Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the recent product improvements we’ve made, so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

We normally like to share release notes at the end of the month, but held off for a couple days this time so we could pack in a few exciting updates that are hot off the presses, like support for multi-instance Apps and a Drift integration. Read on for more! ⭐️

What's new 🚀

Support for multi-instance Apps

Help Scout integrations

Multiple shop owners, this update is for you: Help Scout’s integrations with Shopify, Metorik, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce now support multiple instances! Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll see the option to add additional accounts — log into your account and hover over to Manage > Apps, and select the respective app.

If you’re running multiple businesses and have different accounts for your customer data, we’ve got your back there, too. Pipedrive and InfusionSoft integrations now support multiple instances.

Drift Integration

Drift Bringing the power of Drift to Help Scout means getting the full picture on customer conversations. When integrated, you can have all your Drift conversations sync with Help Scout. When a chat is completed, Drift sends it to the customer’s history in Help Scout. When someone sends an offline message, it’s directed to the Help Scout mailbox of your choice.

You’ll also get access to Drift Contact attributes, segments, campaigns, notes, and recent activity, straight from the Help Scout conversation sidebar.

Session management

Easily manage the devices that are currently logged into your Help Scout account. Head over to Your Profile > Authentication > Active sessions. Removing a session is as easy as hitting revoke.

Improved Spam Handling

We’ve spent the last couple months working on improved spam filtering infrastructure, which is being rolled out slowly to all accounts. The updated filter is much better at learning from previous things you’ve marked as spam in the past. So if you notice an improvement to spam handling, pour one out for your homies on the Ops team.

JustCall Integration

Integrate with JustCall to make and receive phone calls right from your Help Scout account. Plus, automatically log all calling activities, missed calls and voicemails with call back link and call recording.

Dial In

Android updates

Android - Attachments
Android - New Conversations

✅ Supercharge your conversations with attachments. Upload any file from your phone and add PDFs and images from Dropbox, Google Drive, or your favorite cloud provider. As they say, sky’s the limit.☁️

✅ Create new Conversations, straight from the app. Now you can add “proactively get in touch with customers” to the list of queue-crushing-on-the-go. 🙌

iOS updates

Squashed a few bugs and made performance updates for a smoother experience. Please continue sending your great suggestions to - we’re listening! ⚒️

Classes Directory

School’s not out for the summer: Check out the new Help Scout Classes page! Whether you’re getting started or want to watch a recording of a webinar you couldn’t make, there’s something for everyone.

Check out the classes

Customer Team Roundup 💪 ✨

In support, little things can make a big difference — even the most seemingly small changes can give your whole team time back in their days. We’re excited to introduce our new Customer Team Roundup series, highlighting the maybe-overlooked-but-very-powerful changes each month from our support team.

Up this month: Support Team Coach Abigail on what updates she’s excited about.

Favorite updates

Abigail Phillips

Easily remove a photo from a customer profile 📷: When you’re under Edit Full Profile, you’ll see an icon for quick removal. In the past, folks had to write into support and have us manually remove those. Win-win for both parties!

Remove Avatars

Editing Customer Profiles

Clarifications 🔎

Docs article notification: Sometimes the best changes aren’t even fixes — they just provide clarity about what’s possible in the app. The limit for keywords in Docs is 255 articles, so not a lot of people ran up against it. But when they would, the page would stick on “Saving … ” Now there’s a nice notification to let you know about the limit!

Getting Started with Docs

In case you missed it 🔔

HubSpot integration Plus

Find out how integrating with HubSpot can improve your support and success efforts and keep your growth team in the loop.

How we craft 🛠️ 🚀

If you’ve ever wondered what a first remote job in engineering looks like, you’re in luck: we have new posts on just that! Check out that and more on the Engineering & Product blog and below.


Software Engineer David González joined Help Scout one year ago (his first remote job!) to build the Android app.


What are the roles of functional and unit testing in front end development? Software engineer Brett Jones shares what he's learned from using both forms.

Customer Spotlight

Panorama Education

Panorama Education helps educators use data to support each student’s needs, and helps leaders build great schools. “We’re working with end users, and it’s our job to be the best part of their day — it’s important for us to be able to build relationships and connections,” says Kristin Battaglini, a member of the Client Success team at Panorama Education.

Using the Help Scout & Jira integration helps Kristin and the Client Success, Product and Engineering teams stay on the same page, and keep the customer top of mind.


“Before, we’d speak qualitatively to our engineers, saying things like ‘this happens all the time,’ or ‘we get this question a lot.’ With the integration, we’re able to tie back to a concrete number of conversations.”

Boost productivity with Jira + Help Scout 🚀


Mixmax’s mission is to do the impossible with email, with powerful analytics, automations and enhancements, integrating with Gmail, Google Inbox and Salesforce. Above all, the team believes that everything you can do on the web should be possible in any email — to maximize your productivity.

And, Mixmax’s goal of productivity as a mission statement is apparent throughout their entire customer journey, specifically in customer support. With 10 users on Help Scout, the team looked to Help Scout’s reporting and found data points that helped them make critical decisions about staffing.


“We looked at the productivity report to see the time of day when most new conversations come in. It showed us we didn’t need to have a team working around the clock. We focused on building a strong team with more limited hours, and started using Office Hours to set our customers’ expectations on when they’ll receive a reply. Both staffing and scheduling challenges were solved using the productivity report and Office Hours.”

Setting office hours ⏰

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