Help Desk Tips

How to make the most of your support tool

Self Service

Empower Your Customers With Self-Service, Chat and Help Desk Support

Stop being the gatekeeper to your clients’ success. Use self-service, chat and your help desk to help your customers succeed.

Leor Manelis 3 min read

Make Your Help Content Accessible In-App

Making your help content available inside your app helps customers keep problem solving momentum. Here’s how to set it up without hours of development time.

Justin Seymour 3 min read

Categorizing Your Knowledge Base and Integrating with Onboarding

Keep your knowledge base updated while reducing busy work by organizing how-to articles into high level categories.

Anthony Xiques 2 min read


Customizing Customer Emails With Saved Replies

Saved Replies allows you to keep common answers to frequently asked questions so that you can pop them into your customer conversations.

Ilya Ornatov 2 min read

Speed Up Support with Simple Automations

Automate your customer support processes to gain insights and save time. Here’s how.

Kim Kadiyala 4 min read

Save Time With Saved Replies

Use saved replies to reduce repeat tasks by creating templates you can use for common customer support queries.

Carmel Granahan 2 min read

Make notes more powerful with workflows

Using your help desk automation to make notes more efficient for your customer support team.

Sean Mancillas 1 min read

Scheduling Reminders for Ongoing Conversations

Don’t let ongoing customer conversations get lost in your help desk. Use tags and workflows to set reminders to follow up.

Ana Campos 1 min read


Schedule a Snapshot of Your Help Scout Stats

Centralize and streamline communication across teams with Help Scout's Slack integration.

Kim Kadiyala 2 min read

Streamline Customer Team Communication With Help Scout Notes

Notes provide helpful background information on customers without breaking the flow of the discussion.

Ilya Ornatov 1 min read

Never miss a conversation with Help Scout’s Slack integration

Centralize and streamline communication across teams with Help Scout's Slack integration.

Will Stephens 2 min read

24/7 Support Using Help Scout’s Mobile App

Keep up with your customers, or you want to start providing 24/7 support coverage, it’s important to have a mobile version of your help desk.

Will Stephens 1 min read

How to Organize With Tags

Help desk tags let you categorize conversations, monitor trends, and trigger automated actions. But what are the questions to ask before you designate your tags?

Help Scout 2 min read

Mastering Conversations in Help Scout

Tips for mastering conversations in Help Scout's help desk.

Mo McKibbin 4 min read

Time Saving Search Tips

Search is the quickest way to find customers, conversations and knowledge base articles in your help desk account.

Nadia Basil 3 min read

Integrate for Efficiency

Improve the efficiency of your help desk by integrating your help desk with other apps and services.

Davida Fernandez 1 min read

Use Tags to Delight Your Customers

You can use tags to organize support conversations to discover easy wins in the product that will delight your customers.

Justin Rochell 2 min read