The Help Scout product team (now 16 people strong!) pushes out new features, improvements and bug fixes several times per day.

Up until now, we haven’t done a great job of keeping you informed on our blog. Let's fix that. We're excited to introduce a new series called Release Notes.

Every month Release Notes will highlight all the improvements we’ve launched, so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new.

Inline Images

Now you can add screenshots and gifs galore to the body of any Help Scout reply or note. You have the choice of uploading from your computer or pasting in a URL (we’ll grab the image).

Reports API Endpoints

27 new endpoints, covering all Reporting data, have been fully documented and added to the Developer documentation. The open source PHP and Java wrappers have been updated as well. This enables you to integrate reporting data with your own app or create custom reports for your organization.

Docs Quick Edit

When you are logged into your Help Scout account and viewing a Docs site, you’ll now see an Edit this Article button below each title to make quick changes as you need them.

Help Scout Docs - edit articles button

Gmail Go-To Actions

Help Scout notifications now feature a nifty Open Conversation button in the list view, which Gmail calls a Go-To Action. It should save you a click here and there. :-)

Help Scout - Gmail go-to action

Expanded Custom App Data

Dynamic Apps now include the mailbox ID and mailbox email address, so you can show different information in your App based on the mailbox.

Happiness Report: Filter by Tag

Much like the other reports, your Happiness Report can now be filtered by one or more tags.

Save To/Cc/Bcc with Drafts

If you added new Cc/Bcc’d people to a Reply and saved the draft, there were some cases in which the Cc/Bcc fields were lost. Clearly that’s a problem, so we buttoned up the issue.

Reports and Workflows: Performance Improvements

We have tons of data flowing through Reports and Workflows, and recently took several days to optimize each for speed and reliability. We have a much larger Workflows project being gradually rolled out to customers right now. We’ll share more details soon!

Voicemail App: SendHub

Our Voicemail App now has support for SendHub virtual PBX system.

Sticky Sidebar Sections

When you open/close various sidebar panels while viewing a conversation, your settings will now “stick.” Whatever is opened/closed will stay that way as you work your way through the mailbox.

Transfer Account Ownership

As an Account Owner, you can now transfer ownership to another member of your team whenever you need to.

Thanks for all the feedback we get from you every day! We truly appreciate you helping us build a better product. Talk to you next month!

Justin Seymour

Justin Seymour

Justin is the Head of Support at Slab, an internal knowledge base and team wiki.