Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the recent product improvements we’ve made, so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

What if adding more security was as easy as flipping a switch? This month, it is, with the release of two-factor authentication. August also brought updates from our Customer Support champions, and best practices from companies we love ❤️.

What's New 🚀

Two-factor authentication


There’s a second layer of security available for your account: Now, each Help Scout User can set up two-factor authentication (2FA) individually from their profile page using their mobile device and either an authenticator app or SMS text message. Account Administrators can also choose to force 2FA on for all Users. 2FA is available for all paid accounts.

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IP Restrictions Plus


If your organization’s security policy requires that Users only access Help Scout from a list of secure locations, Help Scout can now help! IP restrictions allow you to limit access to your Help Scout account to users connecting from a predefined list of IP address ranges or individual IPs. Once configured, only Users accessing Help Scout from those whitelisted IP ranges or addresses will be able to log in.

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Salesforce Integration Update Plus

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce users rejoice! Now you can sync Help Scout activity to Salesforce. When a new conversation is created in Help Scout, or someone fills out the satisfaction ratings for a conversation, Help Scout will log that activity in Salesforce via a completed Task. Any Leads, Contacts, or Opportunities associated with the customer will have a completed task added to the Salesforce record.

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Textline App


Textline allows you to communicate directly with your customers via SMS. By connecting Textline with Help Scout, you can easily keep track of all your customer interactions, making them faster, more-personalized and effective.

By bringing the power of Textline to Help Scout, your support team can initiate outbound messages with a dedicated 10 digit phone number, reply instantly with auto response capabilities, schedule outgoing group texts, and get real time transcript updates of each conversation. How about some data points? Since 98% of text messages are opened, your customers are 7x more likely to respond to your text compared to a phone call or email - cutting your customer response times and boosting satisfaction rates.

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Android updates

Android - Mentions
Android - Formatting

  • Loop in teammates with @mentions and keep your workflow moving smoothly.
  • Bold, italicize, or underline parts of your conversation notes and replies
  • Quickly see @mentions (they’ll remain bold in your notes)
  • Keep formatting for content copied from your browser or any other web sources

iOS updates

  • It’s even easier to respond on the go: experience a more responsive conversation editor
  • Moving conversations between mailboxes? Don’t worry about accidentally losing custom fields: you’ll now see a confirmation message
  • Opening some attachments on iPad used to mean a crash. We’ve fixed that.

Customer Team Roundup 💪 ✨

In support, little things can make a big difference — even the most seemingly small changes can give your whole team time back in their days. We’re excited to introduce our new Customer Team Roundup series, highlighting the maybe-overlooked-but-very-powerful changes each month from our support team.

Kelly Herring

Up this month: Customer Champion Kelly on what updates she’s excited about.

Favorite updates


Drift integration! This is a great way to combine forces between chat and Help Scout. You have the opportunity to keep a history of all your transcripts within Help Scout, and you can easily keep tabs on all customer communication.

Connect Drift + Help Scout

✅ When previously moving a conversation that has custom fields filled out to another mailbox, you would lose all of the custom field data. We now give you a warning, so that you’re able to act accordingly — either by having the conversation stay put in the current mailbox or going ahead with the knowledge that your data will be lost.


✅ @mention Users in phone notes: This is particularly helpful if you need to alert other teammates of an important phone call with a customer, or if anything needs to be followed up on, without assigning it completely.

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Customer Spotlight


“Why is it so difficult to find high-quality, unique items in a modern aesthetic?”

Jeff Sheldon asked this question years ago, feeling that the design culture was lacking in minimalism. Equipped with his love for design and clean aesthetics, he began brainstorming design ideas. After a few months, Jeff launched a series of his favorites as a new brand: Ugmonk. As the Ugmonk brand continued to grow — later moving into a larger product line underscored by the utmost attention to detail and design — Jeff’s goal has remained the same: Keep the brand accessible to customers and friends.


“We’ve never wanted to lose the personal feel as we’ve grown as a company. When it came to deciding on a help desk, we felt like other customer service solutions were adding a layer between us as the customer, so we went back to using email: it helped us stay human and simple. Once we realized that Help Scout didn’t add the robotic feel of other help desks, we knew it was the right fit for us”

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ASAP Accounting & Payroll

Since ASAP Accounting & Payroll was founded 27 years ago, the aim has been to treat customers as if they’re neighbors. The team started in Telluride, Colorado, where everyone knows everyone. “Someone on the street could be your customer, the person at the grocery store could be a client - so treat everyone as your friend, ” says Diana Murray, Director of Marketing and Business Development.


“Most of the day-to-day work with clients and customers is via email base — online. To be consistent with that philosophy - we’re your friend, mentor and consultant - when you’re not face to face is a great challenge. Help Scout has really helped us maintain that consistency and messaging, and still remain human and personable.”

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