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Even when support questions are coming from customers in completely different parts of the world, their scenarios and use cases can be almost identical.

That’s when saved replies come in handy; they reduce time on the keyboard and allow you more time for problem solving and selling.

Overwhelmed by holiday customer support requests? We’ll help you automate personalized interaction.

How we use saved replies

As a SaaS company, we get many similar queries depending on the stage our users are at with our service. New customers typically have generic questions like “How to I get my data into the system?” so we create a saved reply for these types of inquiries.

Saved replies are also handy if we’ve just launched a new feature and we have several people requesting this update — we can answer more people faster because we only need to draft the text once.

Our saved reply template:

  • Greeting
  • Thank customer
  • Brief explanation
  • Link to help article for more information
  • Let me know how it goes?
  • Sign off

You can also insert variables so it will automatically pick up on the recipient’s first name and sender’s last name.

Saved replies for sales call follow-ups

The customer journey involves both sales and support: Without sales, you don’t have support and vice versa. At OnePageCRM, we often do check-in calls with our users who are in trial. Depending on the result of the call, whether it be “left voicemail” or “interested,” we send them a follow-up email inviting them to our upcoming webinar — again here we rely on saved replies.

Saved reply

Complex customer queries made easy using Jing!

For more complex or one-off scenarios where the generic help article is not answering a customer’s specific query, we include a personalized video or screenshot. We use a simple screenshot and short video sharing app called Jing. Pop the link into the email (Help Scout gives you the ability to hyperlink it) and off it goes! There is no download required on the customer’s side to view the video. Customers love this personalization as it answers their question specifically.

As you can see, saved replies through Help Scout are an integral part of support at OnePageCRM, and they add tons of benefit to the entire customer onboarding and retention process.

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Carmel Granahan

Carmel Granahan

Carmel is the Customer Success Team Leader at OnePageCRM, a cloud based simple sales CRM for small to medium sized businesses. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.