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Just in time for the holidays, December brought features to make your day-to-day easier, like the ability to tag teammates using @mentions and a brand-new Notification center. And for all those who have been asking for a new app for a certain type of mobile phone this year … we have some good news for you!

-Team Help Scout

What's New

Android launch 🚀

Secret’s out - we’re launching an Android app! We’re expecting the app to be rolled-out in February, so look out for more details soon!


The functionality of @mentions builds on the ease of internal notes, letting you collaborate and work across teams, without having to assign conversations. Boom.

@mentions in action

Here’s why Simon, Help Scout customer and CEO of amazing digital marketing firm SpotOn, started using @mentions right away:

Simon Salomonsson "At SpotOn, we love using @mentions within internal notes. We can easily assign customer conversations to other team members, and tag multiple people to collaborate cross-functionally. The best part? Our team adopted the @mentions feature instantly because it’s intuitive — it works just like the tagging tools we use in Podio (our CRM), Slack and Facebook."

Review more use cases for @mentions

Notification center

New conversation updates, @mentions, and follow updates are all neatly packaged together in the new Notification center. Just click on the orange icon to see what’s new and click on the notification to jump into a convo. It’s that easy to earn back some productivity points.

notification center

Learn more about the Notification center

Reply + Docs integration

Already using Reply to solve customer issues? Their new integration lets you insert links to Docs articles with one click. Now you can use the Reply editor to quickly send customers the info they need. Click. Select. Crush.

Reply + Docs integration

Connect Reply and Docs

Polishes & fixes ✨

iOS updates

We've squashed a few bugs, so it’s easier to:

✅ See confirmation messages for notes and replies
✅ Modify a conversation from Search
✅ Load your assignee list
✅ View an attachment (you’ll see an “Open In” dialog now)

Sticky toolbar

While we can’t shorten the time it takes to read conversations, we can do something about how easy they are to work with: Now, the conversation toolbar stays visible, no matter how far down you scroll.

Sticky conversation bar

In case you missed it

Our love for customer love

You came. You conquered. You screen-shotted. Thanks for all those who continued to share the Inbox-0-Flair with their holiday images this month!

Switching help desks webinar

We know switching a help desk is more than just getting teammates to type in a new site URL. That’s why we teamed up with experts in the space to discuss tips for switching to a new support help desk to review best practices for managing the transition.

Watch (or re-watch) the full recording 🎬

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Nadia Basil

Nadia Basil

Nadia is a product marketer and Help Scout alum.