productThe Technical Debt Myth

The term “technical debt” tries to encapsulate many, often conflicting concepts. Here we unravel several myths surrounding tech debt and offer a practical approach to addressing it.

productFive Tools for Writing High Quality PHP

In this post, I’ll share some of my own favorite tools that you can use to help ensure that you’re shipping high quality and maintainable code.

productCreating Team Ownership with Better Language

I believe that with a fundamental shift towards thinking and communicating about it as our code we can create a more open and constructive working environment.

productHow I Stay Productive Working Remotely

Working remotely and having the freedom to choose my working hours gave me the opportunity to write code when I’m at my best.

productTesting Code That Talks to the Database

For the purpose of this post I’d like to focus on what is common — database access via a high level repository-like component. How do we test a component like this?

productFunctional vs. Unit Testing for the Browser

There are ten thousand blog posts out there extolling the virtues of TDD/BDD, so I’m going to focus here on what I’ve learned from my functional testing misadventures.

productReducing Complexity with Guard Clauses in PHP and JavaScript

A guard clause is a snippet of code at the top of a function or method that returns early when some precondition is met.

productThe Database Is Not an Implementation Detail

Databases are critical functions of most systems that are in use today. Both proper database selection and good performance tuning and monitoring are critical processes.

productFront-end Testing for the Lazy Developer with CasperJS

CasperJS is the answer to help you achieve your testing goals.

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