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The HubSpot integration you’ve been waiting for is here! June updates also brought new features to Android, a spotlight on our Zapier integration — plus a chance to win some Help Scout swag 🦄

What's new 🚀

HubSpot integration Plus

HubSpot sidebar in Help Scout

Maybe you’ve just read “The Life‑Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and want to reduce the risk of having duplicate data. Or maybe key customer information at your fingertips has always been your thing. Either way: getting key information from your CRM where you’re responding to your customers shouldn’t be difficult.

Help Scout’s integration with HubSpot puts customer information where you need it most, and adds important lifecycle events to HubSpot’s customer timeline.

SAML single sign-on Plus

Single Sign-On: three simple words with a ton of power so you can log in to Help Scout without remembering a unique set of Help Scout credentials. By enabling SAML, your team can sign into Help Scout with your company’s SSO credentials using SAML-compatible identity providers, such as Okta and OneLogin.

How to enable SSO

Android updates

You can now move conversations between mailboxes — whether you need to pass a conversation over to a teammate who works in another mailbox, or a customer accidentally emailed the wrong mailbox address. Moving conversations, on the move. How meta.

iOS updates

Bug fixes and general improvements ⚒️

New app directory

Want to easily find the tools you’re already working with and get them connected with Help Scout? Look no further than Help Scout’s app directory for details on 50+ native integrations.

P.S. Can’t find what you’re looking for? There might be a Zap for that. Read on to see how customers have found success with Zapier and try a Zap out yourself!

Polishes and fixes ✨

Abigail Phillips

New: Using our Docs API? Customer Champion Abigail Phillips shares this tip: “All responses now include a Correlation-Id that we can easily track on our end. If you run into any trouble, just contact our support team with that unique id to get some speedy help!”

Tip: Want to be able to reference conversation numbers in your replies and still sound… like you? 🤖 Try adding the conversation variable to your satisfaction ratings prompt. Conversations = easily tracked, subject lines = still human.

Conversation Rating

In case you missed it 🔔

Spotlight on Zapier 💫

Zapier is an awesome online automation tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks. By combining the power of Zapier with Help Scout, you can integrate with hundreds of apps in minutes, even apps that are not natively integrated.

Take it from Alex Bass, President and CEO of CyberBytes Inc.:

Alex Bass

“Any time a new support ticket comes in, we have Zapier create a task within our Asana ‘support tickets’ project that our entire team has access to. It allows us to stay on-top of all the small support requests and work them into our existing task list. The best part: we also have it sync over the ticket number and assignee so the task in Asana is always up-to-date with Help Scout. Managing it in Asana is great especially for larger support requests because we can pull in multiple team members and create sub-tasks that have to be done before marking the ticket as complete.”

Customer Spotlight

We love to hear how our customers are using Help Scout. This month, we’re shining the spotlight on how Project Repat, Threadless, and StageSpot find efficiency in their day-to-day.

Project Repat

Project Repat's mission is to create high-quality, affordable t-shirt quilts with minimal carbon impact, selling over 150,000 custom t-shirt quilts since June 2012.

Project Repat

“The Docs Knowledge Base is key for us. There are a lot of questions that come up when people start thinking about turning their t-shirts into quilts, and over the years, we started to notice a trend in questions, and it’s amazing to be able to add them to a FAQ. We have started to notice a lot less basic questions, and we can refer people quickly to the question that solves their problem.”

— Nathan Rothstein, President, Project Repat

Get started with Docs


“Make Great Together.” That’s the idea driving Threadless, an online community of artists and an e-commerce website founded in 2000 — and now over 2 million users strong. With 13 users across five mailboxes on Help Scout, maximizing efficiency and ownership is key.


“So much of how we can use and customize Help Scout aligns with our values at Threadless — like the idea of ownership,” says Brianne Henderlong, Community Experience Director. “Using automated workflows lets us set up simple if , then commands, and makes sure that the exact right person is receiving the right message, at the right time.”

Setting up workflows


Finding the right production equipment doesn’t have to be a struggle. Take it from the team at StageSpot: They’re adamant about making the experience, from buying from the website to customer service, as easy as possible. A key part of that experience is being able to connect the tools they already use - which is where the Magento integration comes into play.

Stage Spot

“When a customer emails in, we can see if they have a current order with us, the last 5 orders, and the lifetime value for that customer,” says Erica, CEO of StageSpot. “It’s extremely helpful to be able to see the most recent order, because it’s usually what the customer has a question about. Having that context readily available is a huge plus.”

Connect with Magento

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