The 11 Best HIPAA-Compliant Software for Small Business

For businesses operating within the health care sector, particularly small businesses, adhering to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is not just a legal requirement but a necessity to gain trust and maintain a solid reputation.

HIPAA compliance establishes necessary protocols for safeguarding private patient health information, but it can be a bit overwhelming to find HIPAA-compliant tools for everything your business needs to do. 

The aim of this article is to serve as a guide for small businesses navigating through software options that uphold the stringent standards set by HIPAA. Our goal is to assist you in choosing the most suitable HIPAA-compliant software that not only meets regulatory standards but also serves your specialized business needs.

What is HIPAA-compliant software?

HIPAA-compliant software refers to any software solution that meets and upholds the stringent data privacy and security provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This act was enacted in 1996 to protect sensitive health information from being shared without patient consent or knowledge.

In practical terms, for a software to be deemed HIPAA compliant, it must ensure secure access control, encrypt protected health information (PHI), and maintain an audit log of all interactions with PHI. HIPAA-compliant software should also have a backup mechanism for protected data and ensure it can be recovered in case of emergencies.

But why is this important for a small business within the medical sector?

These businesses often handle a significant amount of sensitive patient health information that has to be protected from potential security breaches. Using HIPAA-compliant software aids in preserving the privacy and confidentiality of this data, giving peace of mind for both the business and the patients they serve.

Furthermore, using HIPAA-compliant software signals to your clients, suppliers, and regulatory bodies that your business places great importance on data and privacy security. This, in turn, can play a large role in building trust.

Any software you choose to manage patient data, whether it's for scheduling, messaging, accounting, or even your help desk, should ensure HIPAA compliance.

What makes software HIPAA compliant?

HIPAA sets strict guidelines for how protected health information (PHI) is stored, transmitted, and accessed. Meeting these standards is what deems a software solution as HIPAA compliant.

Broadly speaking, HIPAA-compliant software upholds two principal safeguards: technical and administrative.

Technical safeguards

Technical safeguards aim to protect your electronic data system from all possible angles. These safeguards ensure that only authorized individuals can access electronic health data. Here are the requirements:

  • Access control: Secure usernames and password-protected logins allow only authorized individuals access to electronic health records.

  • Data encryption: This means all data stored and shared is unreadable to those without the confirmed decryption keys.

  • Automatic logoff: This is an additional layer of security to minimize access to information in case a user leaves their device unattended.

  • Audit controls: These are detailed records of each interaction involving PHI.

Administrative safeguards

Administrative safeguards are the policies and procedures designed to show how a business complies with the act:

  • Security management process: This identifies and analyzes potential risks to the PHI and implements security measures against those risks.

  • Security personnel: Designated security officials are responsible for developing and implementing the security policies and procedures.

  • Workforce training and management: All employees must receive proper training on the policies and procedures with respect to PHI.

The 11 best HIPAA-compliant software for small businesses

Choosing the right tools for your business involves considering your unique needs and ensuring the solutions you select uphold the stringent HIPAA compliance requirements.

To help streamline this decision-making process, we've curated a list of top HIPAA-compliant software solutions tailored for small businesses across various operational areas.

1. Help Scout: Best HIPAA-compliant help desk software

Help Scout is a robust customer communication platform that enables your team to uphold the stringent data privacy and security standards set by HIPAA. We are committed to maintaining ongoing compliance with HIPAA, and we offer signed business associate agreements (BAAs) to ensure proper handling of protected health information.

Help Scout + HIPAA inline

Here are some key features and benefits of Help Scout's HIPAA-compliant offering:

  • Secure application: Help Scout's applications, including notes, API calls, and Beacon conversations, are encrypted over 256-bit SSL, ensuring complete security and confidentiality of information.

  • Data hosting and backup: Customer data is primarily hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is known for its security, privacy features, and scalability. Off-site backups for redundancy are also provided.

  • Thread content control: Within conversation threads, you have the option to edit, delete, or hide thread contents as needed, increasing control over sensitive data.

  • Data accessibility: Help Scout supports data accessibility by allowing your team to access customer and conversation data any time via our Mailbox API.

  • Audits and employee training: We conduct annual risk assessments and provide necessary HIPAA training to employees, further reinforcing our commitment to data privacy and security.

But Help Scout is more than just a HIPAA-compliant software. We offer a suite of features designed to effectively manage customer interactions and queries. Our Beacon feature enables you to embed live chat directly on your website, giving your customers immediate assistance and offering them relevant articles from your help center even before they finish asking their questions.

Our shared inbox feature organizes customer conversations into a single mailbox where the entire team can access, contribute, and collaborate. This feature ensures no message gets overlooked, and every customer query is addressed promptly and professionally. When managed according to HIPAA requirements, Help Scout’s shared inbox is considered to be HIPAA compliant.

A note about HIPAA compliance in Help Scout:

While most of Help Scout’s features can be configured to be HIPAA compliant, integrations between Help Scout and other platforms may not meet HIPAA standards. In addition, Help Scout’s AI features and knowledge base solution, Docs, are not considered to be compliant.

HIPAA-compliant features are included in Help Scout’s Pro plan which is one of the lowest-priced HIPAA-compliant help desk options on the market.

Price: Free trial available. Plans including HIPAA compliance features start at $65/user per month.

2. Acuity Scheduling: Best HIPAA-compliant scheduling software

Product Screenshot: Acuity (homepage)

Acuity Scheduling stands out as a HIPAA-compliant scheduling software designed to facilitate the management of health-related appointments while adhering closely to the stringent HIPAA directives.

Here are some of Acuity Scheduling’s key HIPAA security features:

  • Security measures: Acuity Scheduling’s security measures have undergone a thorough review by a qualified third-party information security consultant, ensuring your health information is well-protected.

  • Multiple protections: Acuity provides additional protections for HIPAA-enabled accounts including control over the type of electronic health information included in messages, disabled third-party access to file uploads, and limited client use of email addresses.

  • Third-party integrations: The software offers the ability to work with third-party integrations while maintaining HIPAA compliance, but it also gives businesses the freedom to disable any integration to meet specific HIPAA-related needs.

  • Adaptability: Acuity Scheduling only allows HIPAA-compliant services to an account after the requisite Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is entered into, ensuring the legality and security of patient health information.

Price: Free trial available. Plans including the features above start at $49 per month.

3. Healthie: Best HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software

Product Screenshot: Healthie

Healthie is a leading HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software that is especially suitable for businesses striving to deliver high-quality, virtual-first experiences and establish long-term, meaningful relationships with clients.

Healthie offers several features to streamline health care delivery:

  • Coordinated client experience: Healthie leverages tools like chat, lifestyle journaling, and telehealth programs to establish client relationships and foster loyalty.

  • Efficient resource utilization: The platform enables you to save time and resources due to its efficiency in managing client onboarding and your expanding provider network.

  • Robust security: Advanced security protocols are in place to ensure HIPAA, SOC 2, PIPEDA, GDPR, and PCI compliance, guaranteeing the protection of sensitive health data.

  • Comprehensive EHR functionality: Healthie enhances health care delivery with its Electronic Health Records (EHR) feature for charting, E-Labs, E-Rx, and other essential services.

  • Full-stack billing: Healthie also delivers seamless billing management, including cash pay, Superbill, HSA/FSA, and insurance payments.

Price: Free trial available. Plans start at $45 per month.

4. Invoiced: Best HIPAA-compliant accounting software

Product Screenshot: Invoiced

Invoiced shines as a HIPAA-compliant accounting software, designed to streamline and secure accounting functions for businesses in the health care sector. The platform offers automated and straightforward accounting solutions, enabling businesses to focus more on providing quality health care services and less on manually managing their accounts receivable operations.

Here are some of the platform’s key features:

  • Automated invoicing and collections: Automate your entire accounts receivable processes, from generating invoices to managing payments to cash applications.

  • Fast, built-in payment solution: The software allows you to easily onboard and start accepting payments in minutes and supports multiple payment options including direct debit (ACH, SEPA, Bacs, and more), credit cards, and virtual cards.

  • Real-time reports: Invoiced provides access to comprehensive, real-time reports about your company's complete invoice-to-cash life cycle in addition to cash collection forecasting and multi-entity reporting.

  • Seamless accounting system integration: Invoiced integrates with your existing accounting platform, enabling you to sync invoices, payments, and customer data automatically.

Price: Plans start at $400 per month.

5. TranscribeMe: Best HIPAA-compliant transcription software

Product Screenshot: TranscribeMe (Home Page)

TranscribeMe is a HIPAA-compliant transcription software known for its fast and accurate transcription services that cater to health care professionals and institutions. TranscribeMe uses advanced AI technology as well as professional transcriptionists.

Key features of TranscribeMe include:

  • Top-rated security: Utilizing the industry’s best information security protocols, TranscribeMe ensures data is encrypted and securely maintained.

  • Compliant workflows: TranscribeMe offers workflows that are compliant with HIPAA and GDPR protocols.

  • Customer satisfaction: The platform is known for its high-quality transcription services, excellent customer service, and flexible transcription solutions.

Price: Request a quote.

6. SignNow: Best HIPAA-compliant software for teams

Product Screenshot: Sign Now (airSlate LP)

SignNow is a HIPAA-compliant e-signature software that guarantees secure and efficient signing of sensitive medical documents using their airSlate feature.

Here are some of SignNow’s key features:

  • Certified encryption protocols: SignNow employs certified AES-256 bit encryption for the safe storage and transmission of sensitive medical information, making it a compliant tool for handling electronic signatures in a medical setting.

  • Court-admissible audit trail: The platform maintains a comprehensive, court-admissible audit trail for all documents processed. This digital register records all actions and changes made to a document, including access time, edits, signing status, and downloads.

  • Authorized signers only: The platform ensures that documents are eSigned by authorized signers, prohibiting unauthorized sharing or access to ensure compliance.

Price: Plans including the features above start at $50/user per month.

7. OhMD: Best HIPAA-compliant messaging software

Product Screenshot: OhMD

In the field of communications technology, OhMD stands out as a HIPAA-compliant messaging software offering health care organizations efficient communication tools tailored to a sensitive medical environment.

OhMD’s key features include:

  • Secure texting: OhMD provides a HIPAA-compliant texting environment that gives patients peace of mind when discussing their health.

  • Automated texts and call-to-text: The platform uses automated texts and converts patient calls into text messages to reduce hold times and voicemails that potentially slow down your response periods.

  • Live web chat: OhMD makes it easier for patients to ask questions with a secure live chat right on your website.

  • EHR integrations: OhMD integrates with over 85 electronic health record solutions.

  • Video visits: Offering convenience to both patients and providers, OhMD features secure video visits, letting you connect with patients in a single tap.

Price: Free trial available. Plans start at $200 per month.

8. Voice by nVoq: Best HIPAA-compliant dictation software

Product Screenshot: nVoq (homepage)

Voice by nVoq is a HIPAA-compliant dictation software designed to support health care organizations with efficient, highly accurate speech recognition. Primarily engineered for post-acute care organizations, Voice by nVoq is a cloud-based solution that reduces the documentation burden on clinicians and aids in capturing patient narratives securely.

Key features of Voice by nVoq include:

  • HIPAA/HITECH compliance: nVoq's dictation software is compliant with both HIPAA and HITECH regulations, ensuring secure handling of sensitive patient data.

  • Medical vocabulary recognition: The software features a recognition system that understands an extensive range of medical jargon, improving the overall accuracy of the dictated text.

  • Integration with EHR systems: Voice by nVoq can be used directly within your EHR system.

Price: Request a demo.

9. OneDesk: Best HIPAA-compliant project management software

OneDesk Screenshot

In the realm of project management tools, OneDesk caters to health care organizations with its HIPAA-compliant software.

Key features of OneDesk include:

  • Secure platform: OneDesk provides a high level of security, benefitting from hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS), offering data encryption over SSL, frequent data backups, user authentication and user-level access controls, and more.

  • Streamlined workflow automation: The automation tools can help reduce time-consuming repetitive tasks. For instance, you can set up actions to automatically assign tasks, create new tasks or projects, or send email notifications based on certain conditions.

  • Multiple work views: OneDesk allows for planning and scheduling tasks in the most suitable format for your team, like Gantt charts or Kanban boards.

  • Effective collaboration: OneDesk’s built-in messenger allows for in-context communication around tasks. Additionally, with email integration, messages can be sent directly to clients or stakeholders.

  • Analytical capabilities: The platform allows for real-time analytics with a variety of charts and graphs to keep track of KPIs.

Price: Free trial available. Plans start at $11.99/user per month.

10. Lytec: Best HIPAA-compliant billing software

Product Screenshot: Lytec

Lytec software has been a trusted and proven medical billing system for over 25 years, equipping teams with process optimization tools while helping to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Lytec’s key features include:

  • Integrated scheduling and billing: Lytec combines both scheduling and billing in one platform, providing advanced scheduling features like single or multiple resource view, waitlists, and customized appointment reports as well as easy management of billing processes.

  • Seamless patient accounting: The software easily tracks accounts receivables, insurance allowed amounts, and timely filing tracking. It also helps manage collections.

  • Reporting tools: Over 50 reporting options are available to suit different analytical requirements.

  • Add-ons for enhanced functionality: Lytec provides a range of add-ons to assist with credit card processing, patient statements, secure email and text messaging, and automated appointment reminders.

Price: Schedule a demo.

11. Zoom for Healthcare: Best HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software

Product Screenshot: Zoom (for Healthcare)

Zoom for Healthcare is specifically designed to enable health care organizations to provide quality care remotely. It's a comprehensive telehealth platform that not only meets crucial HIPAA and HITECH standards but also offers a range of customizable settings and features to best fit the specific needs of each health care provider.

Key features of Zoom for Healthcare include:

  • High-quality video and audio: Zoom provides high-definition video and crystal-clear audio to ensure effective communication during remote consultations.

  • EHR/EMR integration: Zoom integrates with the electronic health record and electronic medical record systems to streamline processes and enhance productivity.

  • Recording and transcription: Healthcare providers can record patient consultations and have the content transcribed for clinical documentation or review.

  • Virtual waiting rooms: Zoom for Healthcare offers virtual waiting rooms where patients can wait online before their consultation begins, much like they would in a physical clinic or hospital.

  • Breakout rooms: This feature facilitates health care education by allowing the host to split meeting participants into separate sessions for group discussion or one-on-one consultation.

Price: Plans start at $15.99/user per month.

The critical role of HIPAA-compliant software

If you're operating a small business in the health care sector, you can’t afford to compromise on data protection. HIPAA-compliant software not only secures sensitive patient data but also offers immense benefits to your business. Delivering a quality service while maintaining patients' trust is the ultimate win-win, and it's obtainable with the right tools and software.

At the forefront of HIPAA-compliant help desk software options is Help Scout. We offer a user-friendly shared inbox feature that efficiently manages customer inquiries via email and live chat — all under HIPAA guidelines, enabling you to build better relationships with your patients while ensuring their private information is protected.

Help Scout strikes a meaningful balance between maintaining HIPAA compliance and delivering efficient customer support. But you don't have to take our word for it. Sign up for a free trial or a live demo today, and experience the true value of our HIPAA-compliant service firsthand.

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