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When choosing a travel brand, 60% of customers report that customer service is their top priority. Provide fast, personalized service and exceed customer expectations with Help Scout.

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Help Scout is trusted by leading travel and hospitality companies.

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Cultivate customer loyalty that will last

Your business runs on positive experiences — they’re key to insuring you not only survive, but thrive. Help Scout’s all-in-one customer service platform helps travel and hospitality businesses turn customers into brand champions.

Be more responsive

Be more responsive

Customers want accurate answers, fast. Help Scout users are able to respond to 52.6% more emails in their first year.

Help your team move faster

Help your team move faster

Complex tools slow everyone down. Help Scout is so simple, you can get started in 1 hour and become a power user in a day.

Protect customers’ privacy

Protect customers’ privacy

Travelers trust brands that keep their data safe. We offer enterprise security and user permissions so you can maintain trust.

All the features your team needs

Make collaboration in a shared inbox a breeze, and reduce email volume by up to 30% with a self-help knowledge base.

Upgrade your email management - Travel and Hospitality

Help Scout's shared inbox helps your team do more with less, while giving customers a human, helpful experience.

Collaborate with ease

Assignments, private notes, collision detection, and more help your team work better together.

Organize your inbox

Sort your incoming email by priority, create inboxes for different teams, and assign conversations automatically.

Automate for efficiency

Create manual or automatic workflows to take care of repetitive tasks with simple if/then logic.

Personalize conversations

Track and display customer information to provide better support faster and avoid digging through multiple systems.

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Provide instant answers

When customers can find answers themselves, you’ll have a better relationship and fewer emails — everyone wins.

Easy to build

Create your Docs site and publish your first article in minutes to start answering frequently asked questions.

Understand customer needs

Track what your customers are searching for to learn which articles get the most attention.

Organized and searchable

Use categories and collections to organize your articles and make search easy.

Beautifully branded

Ensure your knowledge base matches your brand with your own with custom company branding.

More about Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base

Out-of-the-box reporting

Use reports to identify your busiest times, increase team efficiency, and know when you’ll need more help.

Report on what matters

Track volume, response time, resolutions, user-specific stats, and all your most important metrics.

Track custom data points

Using tags and custom fields to measure what you care about most, and follow your unique data points.

Create custom views

Filter your data to dig deeper on the trends you’re interested in, and save reports to revisit over time.

Take it with you

Export your Help Scout reporting data to CSV or XLSX on demand for additional analysis.

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Connect your essential tools

Integrate Help Scout with 90+ tools to keep your departments in sync, or create your own experience with developer tools.

90+ integrations

Connect an app store of your most crucial business tools including Salesforce, Jira, Zapier, and more.

Mobile SDKs

Customize the customer experience on iOS and Android using our Mobile SDKs for Beacon.

Open API

Take advantage of our open API to make Help Scout work for your specific business needs.

A true platform

All Help Scout products work together out of the box for a powerful, connected support experience.

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Churn Buster
Super SLA
Churn Buster
Super SLA

All-in-one meets affordable

Get all the collaboration, organization, and automation tools your team needs to stay productive while creating better relationships.


Every channel comes standard

All core products are included with every plan


Transparent pricing

No surprises or hidden fees


No contract required

Add or remove users whenever you need to

Travel and hospitality resources and use cases

Travel and hospitality companies that use Help Scout have happier teams and customers. Learn how with success stories and thought leadership from our award winning blog.

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