The 9 Best Email Collaboration Software Platforms for 2022

The 9 Best Email Collaboration Software Platforms for 2022
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When it comes to jobs like sales and support, having the right email collaboration software can be a game changer. After all, 75% of employers say team collaboration is very important.

But email was built as a one-to-one communication tool, not for sales and support teams to collaborate. Teams end up creating group emails such as to handle incoming emails and to collaborate, with the goal of faster response times.

The problem is, collaborative inboxes don’t tell you who’s working on what, and they can be a challenge to manage. Email collaboration software helps you easily delegate tasks, speed up response times, and work smarter as a team.

To help you find the right option for your business, we’ve put together the nine best email collaboration software tools for teams.

Key features to look for in email collaboration software

What should you look for in an ideal email collaboration software? How can you know if you’ve found the right tool?

Every email collaboration tool worth its salt should include a few key features:

Real-time updates

Email collaboration tools should provide real-time updates on the status of emails. Real-time updates and notifications are the best way to guarantee no email or support request is overlooked and that everyone knows when someone has already been helped.

Private groups and discussion threads

Team members may need help with a response, so having a dedicated thread for private chats and discussions is a great collaboration feature to have in your email management tool.

Account tracking

When working with a team, it’s important to keep everyone accountable. Being able to track who has handled each account is essential to running a smooth operation, regardless if it’s for sales or support.


When your team is working together on a single platform to send out email communication or help customers resolve issues, personalization is important. Personalized customer support makes customers feel more in control of the conversation and minimizes feelings of stress and defeat.

Your email collaboration platform should allow each user to add ‌their own signature or display their own name so people know who they’re working with.


Integrating your email communication tool with other third-party apps your team is already using helps streamline processes within your organization.

The 9 best email collaboration software platforms

Now that you know a few features to be on the lookout for when searching for your email collaboration tool, let’s look at nine of the best options on the market:

  1. Help Scout

  2. Google Collaborative Inbox

  3. Outlook Shared Mailbox

  4. Teamwork Desk

  5. Gmelius

  6. Hiver

  7. Rooftop

  8. Front

  9. Missive

1. Help Scout

Best email collaboration software for customer support.

Help Scout is an email collaboration software platform with a heavy focus on providing customer support and building customer relationships. Help Scout offers a number of features to help teams improve communication and collaboration via email, including:

  • A shared inbox: Give your whole team access to shared communication and customer requests. Easily tag conversations, get real-time updates, and share private notes with team members.

  • Automation: Create workflows to help automate repetitive tasks and conversations so your response times are lower and your customer experience is improved.

  • Saved replies: Responding to frequently asked questions using saved replies can reduce your time spent with each customer and provide consistency in communication.

  • Account tracking: Keep up with details about each customer and how their accounts have been handled in your Help Scout interface sidebar.

  • Integrations: Access integrations like Trello, Slack, Jira, Shopify, and Asana to streamline processes.

Price: Starting at $20/user per month.

2. Google Collaborative Inbox

Best email collaboration software for Gmail users.

If you have a small team that’s already using Gmail, Google’s Collaborative Inbox tool is a great option that will be easy for your team to implement.

Simply start a group that includes everyone in your Google account (or at least everyone who needs to access the collaborative inbox), then turn on Collaborative Inbox. From there, you can assign conversations to each other, resolve completed conversations, and categorize conversations using labels.

Google Collaborative Inbox is the most basic shared email tool out there for Gmail users, but it can be a great low-cost solution for teams that don’t need additional features.

Price: Free for teams using Google Workspace.

3. Outlook Shared Mailbox

Best email collaboration software for Outlook users.

Outlook Shared Mailbox is similar to Google Collaborative Inbox, only for Microsoft users. This shared inbox functionality is meant to give multiple email users access to a single email account, like or

This feature allows your entire team to send and receive emails from these generic email addresses without having to sign in and out of their email apps repeatedly.

If your team is looking for more in-depth online collaboration tools, Outlook Shared Mailbox likely isn’t the best option for your business. But if you just need a basic option that lets your sales or support team access all emails in a single place, this could be it.

Price: Free for teams using Microsoft 365.

4. Teamwork Desk

Best email collaboration software for agencies.

Teamwork Desk is a team collaboration tool with help desk and email collaboration capabilities. It offers a number of features to help teams — especially agencies — work better together and ensure customer satisfaction, including team chat software, knowledge base management, and a CRM.

This is a great option for support teams or marketing agencies that need access to multiple collaboration tools in one.

Price: Starting at $10/user per month.

5. Gmelius

Best email collaboration software for teams who want more out of Google Workspace.

Because Google Collaborative Inbox is a bit lackluster in its feature offerings — and can also become a bit cluttered — Gmelius can be a great option for teams who want more out of Google Workspace. Gmelius works by inserting itself right into your Gmail window, saving your team from having to figure out a new piece of software.

Capabilities include workflow automation, the ability to turn emails into tickets and update their statuses, and the option to use Gmelius as a project management tool by turning your inbox into Kanban boards.

Price: Starting at $7/user per month.

6. Hiver

Best email collaboration software for larger teams using Gmail.

Hiver is yet another Gmail-only collaboration tool for larger teams who are already using Gmail and want an easier way to manage customer emails.

Hiver comes with a number of features to help users manage their email inbox, from delegating emails and adding tags or notes to utilizing email templates and setting up automation. Hiver also has a mobile app to help teams keep up with communication on the go.

Price: Starting at $12/user per month.

7. Rooftop

Best email collaboration software for internal communication.

Rooftop is another great option for ensuring your team’s email collaboration is as seamless as possible.

Rooftop’s interface is designed to provide as much upfront information about each task or request as you need. Add labels to conversations, customize the columns that appear in your conversation dashboard, centralize all information about customers and clients, and access file-sharing capabilities.

Rooftop also calls itself a task management tool, helping teams whose roles center around communication treat various emails and customer requests as tasks.

Price: Starting at $35/user per month.

8. Front

Best email collaboration software for personal email use.

Front is a great tool for teams who want to access their shared inbox and their personal inbox for email responses and follow-ups.

This tool provides real-time collaboration with instant messaging so team members can work together to provide solutions to customers. It also offers automation, reporting, VIP customer prioritization, and more.

Price: Starting at $19/person per month.

9. Missive

Best email collaboration software for project management.

The last tool on our list is Missive, which combines email collaboration and project management. Missive offers a laundry list of features, like signature personalization, conversation assignments, team inboxes, live chat, social media and SMS messaging, and integrations.

Price: Free plan available. Paid plans start at $13/user per month.

Find the best email collaboration software for your business

Email is an invaluable channel for customer support and sales teams, but it doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. Whether you’re trying to declutter your inboxes, provide personalized customer support, or get real-time updates on messages, email collaboration software will make your life easier.

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