Customer Story: Springboard

“Using Help Scout’s help desk and Docs knowledge base makes it easy for students to find answers and discover resources.” – Rachel Korb, Springboard

Building your dream career starts with perfecting your craft. Springboard provides online resources and personalized mentors, handpicked for their depth of experience and love of teaching, to help you sharpen your skills at your preferred pace.

Springboard’s mission is to make high-quality education accessible to everyone in the world. To date, they’ve worked with 250 mentors to help over 5,000 students across 6 continents—and Springboard’s rapid success is based on the team creating an environment where students feel comfortable asking questions, requesting feedback, and finding course information on their own.

“Being able to engage with someone who is empathetic and understands your situation and help find a solution when you find something that’s challenging—that’s the key to great customer support.”

“Developing a relationship with someone, even if it’s through email, is really valuable, and Help Scout’s platform makes this possible. Having a conversation that feels human, versus being treated like a ticket number, is essential for building trust with the students,” says Community & Operations Manager, Rachel Korb.

For Springboard, students’ success is the first priority. To help empower their students, the team uses both Help Scout’s help desk and Docs knowledge base. Using the help desk provides key insights into student conversations, like what recent conversations have taken place and what common questions students have. For centralized access to frequently asked questions, the Docs knowledge base software serves as a self-service portal, providing resources for data analytics, data science, and more FAQS.

“We use Docs knowledge base extensively—it helps our students be self-sufficient.”

“The knowledge base provides information for our students on how to prepare for their course, how to develop a learning plan, how to pace themselves, and has sample projects the students can work on.”

Springboard’s favorite features

  • Search: Look through your data, add advanced filters and perform bulk actions all in one step.
  • Office Hours: Add your hours of operation for each day your business is open & answering customer requests.
  • Workflows: Filter emails, create custom folders and automate actions.
  • Customer Profiles: Every customer has an auto-populated, editable profile including their entire history with a company.

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