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Customer Story: TeamSnap

Since becoming a Help Scout customer, TeamSnap has scaled its support solution without compromising a human and personalized customer experience.

Help Scout
Help Scout
“Before Help Scout, we were spending six figures annually for the totality of our tool set. When we moved to Help Scout, we were able to consolidate all of that to one, at a price point of 12 grand a year for unlimited users. We couldn't be happier.” – Amy Teten, TeamSnap

Click. Tap. Go.

Thanks to TeamSnap, it’s now that simple to organize sports teams, clubs, and leagues.

“Before TeamSnap, coaches were spending their time organizing their teams and sending out messages, rather than actually coaching,” explained Amy Teten, VP of Customer Experience. “Since 2009, TeamSnap’s intent has been to make sports management easy, so coaches can coach, players can play, and parents can watch their kids.”

Today, TeamSnap serves around 20 million users, adding over 200,000 users per month. From little league teams to national governing bodies, customers rely on TeamSnap’s simplicity and excellent customer service.

With 135 employees nationwide, the majority of TeamSnap’s customer experience team works remotely. As they scaled, they were using a variety of different tools to help their customers. “It was kind of a smorgasbord of tools, and it drove inefficiency for our teams,” Teten said. “It was one of the things we quickly identified that needed to change.”

Saving money with the Pro Plan

Making the switch to a new customer service platform can be daunting, especially when you’ve got millions of users to serve and lots of conversations to migrate. Luckily, the Pro Plan is designed to help teams get up and running quickly — and to help dramatically cut expenses.

With a set price per month for unlimited users, the Pro Plan gave TeamSnap the flexibility to bring on different functions and departments. It also meant that they could part ways with five different customer service tools and leverage one fully integrated platform. “Before Help Scout, we were very inefficient and not as communicative as we are now,” explained Teten.

Benefiting from a fully integrated Beacon (with live chat)

Ashley Cayla, Senior Manager of Customer Experience, echoed the benefits of simplifying and consolidating communication tools, especially when it came to chat. By using Beacon right within Help Scout, TeamSnap became more productive overnight.

“One of the biggest things for us was that it was the same platform that a support agent could be working on a ticket and see that a chat comes in,” Cayla said. “That was huge for us. We were previously jumping from one platform to another, and dividing agents between tasks.”

Beyond chat, Beacon also gives TeamSnap’s customers direct access to their Help Center. “We want to make things as easy and quick as possible,” explained Cayla. “We’re there if they need us, and now we have the ability to provide self-help to customers — before they reach out to us.”

Nichelle Price, Customer Insight Analyst, added, “Now we have much more information about the customer writing in than we had before. Help Scout makes agents way more efficient because there’s much less information they have to look up.”

Leveraging robust data with ease

“Our business is really driven by data and analytics, and we’re constantly trying to improve the customer experience,” said Teten. “We can’t do that without a good dataset.”

Without fully integrated tools, TeamSnap found that robust, accessible data was hard to come by. “The Help Scout move has helped free up some time for our managers to actually coach and lead and mentor, as opposed to looking at spreadsheets and putting in numbers on a daily basis,” said Teten.

On another level, it’s also helped TeamSnap quickly identify daily and even hourly business trends on the fly.

“TeamSnap and Help Scout are very similar in a lot of ways. We're both very customer focused. We both want our customers have to have the simplest and best experience possible, and our partnership makes that very doable for TeamSnap.”

TeamSnap’s favorite features

  • Multiple Mailboxes: Manage all of your messages from a single account with multiple mailboxes.
  • Workflows: Filter emails, create custom folders and automate actions.
  • Beacon: Beacon puts your help content front and center so that customers stay on track.
  • Reports: Use Happiness report to improve entire support funnel by measuring customer experience.

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