Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the recent product improvements we’ve made, so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

If you use our mobile app on iOS or Android, then this is the update you’ve been waiting for! iOS users can now create a conversation straight from the app, and Android mailboxes are even easier to navigate.

For anyone who wonders “How do I meet with a person one-on-one to ask more in-depth questions about Help Scout?” we introduced a new a new Q&A series where you can bounce around questions and ideas. Keep reading to learn more and to sign up for the next webinar!

What's New 🚀

iOS Updates

No desktop required: Start a conversation with customers straight from the iOS app 💬 and add “proactively get in touch with customers” to your list of efficiency-on-the-go.

iOS - New Conversation

Android Updates

Android - Mailbox collapsed
Android - Mailbox expanded

The latest Android release includes new and improved features all geared toward efficiency. Here’s what our Android Software Engineer, David González, says you can expect:

David González

“The new Android dashboard allows users to quickly check the status of all their mailboxes with a single swipe. You can see how many unassigned conversations are in each mailbox, and move between folders with just a few taps (the animation is pretty nice too!)”

Metorik integration

Metorik Integration

Finally, we’ve settled the age-old question: Does seeing Metorik customer data straight from Help Scout make your day-to-day easier? Yes. Yes it does.

Metorik is an all-in-one analytics solution for WooCommerce stores, that unifies your store’s orders, customers, and products. The new integration brings key Metorik customer and guest data — like lifetime value and recent orders — straight to Help Scout.

Learn how to integrate with Metorik

Churn Buster integration

Churn Buster Integration

Churn Buster helps users recover failed payments and grow recurring revenue with well-timed email. All good things. Bringing the power of Churn Buster to Help Scout empowers your whole team to fight payment-related churn. You’ll get visibility into your customer’s subscription payment status and resolve payment issues on the spot, without ever leaving your conversation thread.

Learn how to integrate with Churn Buster

Polishes & Fixes ✨

✅ Fixed the pesky error of multiple messages on your iOS app.

✅ 30+ other bug fixes and UX updates.

In case you missed it 🔔

Upcoming Webinars

A friendly reminder about webinars: We’ve got some coming up! Join Ask an Expert to get your Help Scout questions answered, or attend Premium Integrations to learn more about JIRA and Salesforce (or both!). Get more details and sign up below!

Ask a Coach

This is for you if … you have questions and scenarios to bounce around. We have ideas and answers to bounce back.

  • Thursday, May 11 at 9am ET
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Premium Integrations

This is for you if … you want to know more about the Jira and Salesforce integrations in Help Scout.

  • Tuesday, May 2 at 5pm ET
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Customer Spotlight

We love to hear how our customers are using Help Scout. This month, we’re shining the spotlight on BeerMenus:


BeerMenus connects over 5 million beer lovers with more than 30,000 restaurants, bars, and beer stores. As the team grew, so did the need for greater transparency in customer support. Help Scout provided that. Now, managing conversations is easy. (Some would say as easy as finding your favorite IPA using BeerMenus.)

Read the full BeerMenus story on tap 🍻

Sneak Peek

HubSpot integration

HS, meet HS. This integration brings all the contextual data from HubSpot to Help Scout, exactly where you need it: right next to the conversations you’re having with customers.

Nadia Basil

Nadia Basil

Nadia is a product marketer and Help Scout alum.