't create.

Hiring for Support? Make the Most of Your Interviews.

You only get one chance to conduct a great interview. Follow these tips to ask more creative, revealing questions.

5 Big Lessons Support Managers Wish They’d Learned Sooner

What the best support leaders wish they’d known when they first took the helm.

7 Tips on How to Say No to Customers

Keep customers happy even when you can’t give them everything they want.

7 Smart Ideas for Managing the Customer Support Queue

When customer support volume grows, you’ll need a plan to better manage the queue. Here are seven ideas to try.

Supercharge Your Support With Data-Driven Smarts

Understanding the psychology behind setting and meeting goals will help you focus on what matters and improve productivity.

Giving Great GIFs for Better Support

GIFs are good for more than a quick laugh — they’re also an effective tool to deliver great support.

Customer Support People Need Care, Too

Customer support roles require a lot of resilience, even if you're completely in love with your job.

Handling the Curveballs of Customer Support

Practical guides for handling tricky customer service situations including saying not a request and refusing a refund.

Content Is Customer Success

​​In the competitive rat race that is “content,” has solving for the customer become a mere footnote?

Don’t Leave Your Support Team Navigating Without a Compass

While reporting on customer support is important, there’s more to it than just the numbers.

Hiring Your Picture Perfect Support Team

Hiring is an art, not a science. Keeping your eye out for a few key qualities will make it easier for you to hire the best customer service team.

How to Recover After a Long Day of Support

Working in customer service can be emotionally exhausting. Giving support staff feedback sessions and time away from the queue can rebuild their resilience.

Everyone Should Be Feeling the Customer’s Pain

Getting the whole team to answer support questions is the fastest way to ensure your company truly understand the customer experience.

How to Write a Magnetic Job Description for Customer Support

Customer support job descriptions require you to identify the kind of person who will be right for this unique kind of work.

The Personality that Succeeds in Customer Support

To succeed in support takes a special set of skills including listening, showing understanding, action taking, empathy and a little creativity.

Don’t Let Tone Ruin Your Support Interactions

Take a look at a few examples of how tone can impede your customer support interactions.

Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Support Rep

Customer support isn’t all gifs and happiness. Greg shares a more realistic perspective on the difficult, important work of the customer service team.

Using the Customer Service Tone

Conversation is rarely back or white. Your tone, both written and spoken, creates many shades of gray.

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Handle a Company Crisis

What to do, and what NOT to do when things go wrong Learn with practical examples from Buffer, HMV and Adobe.

8 Companies with Exceptional Customer Service

8 inspiring stories of exceptional customer service from companies including Trader Joe’s, Buffer, Ritz-Carlton, and JetBlue.

5 Warning Signs That Your Customer Service Truly Sucks

How can you objectively tell if your customer service is garbage or not?

Email Customer Service: What's an Acceptable Reply Time?

Responding to inquiries within 24 hours should be more than a company goal; it should be a standard of practice.

5 Ways to Create a Customer-Oriented Culture

Follow these 5 tips to create a culture in your company that thrills both your team and your customers.