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How BombTech Golf Increased Customer Satisfaction as Their Business Scaled

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Challenge: Before Help Scout, BombTech Golf’s support queue was disorganized. Emails were getting lost and deleted, resulting in slow response times and unhappy customers. As the business grew, the team wanted to gather customer feedback, and management wanted a high-level overview of how the support team was performing, which wasn’t possible with Gmail. 

Solution: Help Scout centralized all of BombTech Golf’s customer conversations, improving their response times, boosting efficiency, and providing overall structure and transparency in the queue.

BombTech Golf changed the golf landscape with an innovative driver that helped golfers hit farther than the incumbent brands. As the company started to grow, it was evident that a regular inbox could no longer support the team in boosting customer satisfaction and retention. 

We spoke with BombTech Golf’s founder, Tyler Sullivan (Sully), to hear how Help Scout transformed day-to-day operations and supported growth initiatives.

The challenge: Gmail can't shoot under par

Gmail isn’t designed for support teams, and it didn’t take long for BombTech Golf to realize this truth. Sully explained that the lack of organization capabilities in Gmail made it challenging to manage incoming support requests, which in turn, made it difficult for the team to provide timely service to customers. In addition, Gmail made it impossible for the team to gather customer feedback, making it unclear how BombTech Golf could improve its business to serve its customers better.

Our inbox was disorganized chaos. This resulted in many deleted emails and delayed response times,” said Sully. Receiving customer feedback was also nearly impossible: “We ask our customers for feedback after a support session has ended. This was a nightmare before Help Scout. It was a manual process that became truly impossible to scale.

The solution: Help Scout hits a hole-in-one with its intuitive platform and automation features 

Sully shared that when the team evaluated different software solutions, the ease of use and intuitive platform were some of the main reasons they decided to purchase Help Scout. “We tested a few different options, and I am a huge fan of simplicity,” he shared. “Help Scout was by far the easiest to use for my team and me. It was intuitive, had all the features we needed, and the price was great.” 

It was also evident that the upgrade from Gmail to Help Scout would better equip BombTech Golf to provide the best customer experience possible with features like saved replies, workflows, and reports. Sully shared:

Our customer service team is the reason customers keep coming back. Help Scout allows my team to do their job with ease and work faster than before.

The result: Faster responses, increased transparency, and improved customer experience

As the owner of a growing ecommerce business, Sully knew he needed a solution that would provide insights into the following areas: 

  • How satisfied are customers? 

  • How is the customer service team performing? 

  • How can we scale while maintaining a positive customer experience? 

Here’s how Help Scout gives BombTech the clarity and tools needed to answer the questions above.

1. Saved replies improve efficiency and response times 

With Help Scout, the team has not only been able to respond to customers faster but also capture customer feedback and follow up with features like saved replies. Sully recalls, “When we first implemented Help Scout, the team reduced their workload so significantly that we could reply instantly to new issues. We’ve achieved a higher customer happiness score by following up with customers who score NOT GOOD. This simple follow-up ensures that we are putting extra effort toward customers who need it.” This has paid dividends for the business: “Having a great customer experience helps improve our revenue when we launch new products or send marketing emails.”

2. Detailed reporting provides visibility into customer satisfaction rates and overall performance  

Since the platform pulls all customer conversations into one place, getting an overview of performance and details on crucial support metrics is simple. This makes it easy for managers to get a clear picture of how their teams are operating. Sully noted:

I never have to message my team to see how things are going. If I need to see what's up, I can just go into the Help Scout dashboard.

Happiness Report
Example of the Happiness Report

3. Help Scout 🤝 Klaviyo integration 

Saved replies and Help Scout’s Klaviyo integration have become critical in scaling their product launches. Sully shared:

Our marketing strategies were great, but we couldn’t engage at scale without Help Scout. Now we use saved replies and the Klaviyo integration to help fuel our product launch strategy without stressing out our internal operations.

BombTech Golf treats every customer like a Masters Champion with Help Scout 

Help Scout is a critical tool for BombTech Golf, helping the company provide the best possible customer experience while staying productive. Sully noted that since the founding of BombTech in 2012:

I’ve always tried to make every customer feel special — because without them, we are nothing. I’ve trained my team to do the exact same thing. Help Scout lets my team execute on that vision and truly measure how they are doing.

Centralizing all customer communications, generating performance metrics, and enabling greater customer satisfaction are just some of the many reasons that Help Scout is an integral part of BombTech Golf’s success. 

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