Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the recent product improvements we’ve made, so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

Android users, rejoice! The mobile app arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Salesforce users … also rejoice! Watch your productivity go through the roof with the Help Scout + Salesforce integration.

Behind-the-scenes engineering doesn’t ever stop — check out the complete rollout of real-time updates, along with tons of polishes and fixes below. And, as always* (*as per the last few months), read all the way through for a sneak peek at what’s coming.

What's New

Android app

Now you can stay connected on the go from any device. With Help Scout for Android, check in on conversations, collaborate with your team, and get your customers the help they need — wherever you are. Clear queues, full hearts, can’t lose.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce sidebar in Help Scout

Salesforce sidebar in Help Scout

CRM data stored in Salesforce is helpful, but you’ve told us that CRM data + Help Scout would be even more helpful. We’ve got your back. The Help Scout + Salesforce integration works two ways: On one side, the Salesforce app pulls in data from Help Scout; on the other, the Help Scout app pulls in data (including custom fields!) from Salesforce.

Here’s how Charlotte Cerf, Director of Customer Success at Abacus Labs, is using the partnership to help with her day-to-day:

Charlotte Cerf

“As a customer success manager working in Salesforce, it’s really helpful to be instantly caught up on any recent or outstanding support issues when nurturing a customer relationship. With the integration, I can quickly pull out support themes right from Salesforce without having to dig around Help Scout”

Charlotte Cerf, Director of Customer Success|Abacus Labs

What’s next?

If you’re on the Plus plan:
You’re all set! Head on over to the Salesforce app to get started.

If you’re not on the Plus plan:
Check out this post for more details.

Real-time Updates

We’ve been rolling out real-time to all customers with a plan of having it done by end-of-month: folder counts, new messages, and notifications. No need to refresh!

Help Scout real-time Conversations and Folder counts update in real-time

“From mobile improvements, to ‘following’ conversations, to auto-refreshing the pages (noticed this morning!) you guys keep adding things that make our jobs easier”

Dan Chelgren, Support Manager|Stretch Internet

Keep sending feedback and let us know what you think!

Polishes & fixes ✨

iOS Rich content formatting makeover

Looking for ways to add some oomph to your conversation text? Go ahead. Be bold.

  • Bold, italicize, or underline parts of your conversation notes and replies
  • Quickly see @mentions (they’ll remain bold in your notes)
  • Keep formatting for content copied from Safari and other web sources
  • Keep formatting for saved replies and web drafts
  • Attach an image by pasting it in the editor
iOS formatting

While you’re making formatting changes, some other updates to check out:

✅ Assignee images now show on closed and smart folders

✅ If you only have one mailbox, conversations will load directly into the ‘Unassigned’ folder after login or startup

Squashed Bugs

Last month’s engineering update proved that there’s always work done behind the scenes to improve your Help Scout experience. The not-always-visible-but-always-impactful work continued in February, with over 20 bugs squashed and never-ending UX improvements.

In case you missed it

Best Practices for Adding Live Chat Support webinar

Live chat customer support helps you provide real time answers and more personal conversations, but with every new channel comes different rules of engagement. Want to know how to get support teams onboard with live chat? Check out this recording of the “Best Practices for Adding Live Chat Support” webinar.

Live chat support webinar

Watch the recording

Sneak Peek

Jira integration

We’re integrating with Jira to make tracking bugs and requested features, easier. Look out for more details next month!

Nadia Basil

Nadia Basil

Nadia is a product marketer and Help Scout alum.