The Supportive

A monthly video series for customer support pros

Prioritizing Incoming Support

Answering your oldest support queries first makes sense, but it doesn‘t always lead to the best customer experiences. Is fairness the best goal for support?

The Real Recipe for Customer Service

True customer focus requires the involvement of the whole team, not just support. Support-driven growth is the path to greater customer experiences.

Why Knowledge Bases Matter

You can provide great customer service without a help desk, but nothing replaces a well-written and architected knowledge base.

You Don’t Need a Help Desk

“You can provide great customer service without a help desk.”

The Challenge With Chat

“Live chat customer service is hard to do well, but with the right execution, it can bring big benefits to your business.”

Messaging Is So Hot Right Now

“How do messaging applications fit in with your email, live chat or other support channels? Should it replace or augment your support options?”

The ‘I’ in customer service ROI

“Investing in ROI for customer service covers more than salaries and tools. Mat talks about the importance of leadership in ROI.”

Customer Support Trends 2017

​​The 5 most common predictions for customer support in 2017, from social support through to AI and chatbots, with helpful resources.

How You Can Improve Security

What's the balance between being helpful and being secure? We discuss ways to close the customer service security hole.

Chatbot Check-in: Are Robots Coming for Your Customer Service Job?

What's the state of the chatbot industry and should we worry that robots coming to take our customer service jobs?