Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the recent product improvements we’ve made, so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new.

Docs API Improvements

We spent the last couple of months refactoring the Docs API, optimizing for performance and reliability. On the whole, the Docs API is now twice as fast! You’ll notice page load time improvements both in the Docs management section, when navigating through categories and articles, and when browsing Docs content on the front end.

Security Updates

Password security is a big deal. When you sign-up for Help Scout or change your current password, the password is run against a “banned password” list to make sure it doesn’t include any easy-to-guess words or phrases.

We’ve updated our banned passwords list to include more weak or commonly used phrases. Remember, a strong password is long, with a healthy mix of numbers, text, and special symbols.

Notification updates

Gmail users rejoice! Email notifications from separate conversations will no longer be threaded together in a single email chain in your Gmail inbox. We’ve updated the address we send notifications from to include the conversation number, which forces Gmail to separate those notifications, since they’re now “from” different customers.

Going forward, you’ll notice the notifications address looks something like this: Notifications from different conversations will have different addresses, which will help keep them tidy in your inbox.

New Integrations


Docs + Transifex integration

Transifex is a localization platform that makes it easy to collect, translate, and deliver digital content in multiple languages. The Transife​x Live integration​ ​allows​ you ​to translate your Help Scout Docs site into multiple languages without creating separate knowledge bases.

​There’s no coding required, as Transifex automatically collects content from your Docs site for translation. View an example Docs site using the Transifiex integration, or head over to the installation page to give the integration a try.


ChargeDesk integrates with your existing payment gateway (Stripe/Braintree/Paypal/WePay) and allows you to manage customer payments without leaving Help Scout.

Docs + Transifex integration

You can view, refund and create new charges for the customer without leaving the page. ChargeDesk also has full support for subscriptions, so you can easily view and cancel active subscriptions.

To get started, connect your payment gateway and install the ChargeDesk chrome extension.

Voicemail App:

You can now forward voice messages from the popular phone service to your Help Scout mailbox. Our voicemail integration automatically classifies voice messages as phone calls, turning the message into a note. You can play back the message right from Help Scout, then assign the conversation to a customer and follow-up by email if needed.

Coming in September

We’re hard at work on some big projects, mobile included, but we wanted to give you a quick peek at a much requested feature that’s right around the corner.

These forms can be embedded on any page, giving your customers a quick way to search your Docs knowledge base, or just get in touch. We’ll have more to share on this soon!

That’s a wrap for now. As always, your thoughts and suggestions continue to help us organize our roadmap and build a better product; please keep them coming! We’ll see you next month.

Justin Seymour

Justin Seymour

Justin is the Head of Support at Slab, an internal knowledge base and team wiki.