productGood to Grow: Help Scout Celebrates its 10th Year

Help Scout’s first 10 years have been incredibly fun and rewarding, but in many ways it feels like we’re just getting started. We’re grateful to the 12,000+ businesses that make our work so enjoyable. Here’s to the next 10!

productBehind The Scenes: How a Help Scout Article Is Made

Watch this five-minute video for a behind-the-scenes look at how a Help Scout article goes from an idea in Asana to a published piece.

productHow Help Scout Mitigates Unconscious Bias in Hiring

If it’s human nature to look for clues, patterns, and data to make decisions, how can we recognize unconscious bias to mitigate it when hiring?

productDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Help Scout

A journey from 2017 to today: Discover every detail of Help Scout's efforts to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team and company.

productBlack Lives Matter

Merely not being racist is insufficient. We must commit to being actively anti-racist — to listen, to learn, and to act.

productA Retreat Apart: Planning Help Scout’s First Ever Remote Retreat

In the midst of a pandemic, we had to cancel our in-person company retreat. Here's what we did to quickly transition to having a remote retreat instead.

productDiversity & Inclusion at Help Scout: 2019 Fall Update

A look at the progress we've made since reporting on D&I efforts at Help Scout six months ago.

productInside Help Scout: How We Implement Whole Company Support

Discover why Whole Company Support matters and how Help Scout has built a customer-centric culture where everyone works directly with customers.

productInside Help Scout: How We Triage Our Support Queue

How Help Scout’s support team delivers high-quality service for the trickiest cases using a new triage process.

Help Scout’s Brand Animation Process
productHelp Scout’s Brand Animation Process

See how a brand comes to life by incorporating animation with brand elements.

Illustrating the Help Scout Brand
productIllustrating the Help Scout Brand

Illustrations are a critical component of a brand’s storytelling process. Here’s how we approached illustrating the Help Scout Brand Handbook.

Announcing the Help Scout Brand Handbook
productAnnouncing the Help Scout Brand Handbook

Our brand handbook is both an internal and external toolkit for creating and communicating things in the Help Scout way.

productDiversity & Inclusion at Help Scout: Spring 2019

Our third annual employee survey shows where we’re starting to see positive change take place, as well as the challenges we still face.

productMaking (and Breaking) the Help Scout Brand

A behind-the-scenes look at what went into Help Scout’s new illustration style and overarching brand.

productBehind the Scenes: The Design of Beacon

A peek behind the curtain at what went into the making of Help Scout’s Beacon product

productMaking Content More Inclusive

Using inclusive language is often a matter of auditing your vocabulary for ableist and other problematic terminology.

productDiversity and Inclusion at Help Scout: 2018 Update

A look at the progress we’ve made since first reporting on Diversity and Inclusion efforts at Help Scout one year ago

productHow We Approach Employee Compensation at Help Scout

Employee Compensation is complicated, and it can get messy when you don’t have a good plan in place. Here are several approaches we’ve taken, and lessons we’ve learned along the way, that will give you a good start when you dive into creating (or improving) your compensation strategy.

productHelp Scout’s 12-Step Remote Hiring Process

Remote hiring is a different ball game. Follow these 12 step-by-step instructions to hire the best remote workers for your distributed company.

productDiversity and Inclusion at Help Scout

The steps Help Scout has taken to climb out of diversity debt, and the goals we’re setting to reflect a more representative balance across multiple axes of diversity

productThe Evolution of the Help Scout Brand

Building a brand that lasts requires maintenance and design principles as concrete as your company values.

productHow We Use Video to Build Remote Culture

Team building activities can often feel forced, but video is a surprisingly easy way to strengthen company culture and have fun.

productHow We Replaced Our Weekly All-Hands Meeting with Video

Weekly videos are a fun, easier-than-you-think alternative to all-hands meetings and boring email updates. Here’s how Help Scout does it.

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