future of customer service

Future of Customer Service

What skills will customer service staff need to thrive? How will AI, chatbots and messaging impact customer experience. Explore emerging trends in support, review predictions for the coming year and explore the future of service and support.

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The Future of Customer Support

Industry leaders weigh in on emerging trends in the customer support industry, including self-service, chatbots, and the role of humans in 2017 and beyond.

Scott Tran 12 min read


Customer Support Trends 2017

​​The 5 most common predictions for customer support in 2017, from social support through to AI and chatbots, with helpful resources.

Mathew Patterson 2 min read


The New Definition of Customer Support

The definition of customer support has changed over time, but today providing good customer support benefits both customers and the companies that provide it.

Emily Triplett Lentz 6 min read


Stop Defending Customer Support

Careers in customer service and support offer better salaries and carry more clout than ever before. Learn how to grow your career by elevating the profession itself.

Emily Triplett Lentz 5 min read


Will AI-Powered Customer Service Replace Your Job?

AI has many customer service applications, but that doesn’t mean it will replace human service. A look at the state of AI-powered customer service in 2020.

Mathew Patterson 8 min read


How to Use Customer Service to Stand Out from the Competition | Help Scout webinars

Learn how to build a successful support-driven business

34 min read