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How do you know if your knowledge base software articles are actually answering the questions your customers have? When they finish an article, do they just end up emailing support? Your knowledge base should deflect cases and not create them, but you shouldn’t cut off that channel completely.

The more effort it takes for a customer to get their problem solved, the least likely they’ll be to stick around. If they dig through your knowledge base looking for an answer and can’t find it, they’ll already be dissatisfied by the time they reach support. Asking for customer feedback on your knowledge base can help you improve your help documentation, reduce support’s workload, and make customers happier.

Add an embedded survey to the end of your help documentation to get ratings that identify which articles need updating sooner rather than later.At GetFeedback we have a 1-10 rating survey that asks readers how useful the article was.

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If they rate the article poorly, we automatically ask a follow-up question to see what the issue was. If the score is high, we thank them and ask for any other feedback they might have. This personalized question flow is called “survey logic,” and it helps us collect more relevant feedback.

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Every response is sent to our support team for review, and we use that information in a number of ways:

Finding articles which are unclear or confusing, and re-wording them. Spotting out of date screenshots or information, and updating them. Identifying questions that the knowledge base isn’t covering, and creating a list of content to add.

Time that is spent growing and crafting your knowledge base is a real effort multiplier, because it improves the self service experience for many future customers and lets your support team spend their time working on more complex and valuable conversations.

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Kimberly Powell

Kimberly Powell

Kimberly is the Head of Customer Support at GetFeedback, online survey software that helps companies measure customer satisfaction in real time and improve customer experience. Connect with her on LinkedIn.