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Boom. We drop-kicked off 2016, knocking off resolutions left and right like getting the new iPhone app out of our dreams and into your hands.

Hold the iPhone. Help Scout has an app?

That’s right. You can now mobilize your mailboxes with the Help Scout’s official iPhone app. Check in on the queue, collaborate with your team, and get your customers the help they need, wherever you are. Some of our customers have already put the app to good use while on top of a mountain.

A few features you’ll love in the new app:

Help Scout for iPhone
  • View a full list of your Help Scout Mailboxes in just two taps.
  • Get at-a-glance access to all conversations in your folders.
  • Monitor the unassigned queue to spot (and put out) any fires.
  • Reply to customers and add Cc/Bccs to keep everyone in the loop who needs to be.
  • Powerful search—the same in our web app—puts your entire conversation history right in your hand.
  • Change status to quickly close conversations or put them on hold for deeper investigation.
  • Delegate from afar by assigning conversations to the right team member at the right time.
  • Add notes to conversations and keep up team collaboration even in the most remote locales.

New quick search bar for dropdowns

Help Scout Assign menu

Find what you’re looking for a little easier with a new search bar atop several dropdowns across the app, including the Assign dropdown. We’ve added a search bar for any dropdown lists of over 15 items. Now you won’t have that internal harumph-fest every time you need to assign a conversation to Zeke Zimmerman in accounting.

Introducing Help Scout Office Hours

There’s a new webinar in the Help Scout educational buffet, and this one is great for both newbies and old friends alike. Check out the Help Scout Office Hours webinar on the demo page, and drop in for free-for-all product questions with a real live Help Scout product expert.

Anything you want to know about Help Scout is fair game during this hour. This class is delivered in a Q&A format tailored to your questions, so come prepared to ask about tips and tricks, features, or best practices in Help Scout.

Level-up your support with Plus

We’ll be rolling out a new plan this month called Help Scout Plus and would love to give you a sneak peak! Current customers can get a 25% lifetime discount if they opt-in before March 1. We’d be happy to give you a hands-on demo if the Plus features sound like a good fit for your team.

Mo McKibbin

Mo McKibbin

Mo leads Customer Support at Brightback and is an alum of Help Scout. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.