Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the recent product improvements we’ve made, so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

When it rains it pours, and April showered Help Scout with some fun (and useful) new features. Keep tabs on any conversation with Follow, use DKIM or DMARC to give extra oomph to your deliverability, and amp up your conversation crushin’ with a bunch of new releases to the iOS app including Saved Replies, Tags, and iPad support.

Stay in the loop with Follow

Following lets you subscribe to conversations by getting email notifications delivered right to your inbox, keeping you informed of customer responses, team member replies, or notes on conversations without otherwise getting involved.

Following a conversation

That sounds great, but what can I use it for?

✔ Tighten up team training

Encourage newbies to Follow conversations to get a feel for how team superstars navigate tricky scenarios, or Follow team members who need a little more coaching to ensure they’re on the path to success.

✔ Polish up your product

Give your customers a voice in roadmap prioritization. Follow conversations about feature requests (or spankin’ new feature releases) to keep an eye on how your customers interact with your product.

✔ Learn from others

Curious how your support engineers troubleshoot more technical issues? Want to absorb the language your sales team uses to make your product seem shinier? Follow that! Take control of your own professional development and diversify your skillset by shadowing conversations handled beyond your department.

Follow conversations dropdown

No need to assign the conversation to yourself or a team you’re on; just hit the “o” key on your keyboard or select Follow from the More Actions dropdown to receive email notifications on customer and team activity on any conversation.

DKIM and DMARC support

Spam is no laughing matter, unless it comes from a can. DKIM and DMARC authentication help you improve email deliverability with even the most stringent of spam filters. You can set up authentication with DKIM and DMARC in the Mailbox Settings dropdown menu under Connection Settings.

New iOS Updates

We’ve made a bunch of updates to the Help Scout app this month. How do you like them, Apples?

✔ iPad and iPad Pro

The iOS App is now available in super sized mode, supporting both iPad and iPad Pro. Enjoy a fancy split screen view to get the whole picture of everything you’re working on.

Help Scout iPad app - split view

✔ Saved Replies

Avoid fat-finger mistakes (and awkward autocorrects) with Saved Replies. Use your fingertip to move with rapid fire through the queue by dropping prepped and proven answers to your customers most frequently asked questions.

✔ Tags

Categorize conversations or trigger automations from the palm of your hand with Tags. It's almost like being a wizard.

Help Scout mobile app - add tags and saved replies

If you’re not yet rocking Help Scout’s iOS app on your iPhone or iPad, download it here.

Mo McKibbin

Mo McKibbin

Mo leads Customer Support at Brightback and is an alum of Help Scout. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.