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Help Scout always plays nicely with others, but this month we made a few new friends worth celebrating. Start sending your email with Google oAuth, share casual texts with your customers with Teckst, get phone support and your help desk synced with Aircall, plus a few other updates that should make some of your integrations more powerful.

Send Email with Google oAuth

If you’re using Google Apps to forward email into Help Scout, you can now send your mail with Google oAuth to save outgoing replies to Gmail automatically. Sending your mail via Google oAuth beats SMTP in security and stability, and if your password changes in Gmail you won’t need to update in Help Scout to keep the connection alive. Learn More.

Let’s talk about text baby

There’s a new integration that’s hot to trot and will make all of your customers’ eyes pop with Teckst: a texting platform built to deliver personalized customer support via text message.

The Teckst integration sends text messages from your customers to Help Scout, and responding from Help Scout sends a text back to your customer. You can even proactively text customers using New Conversations if you need to reach your customers in a pinch.

Help Scout - Teckst integration

To get started, visit the Teckst + Help Scout integration page.

New live chat option from Chatra

Chatra Live Chat facilitates group chats for team collaboration on support, gives you psychic insights by displaying chat previews to view questions your customers type before they hit send, and enables you to engage proactively with your customers.

Help Scout - Chatra integration

The Chatra integration delivers chat transcripts and offline messages as conversations in your Help Scout mailbox. Read up on how to install the integration from Chatra.

Stay on call with Aircall

Aircall is a lightweight phone system for support or sales teams. The integration helps automatically log all voicemails and calls from Aircall into Help Scout, and sync customer profile data. Change the customer on calls and voicemails to sync phone call records to your customer’s profile in Help Scout, keeping all of your customer information in one place. Sign up for Aircall to connect with your Help Scout account here.

Help Scout - Aircall integration

Workflows on phone call Notes

Phone it in on automatable tasks for incoming voicemails by running Workflows on phone call notes. Tease out certain phone numbers for VIP support, or auto-delete voicemails coming from your least favorite sales guy by creating a Workflow with the condition Body, Notes Contain, and add the phone number. Workflows pick up the number from the voicemail note to automate whatever actions you need to.

Phone note workflow

Search your favorite Views

If you create Reporting Views like it’s your job (and it most likely is) then you may accumulate a pretty hefty Views dropdown. We added a search bar so you can select the View you need in a snap, just in case you’re inspired to set up Views for all your new integrations by Type or Tag.

Search report views

Mo McKibbin

Mo McKibbin

Mo leads Customer Support at Brightback and is an alum of Help Scout. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.