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Measuring Support Quality: Beyond CSAT & NPS


In the early days, it’s easy to keep a close eye on all your customer interactions, but it’s not long before that becomes impossible. You need to find a more scalable way to measure and maintain your customer service quality. The good news is that our panellists have been there, and done that.

Join Beth Trame, Customer Experience Manager at Google Hire, Shervin Talieh, Founder and CEO at PartnerHero and, and Mathew Patterson, Customer Evangelist at Help Scout, for a chat on how to tell if you’re really doing support well.

What you’ll learn:

  • Who should own “quality”
  • Why great CSAT and NPS scores aren’t a complete measure of support quality
  • How to define your own quality measurements
  • How to build an effective quality review process as you scale
  • The connection between culture and quality

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