Quarterly Release Notes: AI, Shopify, Instagram, and More

Generate AI drafts with SupportAgent.ai

We recently acquired SupportAgent.ai to bring the magic of AI-powered drafts to our customers. SupportAgent automatically generates replies based on your past conversations and Docs content, creating a high-quality draft that’s ready to review and send. Soon AI drafts will be available natively in Help Scout. In the meantime, you can sign up here to see SupportAgent.ai in action.

Stay in the flow and in the know with the updated Shopify integration

Our Shopify integration just got a lot more powerful. No need to click into Shopify to view order information or complete day-to-day tasks — now you can do it all in Help Scout. We’ve added order status, receipts, tracking information, and more directly in the sidebar. You can also process cancellations and refunds directly in Help Scout. Connect Shopify to get started. Already using the integration? Re-authorize Shopify in the conversation sidebar to get the updates.

Shopify Summary
Display Shopify metrics and orders in your customer sidebar

Bring Instagram DMs into your Inbox

Help Scout's new Instagram channel integration allows teams to manage and respond to Instagram direct messages directly from their Inbox. In just a few minutes, you can connect your business’s Instagram account to Help Scout and bring more customer conversations into one place. Check out the setup guide to get started.

Image -3 Product screenshot convo close up

Manage social channels on any plan

Customers on all current plans now have access to the Facebook Messenger and Instagram channel integrations. Account owners and admins can connect your company’s social media accounts in the Inbox channel settings.

2Q34 release-notes social-channels v2

Do more with AI assist

Polish and publish Docs articles

AI assist is now available in the Docs editor, making it easier than ever to publish high-quality help content. Use AI assist to expand fragmented thoughts, fix wordiness, and check for spelling mistakes, ensuring your articles are customer-ready in no time. Just highlight some text, and click the sparkle icon to get started.

Note: AI assist is available on all current Plus and Pro plans. For additional plan details, visit our pricing page.


Send faster Live Chat responses

Ensure timely and consistent replies with the power of AI assist in Live Chat. Whether you’re tweaking tone or ensuring grammatical perfection, AI assist can help you deliver the speedy support customers expect. Highlight some text, click the sparkle icon, and give it a try next time you're in live chat!

Note: AI assist is available on all current Plus and Pro plans. For additional plan details, visit our pricing page.


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