Help Scout Has Acquired

We’re thrilled to announce that Help Scout has acquired, an AI-powered drafting tool. With this acquisition, we’re proud to offer industry-leading functionality to our customers and set the stage for what’s to come in 2024. 

Introducing AI drafts

Built exclusively for Help Scout customers, SupportAgent automatically drafts replies to customer messages that come into your Help Scout inbox — the experience is like jumping into the queue and having a head start on every conversation. To generate replies true to your product and brand, learns from hundreds or thousands of previous conversations and Docs articles. Advanced features like tag segmentation create even smarter AI drafts, letting you decide which conversations it should reference based on Help Scout tags.  

Since its founding earlier this year, SupportAgent has delivered tremendous value to many Help Scout customers, helping them improve resolution times by as much as 70%. Customers are seeing the impact across industries and team sizes, using AI drafts to pull the right product information out of documentation in seconds, respond to FAQs in a few clicks, and get new team members up to speed in weeks, not months. And of course, they have more time to spend taking care of customers who have more complex and unique cases.

Our own team is using SupportAgent every day — letting it do the heavy lifting of compiling details from our help articles — so that our highly skilled customer champions can focus on pulling in account-specific nuances and a human touch. 

With the acquisition, we’re excited to bring these outcomes to even more customers. Additionally, SupportAgent now comes with:

  • Best in class support, 24/6.

  • Upgraded data security, privacy, and compliance standards.

  • Billing directly from Help Scout.

The future of AI and Help Scout


AI has amazing potential to make every Help Scout user more powerful and effective in their day-to-day work. We are infinitely excited about that opportunity and are pursuing AI features with the same customer-centricity we have always brought to our products. You can learn more about our perspective on AI here

This acquisition allows us to offer the magic of AI drafts today. Soon, AI-powered drafts will be available natively in Help Scout — and we’re not stopping there. We’re committed to ensuring the growing businesses that call Help Scout home have the tools they need to delight customers in the new era of AI. 

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